Google Nearby: How it will Impact your Business

If you are someone who has been following the pulse of the beacon market, you’d agree that 2016 is on its way to become the ‘Year of the Beacon’. Right from the latest updates to Eddystone, to the launch of Android Instant Apps and Google Nearby, Google is fast shaping the proximity landscape to its specifications. And what makes these updates all the more exciting is that they address some of the main points of friction for beacon adoption, head on.

While there is a lot of excitement around Google Nearby and other updates, there is also a fair amount of confusion about how they will affect businesses’ ongoing beacon projects. Fret not, for we’ve got your back. Join us for our upcoming webinar on ‘Google Nearby: How it will Impact your Business’ to learn in detail about how these latest developments will impact the proximity marketing space.

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  • How Google’s Eddystone is beating Apple at its own game
  • How Google Nearby is taking beacon challenges head on
  • How Brands are using Nearby to take the world by storm
  • How Google Nearby will impact Proximity Marketing
  • Insider insights on how to make it big using beacons

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Rahul Gulati
Product Manager

Rahul Gulati is a Product Manager at MobStac. He leads product development at Beaconstac, a beacon-based, mobile marketing platform that helps retailers engage with offline visitors by running campaigns, analysing data and integrating SDKs in their mobile apps.