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For individuals just getting started with QR Codes

$5USD per month, billed yearly

3 Dynamic QR Codes

25,000 Scans

Single user


Live tech support

Scan analytics


For small businesses looking to reach more consumers

$15USD per month, billed yearly

50 Dynamic QR Codes

75,000 Scans

Single user

All Starter features, and

GPS tracking


For mid-scale businesses with advanced QR Code needs

$49USD per month, billed yearly

250 Dynamic QR Codes

250,000 Scans

Single user

All Lite features, and


Dynamic QR Code API


For organizations that manage campaigns for multiple teams

$99USD per month, billed yearly

500 Dynamic QR Codes

500,000 Scans

3 Users

3 Teams

All Pro features, and

Multi-user access

Team management


For global leaders with security, control, and flexibility needs


Tiered pricing

Custom no. of scans

Tiered users

Unlimited teams

All Plus features, and

SSO integration

Custom domain

White label

Dedicated CS Manager

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Detailed plan comparison
to help you buy the right dynamic QR Code plan for your business

QR Code essentials
Dynamic QR Codes
Change the destination URL, not the QR Code. Dynamic QR Codes can be tracked
Tiered pricing
Annual scans
Total number of scans per account per year
Tiered pricing
Application-wise templates
Pre-designed QR templates for a variety of popular use cases such as restaurant menu, vCard or app download.
Customizable forms
Pre-designed and customisable forms for lead generation, COVID health screening and surveys
Customizable landing pages
DIY editor to build mobile-optimised landing pages + pre-designed templates
Realtime scannability scores
Checks color contrast and impact of customisations on scannability
Error correction
High levels of correction to combat slight wear and tear of the QR Code
Multiple download formats
Available for download in digital & print formats including .png, .jpg, .pdf, .svg & .eps
Reporting and analytics
Tracks scans/time of day
A heatmap representation of the busiest and slowest hours
Tracks scans/location
Analyse QR campaign performance by city, state or country
Tracks scans/device type
Monitor how many users use Android, iOS, iPad or other devices to scan your QR Code
Email reports
Configure email reports to drop in your inbox, weekly, or monthly, or both. The email reports the best and worst performing campaigns and overall scan performance.
Tracks scans/GPS coordinates
A visual representation of scans by exact GPS locations. For this to work, the GPS location settings have to be turned on
User demographics via Google Analytics integration
Get unique user insights that only Google's algorithm and machine learning can give - user interests, demographics, behavior and more
First party data & retargeting lists
Facebook Pixels
Add your Facebook Pixel code to Beaconstac's dashboard. When users scan your QR Code, we automatically add them to a retargeting list to show Facebook ads.
Google Adwords retargeting lists
Add your Google Adwords ID to Beaconstac's dashboard. When users scan your QR Code, we automatically add them to a retargeting list to show Google ads and display ads via GDN
Data & security
GDPR compliant
Beaconstac is committed to protecting user data as per GDPR compliance
SOC-2 Type 2 compliant
SOC-2 Type 2 compliance demonstrates our committement towards meeting rigorous security and privacy standards
Beaconstac shield
An anomaly detection framework which identifies inconsistencies in user scan behaviour and filters such traffic. This maintains data sanity and protects your campaigns from analytics skewing
Phishing URL detection
URL-based phishing detection to protect end users from malicious links attached to QR Codes
Multi-user access management
Multi-level access such as either adminstrators, editors or just viewers to give your complete control
SSO integration via SAML
Sign in with your singular company-level SAML account to ensure complete control and security
QR design customisations
Personalise your QR Codes with unique shapes, brand colors, logo, frames, data patterns & backgrounds
White-label solution
Drop the Beaconstac branding from campaigns, dashboard & email templates, and add your branding
Campaign personalisation
Age-gated QR Codes
Personalise your campaign by age brackets. Particularly helpful for tobacco and cannabis industries
Multi-lingual QR Codes
Personalise global campaigns to work like local ones. One QR Code in multiple languages
Password protected QR Codes
Gate your landing page or digital asset with a password. Especially useful for financial documents.
Custom domain/URL
Reinforce your branding with your domain. Personalise them further with custom URLs
Add multiple users
Depending on the plan you choose, you can add multiple team members and configure their access.
Tiered pricing
Configure seperate teams
Have multiple clients, product SKUs or cross-functional use of QR Codes? Create seperate teams and configure their access settings.
Asset library and sharing
Works as your branding kit. Add shared assets that different teams and users can reuse.
Manage & identify QR Codes with labels
Segregate QR Codes by campaign, goals, or even location by adding relevant labels. This makes it easy to export analytics or view QR Codes by a segment in mind
Ownership transfer
In case an employee leaves the organisation, you can always change the admin/account owner
Template locking
To maintain consistency with branded QR Codes, lock the shapes, colors or logos of the QR Codes and reuse it as a template
QR transfer across teams
As an admin, you can move QR Codes to desired teams
Bulk QR Code generation
Save time and efforts by instantly creating 100 QR Codes. Just upload a CSV and convert them into QR Codes
Dynamic QR Code API
Automate QR Code creation within your software or application. We support all customisations and dynamic QR Codes with our API
Zapier moves information between Beaconstac QR codes and your web apps without coding
Build complex workflows with QR Codes and other marketing tools, without coding.
Move data between Beaconstac QR Codes and different web apps using Integromat.
Google Analytics
Connect Beaconstac QR Code as a property on Google Analytics to get unique and advanced user insights
Google Sheets
Manage your QR Code creation automatically using Google Sheet add-ons
Get notified about QR Code scans and response submissions on Slack
Customer support
Knowledge base
Explore articles, videos and guides on anything you need about Beaconstac
Live chat
Unmatched customer support for all users via chat - available anytime, anywhere
Email support
Drop an email to our support team at anytime of the day and we get back in a few hours with a solution
Phone support
Talk to QR Code experts on the phone to solve quick issues
Dedicated customer success manager
Personalised customer onboarding, training hours, and continued personalised support


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Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code solution is built for enterprise needs. With a 99.9% uptime SLA, our QR Codes never cease to work. Single Sign-On, SSL Encryption, SOC 2 certification, and GDPR compliance ensure complete data protection and privacy for both you and your customers. Need to talk to sales?

Got questions about Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code pricing?
We’ve got you covered!

Yes. Since dynamic QR Codes offer editing flexibility, QR tracking and analytics, retargeting, customizations, and various other capabilities, you need to pay for dynamic QR Codes. Our plans start at as low as $5 a month to help you get started.

Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Codes start at $5 a month and go up to $99 a month, suitable for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We also have a custom Enterprise plan for large organizations.

  1. Sign up for Beaconstac’s 14-day free trial.
  2. Go to the dashboard and click on ‘QR Codes’ from the left panel.
  3. Click on ‘+Create QR Code’.
  4. Choose the type of QR Code required.
  5. Enter all relevant information that you want to show via the dynamic QR Code.
  6. Customize and personalize the code.
  7. Save, test, and download your dynamic QR Code.

After the 14-day free trial, your dynamic QR Codes will stop functioning until the account is upgraded to a paid plan.

No. We do not offer monthly plans. All our plans are billed yearly.

No. A static QR Code cannot be changed once created. We recommend generating dynamic QR Codes that offer the flexibility of changing URLs or content whenever needed.

For your dynamic QR Codes to continue functioning, the account linked to them has to stay active.

Since we provide a no-commitment 14-day free trial for users to completely explore our product, we do not accept refund or exchange requests. However, you can always downgrade or upgrade plans as per your needs.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time from the dashboard.

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