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Digital QR Code menu: How customers view it

Smartphone users point their camera at the QR Code until a notification pops up. Tapping the notification opens up your menu in the PDF or image format.


Build a safe way of taking orders without having diners to touch a physical menu

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$60 /yr
3 dynamic QR Codes
Dynamic QR Codes can be modified, tracked and used for collecting first-party data.
20,000 annual scans
$150 /yr
50 dynamic QR Codes
Dynamic QR Codes can be modified, tracked and used for collecting first-party data.
40,000 annual scans
$490 /yr
250 dynamic QR Codes
Dynamic QR Codes can be modified, tracked and used for collecting first-party data.
100,000 annual scans
Tiered pricing
Custom scans

Upload your menu as a PDF or an image and generate a QR Code - quick and easy! Customize your QR Code to represent your restaurant - add your logo, change colors, and add a frame that nudges your diners to scan to QR code.


Change the menu.
Not the QR Code.

Say goodbye to the hassle of changing the QR Code every time you change the menu. Go to the Beaconstac dashboard, edit the QR Code, and update the menu PDF.

Dynamic QR Codes
Multilingual QR Codes


Menu in multiple languages.
With one QR Code!

Communicate with diners in their preferred language. With Beaconstac’s QR Codes deliver menus in various languages based on the language setting of the diners’ phone.


Different menus for day & night.
With the same QR Code!

Display pancakes and eggs for breakfast; salads, sandwiches, steaks for lunch; and burgers for dinner. Use a single dynamic QR Code and have the flexibility to switch between menus seamlessly.

Time based Dynamic QR Codes
Landing pages and forms QR Code


Don’t have a PDF menu?
Don’t worry!

Use our DIY landing page editor to quickly put together a digital menu. With a host of customization options and pre-designed templates, your digital menu will reflect your restaurant’s brand personality.

Have an image of the menu?
Turn that image into a QR Code menu

Upload your menu’s picture on our platform and turn that into a customized QR Code menu in less than 5 minutes.

Turn image to QR Code menu

Use QR Codes for more than just contactless ordering

Engage diners and walk bys
with attractive offers

Use your restaurant window to draw in diners - inform them about gift cards, contactless delivery options, or loyalty programs, among other offers. Convert your window front seamlessly as a platform to mutually promote other local businesses with a powerful QR code solution.

Move away from flyers or posters and place an attractive QR Code that points to a discount coupon code or feedback form.

Welcome diners,
but with their contact info

Collect diners’ names, time of visit, and health conditions with ease. In cases where diners report symptoms, filter them out, and get them to contact you. Explain your diners the risk involved and provide the right resources.

Share this information with the local government bodies to aid in contact tracing and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Instill hygiene confidence
with virtual tours

Go the extra mile to display your hygiene standards. Take your diners behind the scenes into the kitchen with a QR Code. Show them the chef cooking, and other staff members taking the right precautions.

Make a video using your mobile phone, upload it on YouTube or any other streaming platforms, and create a QR Code with the same link.

Increase post-purchase
engagement with patrons

Use a QR code on delivery boxes or packaging to build engagement beyond the confines of your restaurant. A video message from the chef or the restaurant owner always goes a long way in building loyalty among patrons. Show them you care in these unprecedented times!

Are you also delivering DIY pizza kits with toppings, taco essential boxes, or perfectly portioned cake baking kits? Add a QR Code that demonstrates a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare the dish.

Engage diners and walk bys with attractive offers

Welcome diners, but with their contact info

Instill hygiene confidence with virtual tours

Increase post-purchase
engagement with patrons

Frequently Asked Questions (QR Code as a restaurant menu)

Q. Do my diners need an app to scan a QR Code?

No, they do not. Diners can scan QR Codes using their phone cameras, Google lens, or the QR Code scanner on the notification tray.

Q. What happens to my QR Code when I reach the scan limit?

Beaconstac sends multiple emails to notify you when you approach your scan limit. Upgrade to a higher plan to continue getting scans.

Q. What is the difference between the Starter and Lite Plan?

The Lite Plan allows you to create more QR Codes than the Starter Plan and gives you access to advanced analytics and the ability to export reports.

Q. What should be the size of the QR Codes?

The size of the QR Code depends on the distance from the phone. If the diner is standing next to the QR Code, it can be as small as 4cms. However, if the QR Code has to scannable from a distance then it should be much bigger. We recommend testing the QR Code before pasting it permanently.