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QR Code on business cards: Share business information with QR Codes

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How to create a QR Code on business cards

QR Codes on business cards: Why do you need it?

Generate free vCard QR Code

Adding a QR Code on a business card elevates your business strategy and can help to drive more traffic to your website, boost app downloads, enhance social media visibility and allow customers to save your business information on their smartphone instantly.

How to use QR Codes on Business Cards?

You can use QR Codes on business cards to -

How to create a business card QR Code?

STEP 1: Use the Beaconstac’s QR Code generator to quickly generate a QR Code with a logo for your business.

Find out what makes a QR Code Generator the best

You can choose and create QR Codes such as -

  1. Website QR Codes
  2. App QR Codes
  3. PDF QR Codes
  4. Coupon QR Code
  5. Facebook QR Code
  6. vCard QR Code
  7. Location QR Code

Different types of QR Code supported

STEP 2: Once you choose the type of QR Code, select the option ‘Customize’ to enhance your QR Code design.

You can change the color and add your business’s logo. The color can be in line with your business’s unique identity to reinforce the branding.

SMB Guide: How to design and use QR Codes

STEP 3: Generate and test your QR Code

Click on ‘Generate QR Code’ to get your QR Code and download it for free. You can use this QR Code forever with unlimited scans.

Generate Free QR Code on business cards now

How can professionals use QR Codes on business cards?

Having a QR Code on your business card can be the trick to getting your next job, brand collaboration or even a new business contact. Here’s how different professionals can use QR Codes:

Designing your business card QR Codes

Your business card does not need to be simple. Try some of these design elements to leave a lasting impression.

What is a vCard QR Code?

A vCard is a digital business card that you can share with someone instantly. A vCard QR Code is a QR Code that allows users to scan the QR Code and add your business information immediately to their contacts.

Instead of adding QR Codes on business cards, you can use the QR Code to be your business card. All the latest smartphones - iPhones and Android can scan QR Codes without an app which means consumers can scan the QR Code and within a couple of seconds, they will have your information on their phone.

How do I create a vCard?

QR Code generator for business cards and vCards

Creating a vCard is easy with Beaconstac’s QR Code generator. Enter your contact details and click on customize to add colors of your choice. You can also add your logo to the vCard QR Code. Click on 'Generate Code' to download your QR Code for free.

How to create customized QR Codes

How to create dynamic vCards?

QR Codes do not need to be static or single-use. You can create dynamic vCard QR Codes that evolve with you. For instance, if your phone number changes, you can just use the dynamic vCard to edit information and re-use the same QR Code. Dynamic vCards help you disseminate information without going through the cumbersome process of printing out new QR Codes.

What is a dynamic QR Code and how to create them?

Use Beaconstac’s vCard Plus QR Code to create a vCard that contains your image, customizable background, company’s details and logo and your location.

What are the advantages of QR Codes on visiting cards?

QR Codes on business cards serve a variety of purposes.

Generate Free QR Code on business cards now


How much information can be stored in a QR Code on a business card?

A standard QR Code can hold up to 3 Kb of data. The more information a QR Code, the busier it appears.

How can I scan a small QR Code?

Move closer to the QR Code if it is too small to be scanned from a distance. If you are using an iPhone, you will automatically be prompted to move closer. If the QR Code is smaller than 2 cm x 2 cm, you may not be able to scan it at all.

How big does a QR Code need to be on a business card?

The QR Code on a business card should not be smaller than a 1 cm x 1 cm to ensure it remains scannable. You can create a vCard QR Code with just the QR Code.

What can you link to from your business card?

You can link to your website, social media, resume, product video, email or phone.

Can I create QR Codes for business in bulk?

Yes, you can. You can either use the bulk QR Code Generator to create multiple QR Codes at once or integrate a QR Code Generator API into your app or website to create customized QR Codes.