The A to Z of Planning Your First Eddystone Beacon Pilot

Ever since their launch in mid-July 2015, Eddystone beacons have generated an insane amount of buzz. According to reports, the number of proximity companies supporting the new protocol has grown at an impressive rate, with 38% of the top proximity companies supporting Eddystone in Q4 compared to 25% in Q3. This significant adoption rate is a clear indication of the potential that this protocol holds when it comes to becoming the new industry standard.

To add on to this buzz, year 2016 began with a big bang with Google announcing Chrome browser support on Android for Eddystone beacons. This announcement was hailed by many businesses as something that is poised to be a game changer in the proximity marketing industry. Ever since, we have seen quite a few brands announce Eddystone beacon pilots in their efforts to offer enhanced customer experiences.

Having said that, most businesses even today are unsure about where to begin with or what are the kind of use cases that Eddystone beacons are best suited for. Through our upcoming webinar on ‘The A to Z of Planning Your First Eddystone Beacon Pilot’ we aim to help businesses with this by helping them understand what a beacon pilot is all about, the kind of investment it involves, and how to run a successful Eddystone beacon pilot.


  • Why Eddystone is on its way to becoming the new industry standard
  • Why your business should choose Eddystone over iBeacon
  • How to launch your first Eddystone beacon pilot
  • Top 3 Scenarios where Eddystone makes sense for your business
  • Eddystone FAQs

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Perry Nunes
Marketing Associate

Perry Nunes is a Marketing Associate at MobStac. Through his work across marketing, sales and customer success management, he helps to identify and implement innovative ways for businesses to achieve their marketing and customer engagement goals using beacons.

Devika Girish
Senior Marketing Associate

Devika Girish is a Senior Marketing Associate at MobStac. She helps businesses understand how they can integrate beacons into their marketing strategy and engage customers in a personalized, context-aware way using iBeacon technology.