Get started with your iBeacon pilot project
without a developer's help


iBeacon-compliant, fully-secure, enterprise-grade beacon hardware

  • Powered by replaceable 4 x AA batteries. Battery life of over 4 years at default settings.
  • Extra micro-location with Dual antenna covering radius down to 15cm.
  • 12 levels of Transmission (Tx) power for finer-grained control of signal range.
  • Embedded temperature and accelerometer sensors as well as dust-proof anti-vibration mechanism.
  • Hardware password to prevent malicious tampering and encrypted major/minor rotation to prevent spoofing and squatting.

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Configure your beacons and proximity messaging campaigns in minutes
using the free Beaconstac app - No coding required!

The Beaconstac app lets you:

  • Detect and add your Beacons to the app
  • Configure your beacons' Major, Minor, Tx strength and more
  • Add an offer for each of those beacons
  • Experience beacon marketing by triggering an appropriate offer as you move closer to each beacon

Create, manage and measure your beacon campaigns through the
Beaconstac dashboard without writing a line of code

  • Create campaigns using rules and actions.
  • Bring campaigns to life with text, images, audio, video and even web pages in minutes.
  • Gather data through your beacon-enabled campaigns using the Beaconstac analytics.
  • Drag and drop our SDKs for iOS and Android into your existing/new app and enable beacon-triggered notifications in minutes.
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