How Eddystone can be the Most Powerful Tool for Digital Agencies in 2017

Digital agencies all over are looking at new and interesting marketing channels to pitch to their clients. One such tool that helps agencies interact with and engage their customers in both online and offline settings is Eddystone.

Eddystone - Google’s own proximity solution eliminates the need for an app to engage customers. With Eddystone, one can simply leverage the power of Google Chrome for proximity marketing. If you are someone looking to engage customers better, without having to spend hours on setting up your marketing campaign, this webinar is for you.

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  • What is Eddystone?
  • Proximity Marketing with Eddystone beacons
  • Gain insights on popular Eddystone use cases
  • How to set up an Eddystone campaign from scratch

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Neha Mallik
Senior Marketer

Neha Mallik is a Senior Marketer at MobStac. She helps businesses understand how they can integrate beacons into their marketing strategy and engage customers in a personalized, context-aware way using iBeacon technology.