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How to deploy and manage a fleet of beacons

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How to deploy and manage a fleet of beacons

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iBeacon, the most talked about new technology in recent times is all set to change the way people interact with public spaces. Most industries have realized the potential of beacons in enhancing customer experiences, improving business processes, reducing costs, and even driving more revenue.

Our Beacon primer webinar series aims to help businesses at every stage of their beacon strategy. From procuring, to deploying and managing beacons, to integrating iBeacon technology into your app, our webinar series is a quick start guide for devising and implementing a profitable beacon strategy for your business.

This webinar 'Deploying and Managing a fleet of beacons' talks about what issues businesses face while deploying beacons and why beacon management is a big deal.

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  • Installation
  • How to tackle interference from Wi-Fi signals/other environmental factors
  • How to optimize placement of multiple beacons
  • Track data coming from multiple beacons
  • Monitor beacons for battery life and last ping time
  • Combat beacon theft

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