Google Beaconstac

Google Station uses Beaconstac at train stations to promote WiFi usage

Google and Railtel Wi-Fi Provider are leveraging Beaconstac across 125 tier-1 and tier-2 railway stations across India

One of the largest beacon deployments across Asia

On entering the station, attendees receive a notification on their phone on how to log in into the free Wi-Fi network

RESULT: 12+% CTR from station to station

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T-Mobile Beaconstac

T-Mobile deployed beacons at store windows to generate contest sign-ups

Deployed at 485 locations across T-mobile stores along the US east coast

Beacons are deployed at T-mobile store window shops

Passersby in the range of the beacons receive notifications to participate in contests or avail offers

RESULT: An average of ~1.7% CTR was observed during the campaign

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Pennsylvania National Guard Beaconstac California Guard Beaconstac

U.S. National Guards use beacons to recruit and appeal to a younger audience

National Guard across multiple states including Pennsylvania and California have deployed beacons at strategic locations

They are using beacons at central offices for recruitment

They also carry beacons to events to connect with a younger audience and inform them of the benefits of joining National Guard

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Car dealership campus in Ohio uses beacons to grow sales

Deployed at an 18-acre campus with five dealerships - Audi, Volkswagon, Subaru, Porsche and Jaguar

The goal was to increase footfalls to the dealership, enhance dealership engagement and push the dealership app

Used long range, outdoor beacons for broadcasting specials and indoor beacons inside dealerships to engage with customers

The service app adoption rate is close to 75% and the footfall increased by 20%

"We have used Beaconstac extensively - forms, scheduling campaigns, markdown cards and more. It has been a tremendously successful marketing campaign and we are extremely proud of the solution - it’s immensely easy, effective and economical."

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Uber Beaconstac

UBER uses Beaconstac to recruit drivers and promote app signups

Deployed at various cities around Taiwan for recruiting drivers as well as signing riders up for Uber by promoting special offers

An average of ~1.2% CTR was observed during the campaign

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OffersWhereIamWalking Beaconstac

Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale send offers and specials to loyal diners

Created beacon app using Shoutem

OffersWhereImWalking app lets users search for restaurants and bars based on their proximity ( closest restaurants are listed first ) as well as by their favorite food type

Restaurants make use of beacons, geolocation, and geofencing to provide users with discounts and special offers. Restaurants also send additional offers within the app which are triggered at the entry and exit from a geofenced area

The app was downloaded by attendees in a fundraising event conducted by the American Lung Association and attendees were greeted with offers from 50+ restaurants showcased at the festival. As guests left the event and crossed a geofenced area, they received a “thank you for attending” notification from the American Lung Association

"I have been a Beaconstac White Label user for almost a year and am thrilled with the quality of service I continually receive. The ability for Beaconstac to seamlessly integrate with app creation platforms made setting up a beacon campaign - a breeze"

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Novosalus Beaconstac

Novosalus uses NearBee app to engage with patients at healthcare

InfoPill is a novel platform that helps doctors engage patients at the right place, right time and with the right content. It allows doctors to create their own branded digital health magazine for patient education and health awareness

With beacons, doctors send a welcome greeting and digital health magazine directly onto the patient’s smartphone as soon as patients enter the clinic

The ease of creating and updating health magazine and frictionless delivery to patients has made InfoPill a preferred technology solution amongst doctors to engage patients

"We came across NearBee at the time when Google Nearby was about to be discontinued and we were looking for a substitute. NearBee served as the perfect solution. The transition was made possible by an extremely proactive, expert and responsive team of engineers at Beaconstac who were with us at every step."

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Golden Carrol Beaconstac

Golden Corral elevates the in-store experience with Beaconstac

Using beacon marketing as a value ad to current services they are providing to their franchise clients

Creating a beacon hardware network spanning more than 20 states at each of these franchise locations

Through the use of Google Nearby and Nearbee, customers can discover daily deals and discounts, elevating their in-store experience

"Beaconstac provides robust features that make our campaigns more compelling. Having partnered with Beaconstac for 1.5 years and adding the platform to our suite of services, has helped our us grow stronger. With top notch customer service & quick turnaround time, we will continue to partner with Beaconstac going forward."

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Notify Beaconstac

Notify delights event attendees with Beaconstac’s proximity marketing solution

ProXSmart Global Technologies Inc. (PGTI) launched the "NOTIFY" app at the Acoustic Heartthrobs Concert Tour 2019 at the Southpoint Community Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The concert was organized by Palabok Promotions which featured popular celebrities who were a part of the most popular drama series on TV. ProXSmart sponsored the event and wanted to encourage the event attendees to download the "NOTIFY" app on their Mobile Phone

The app sends relevant notifications like coupons and other helpful information that was well received by the concert attendees

RESULT: Click Through Traffic was at 27% during the event

Witnessed a great response to the "NOTIFY" app, where users receive loyalty rewards, They also get to browse hot deals even if they are outside the proximity of a beacon, while keeping themselves aware of events and news around them

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