of deploying Beacons

in the Real World

CHALLENGES of deploying Beacons in the Real World

iBeacon technology is taking the world over by a storm. While the retail sector seems to benefit the most from beacon-enabled applications, there is currently plenty of interest in many others sectors.

This webinar will take you through the basic of beacons as well as the challenges you may face while deploying them in the real world. You will gain practical insights on beacon deployment and management, potential pitfalls and lessons learnt from deploying beacons for retailers, museums and hotels.

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  • Beacons and how they work
  • Why should you use beacons?
  • Things to keep in mind while deploying beacons
    in the real world
  • Limitations of beacon-enabled apps in iOS vs
  • Challenges in beacon management
  • What do beacons mean to marketers?

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