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QR Code for Facebook

How to create a QR Code for your Facebook page?

Find out which QR Code Generator is the best to create Facebook QR Codes?

Note: If you need to open the Facebook page in the app directly, you have to follow this URL scheme fb://page/(pageID) or fb://profile/(pageID) without the https://

You will find your page ID in the About section of your Facebook page.

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Leveraging different types of Facebook QR Codes


QR Code to like a Facebook business page

Start driving more traffic to your Facebook business page by inviting people to like your page. While Facebook does give you an option to invite all your friends to like the page, there is no option to take this offline. This is where Facebook QR Codes come in handy. You can print out QR Codes on posters, flyers or even brochures inviting users to like your Facebook page.

Facebook Messenger QR Code

Businesses and brands have long since realized how important it is to answer a shopper’s question quickly and accurately. Most consumers, however, want their questions answered even before they step into the store. Here’s where chatbots come into play. A chatbot is designed to ask and answer a set of frequently asked questions and it can be as simple or complex as a brand would like it to be. Most chatbots can be seamlessly integrated with Facebook Messenger allowing shoppers to ask and have their questions answered anytime.

QR Code for Facebook profile page

Some people are the brand. Think Dolce and Gabbana or Donatella Versace. Along with a business page, business owners and celebrities have a verified profile page. Facebook QR Codes can be used to drive traffic to such pages as well. By allowing consumers to interact with the face of the brand, it not only drives more trust and engagement but also sales.

Facebook check-in QR Code

According to Facebook, 2.23 billion people log onto Facebook every single day. About half of them check in on Facebook letting their network know where they are. This bit of information is extremely valuable for businesses trying to grow and reinforce their brand. But instead of the consumer taking the time to open up Facebook, find the location and then check-in, there is now a better way - Facebook check-in QR Codes. Scan these QR Codes and you can instantly check in on Facebook in less than a couple of seconds. Businesses can use this as a way to drive more traffic to their Facebook page, in-store traffic and gain more visibility. By placing a customized QR Code inside the store or location, businesses can make it simple for consumers to check-in on Facebook.

QR Codes to promote event pages on Facebook

Music festivals, stand-up comedy and a trade show - all of these have one thing in common: A Facebook event page. Generating interest online is instrumental in making the event a success. You can use QR Code online and offline to drive users to the event page where they can indicate whether they are ‘Interested’, ‘Going’ or ‘Not Going’. Once someone indicates that they are interested in or going to an event, this also helps create awareness on a bigger level as their friends get notified.

What can a Facebook QR Code do?

There are a range of actions that page managers can perform when they have a Facebook QR Code -

  1. Like a page automatically on the users’ behalf
  2. Connect to recommendations when a user visits their Page
  3. Connect users to a review page
  4. Check in on business locations
  5. Connect users to “View Offers” listing

Why do I need a Facebook QR Code?

  1. Summarize your Facebook business page by adding a headline and a short description and like the page without visiting it.
  2. QR Codes for Facebook are customizable. Create the Facebook page QR Code by adding your brand logo with its colors and add a suitable CTA.
  3. Facebook QR Codes are dynamic in nature. This means that they can always be editable. Every time your business comes with new events or product release, update the same on the QR Code.
  4. QR Code campaigns for Facebook can be tracked and analyzed to cater better for your target audience. Beaconstac QR Code generator enables real-time QR Code scans based on its location, OS used, time, and date.
  5. Perfect for print marketing

Creating viral QR Code campaigns for Facebook posts

Want your engaging Facebook post to go viral? Now you can leverage QR Codes to do so.

By bridging the gap between offline and online, you can gain traction from your online following as well as users who receive your campaign in their mail or through a flyer or a poster.

You can also integrate Facebook QR Codes into your app or website by using a QR Code Generator API to create QR Codes in bulk, Static or Dynamic QR Codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook QR Code generator?

Facebook does not have its own QR Code generator. A QR Code generator allows you to create a Facebook QR Code. Facebook QR Codes can be used to advertise your business page, to add them on profile pages, and to promote events.

Are QR Codes for Facebook free?

No, Facebook QR Codes are not free. However, Facebook QR Codes starts from just $5.

How do I check if a Facebook QR Code page is authentic?

An authentic business page on Facebook has a grey tick mark next to the name to confirm the authenticity of the organization. For Facebook pages that are popular due to public interest such as global brands and celebrities, they have a blue tick mark as an indication of their authenticity.

Can I use a QR Code to link to my Facebook page?


  1. Create a QR Code using Beaconstac’s QR Code generator
  2. Download the QR Code in a PDF file
  3. Then, open the Facebook app and go to your page
  4. On the left hand side, scroll to See More and tap QR Code

Why is my Facebook QR Code not working?

A Facebook QR Code might not work for the following reasons -

  1. Check the size of the QR Code
  2. Check if the page linked to the QR Code is broken or expired
  3. Check the contrast of the QR Code
  4. Try to scan the QR Code from a distance and keep the smartphone straight while scanning
  5. Test to see if the QR Code is overcrowded
  6. Update the device OS to the latest one
  7. Download a QR Code scanner if your phone does not support the latest OS

What is QR Code on Facebook?

A Facebook QR Code is a QR Code that connects your Facebook profile and page to summarize the business evidently and mobile-friendly Facebook QR Codes are apt to connect printed materials with your Facebook page with just a single scan.

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