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Creative Marketing Clinic's clients saw a 40% improvement in customer engagement


Survey for customer research, Push notifications, Proximity marketing


Service industries, Event trade shows


Morris, IL


60 percent increase

in customer engagement


Creative Marketing Clinic is a digital marketing management company that helps small and medium businesses, and individuals in and around the United States drive their marketing campaigns. The company is now using beacon technology to help businesses reach a new generation of users through their smartphones.

From service industries to event trade shows, they are deploying beacons to attract visitors and roll out customer research.

Creative Marketing Clinic uses beaconstac's proximity marketing solution


Creative Marketing Clinic has a wide range of clients but this time they were determined to address the challenges of event trade shows and service-based clients.

While event managers want to gather maximum feedback from visitors at an event, they do not want to overload them with push notifications of survey links. Similar is the case with any service-based industry, or for that matter any vertical. To tackle such situations, businesses have to straddle the line between pushing surveys and at the same time not being too intrusive.


Creative Marketing Clinic introduced beacon technology to their clients. After using the tool for few months, their clients felt confident it was a good choice for them. Needless to say, beacons are more promising than most legacy solutions for reaching out to users for a market research. Quantitatively, their clients have recorded a 40% increase in customer engagement for surveys and market research.

“Not just for surveys, but our clients are really excited to see the click through rates for the proximity marketing campaigns” Dawn said. “It’s powerful!”

Creative Marketing Clinic uses beaconstac's proximity marketing solution

“We’re using Beaconstac to help businesses implement customer research & proximity marketing with an incredible amount of personalization. Our clients mostly from service & event industry need a solution that is easy to implement, affordable and modern. With Beaconstac, the customer research went up by 40 percentage points, up to 50 percent.”

Dawn Hargrove Avery, Digital Marketing Director

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