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QR Code menus

Upload your restaurant’s menu as a PDF and convert it to a QR Code to provide a digital menu to diners to help them avoid contact with traditional menus.

Create QR Code menus
Enable Contactless ordering

Contactless ordering

Use QR Codes or NFC stickers on table toppers to allow diners to order meals to avoid human interaction.

Communicate hygiene standards

Place QR Codes or NFC stickers outside the store, on POS receipts and delivery packages to deliver videos that emphasize on the hygiene standards being maintained.

Maintain communicate hygiene standards

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Automated employee check-in/checkout

Skip biometrics at entry points and implement staff rotation by leveraging:

1. NFC | QR Code enabled app:

Tap or scan the NFC tag/QR Code placed at entry points via Beaconstac’s NearBee to check in and check out at the workplace.

2. Beacon powered app:

Using NearBee, employees get checked in to the workplace automatically as they enter.

Self health declaration forms

Have employees scan QR Codes or tap NFC tags placed at entry points to fill up a customized self health declaration form.

Real time tracking of employees

Track employee movement, ensure physical distancing and notify employees if someone is COVID positive via a beacon powered app.

Avoid overcrowding

Limit the number of employees in a room and prevent overcrowding using a combination of QR Codes, NFC tags or BLE beacons.

Track facility usage

Ensure physical distanding or monitor specific facilities inside the workplace with a beacon powered app.