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Your guide to planning a successful beacon pilot

Technology is changing the way people interact with businesses. The demand for contextually relevant experiences - both online and offline - has tremendously increased over the last few years. An increasing number of industries are now adopting iBeacon technology as the medium to create rich, seamless experiences for consumers.

This webinar is aimed at helping businesses understand what a beacon pilot is all about, what kind of investment it involves, and how to run a successful beacon pilot. Whether you are already in the process of planning your beacon pilot or are just getting started, this webinar will set you up for success.

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  • How to create your beacon pilot roadmap
  • Defining metrics to measure
  • Examples of successful beacon pilots
  • Tools for running a smooth pilot

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Ravi Pratap

Ravi Pratap is the CTO of MobStac and is responsible for all technology strategy, product innovation, and engineering execution. MobStac is a mobile platform company enabling location-aware apps for content and commerce. Our Beaconstac suite enables businesses to deliver superior customer experiences through the use of iBeacons for engagement, messaging, and analytics.

Neha Mallik
Senior Marketer

Neha Mallik is a Senior Marketer at MobStac. She helps businesses understand how they can integrate beacons into their marketing strategy and engage customers in a personalized, context-aware way using iBeacon technology.