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Build experiences around our beacon hardware

Enterprise-grade quality and battery life

Our fully-secure, enterprise-ready beacons are powered by AA batteries that last up to 4 years at default settings.

iBeacon & Eddystone compatibility

Switch between iBeacon & Eddystone formats to deliver your desired user experience.

Create & manage proximity marketing campaigns

Campaign management

Send text, URLs and multimedia through customisable card layouts to make your campaigns come to life.

Customer targeting

Target customers based off personal characteristics such as age and gender as well as historical data from your CRM.

Organise related beacons

Effectively manage and categorise multiple beacons using tags. Easily filter a set of beacons to reach your ideal audience.

Experience beacons in action

Build custom apps

Integrate our iOS & Android SDKs into your own mobile app to build customized beacon experiences.

Available on GitHub:

iOS SDK Android SDK

Launch a demo

Set up a proximity marketing demo without needing a developer’s help by using our Beaconstac app.

Available on:

Developer documentation

Learn how to get started with Beaconstac through common questions, tutorials and comprehensive technical documentation.

Gather digital analytics for offline venues

Campaign performance

Gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance by tracking rules triggered.

Visitor analytics

Gather and visualize data about offline customer behavior such as new vs. returning visitors, user dwell time and more.

User activity tracking:

Gain insights into visitor behaviour. See how they respond to your campaigns and tune notifications for better conversion.

Remotely manage a fleet of beacons

Monitor status and health info

Check real-time health information for individual beacons such as battery level, temperature and signal strength.

Filter & bulk update beacons

Manage your beacon fleet remotely by pushing bulk updates.

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