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Event QR code: Share and plan events for better event marketing

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Event QR Code

What is an event QR code?

An event QR Code can either be used to make it easier for attendees to save the event to their calendar or used at the event to engage with attendees and promote and market services or products.

How to use an event QR Code

Save to calendar

To make it easier for event attendees to save an event to their calendar, brands and event planners can create a calendar event QR code to allow them to directly save it to their calendar as soon as they scan the code. In addition, your guests can also RSVP within the same QR Code. Add an option on the landing page for RSVPs, so guests can notify their attendance..

Navigate to the event

Why not make it easy for attendees to reach the event? Embed Google Maps on the landing page you create and link it to the QR code. Beaconstac’s QR code solution allows you to create beautifully, customizable landing pages called markdown cards. Choose a design from one of the many templates or create one from scratch.

Creating a markdown card

Event details

Want to add more information about the event? Add venue details, any important details or last-minute changes to the event QR Code. Create a dynamic event QR Code to ensure your attendees are always up to date with the upcoming event.

Purchase tickets

You can always add an option for attendees to purchase tickets or upgrade to VIP using the event QR Code. All an attendee would have to do is scan the code and make the payment online.

Share multimedia files

Unable to share multimedia content with your attendees on your print invitations? Add an event QR Code that is linked to your website to give your attendees a glimpse of what the event has to offer. Therefore, a QR Code for invitations can help you attract more attendees efficiently.

Share event details on social media

Make a buzz with your upcoming event by sharing the details of your event on social media with event QR Codes. Add social sharing buttons on your landing page to help guests share your event easily.

Create Event QR Codes for free

How to create an event QR Code

Now, when attendees scan this QR Code, they’ll receive a prompt to add the event to their Google Calendar.

Where can you use an Event QR Code?


The best use case for an event QR Code is at a conference allowing organizers to seamlessly plan the event and let attendees know if there are any changes.

Music festivals

Event QR Codes also find a home in music festivals where they can be used for a variety of things. From facilitating entry to the venue to allowing festival-goers to check out the event schedule or find out who the headliners are, event QR Codes are incredibly useful. Since most attendees save the ticket stub, dynamic Event QR Codes can even be used to display the highlights of the event with an image gallery QR Code after the event is over.

Wedding invitations

Instead of waiting for RSVPs, use the event QR Code to ask guests about their availability, food preferences and let them know the theme or dress code. If there’s a change in venue or the event is getting delayed, use the QR Code to display updated information.

Real estate

Event QR Codes are supremely beneficial for real estate agencies. Say goodbye to long queues, interrupted home tours, and unauthorized access to properties. Make use of event QR Codes to set up open house tours and property details to invite, track metrics of the turnout, and dispense property information 24/7.

Hospitality sector

Restaurants, resorts, and hotels host events regularly at their premises. What better way to share event details than event QR Codes? Add an event QR Code to print materials such as flyers, banners, posters, and social media that redirect visitors to the event for easy check-ins.

FAQs - Event QR Code

How do you create a QR Code for an event?

Select the type of QR Code you want to create for the event and open up the QR Code generator by Beaconstac. Once you type in the relevant information, generate your QR Code and test it. This is especially important if you create a custom QR Code. Download your scannable QR Code in a format of your preference - PNG, EPS or SVG.

How do I scan a QR Code on BookMyShow?

When you book tickets through BookMyShow, you will see an event QR Code on your ticket. This QR Code will allow you to access the venue without a physical ticket. It contains your ticket number and is scanned by the venue’s security to ensure that you are at the right venue and that you have bought a valid ticket.

Are QR Codes free?

The QR Codes you create on Beaconstac are free and can be used for commercial and personal use. There is no limit on the number of scans. While most types of QR Code are free for download, some advanced QR Codes can be accessed when you purchase the Beaconstac’s QR Code solution. This allows you to access analytics and online retargeting among other advanced features.

Manage and create Event QR Codes