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Funnel new customers into your business premises, without an app

Drive footfalls to your business just by tapping at the storefront, sale signs or digital signage - deliver offers, listings or contact information.

Send location-based offers to engage with consumers at the right time

Proactively engage with consumers and broadcast relevant deals and product information that help them make smarter decisions.

Getting started with proximity marketing has never been easier


Delight customers with loyalty rewards for successive visits

Send beacon notifications straight to customers’ smartphone and lock screen, to issue stamps and rewards for the next visit.

Enhance the checkout experience with proximity technologies

Reduce the waiting time, engage with them and streamline your queue management with smart proximity solutions.

Leverage in-store traffic to drive app download

Reduce the friction in app download. Enable them to use smartphones to tap or scan QR codes and NFC tags on posters and stickers around.


Allow customers to interact with products they bought and re-order

Help customers re-order their favourite product from anywhere! Direct them to your online store when they scan the product in hand.

Retarget customers online once they leave your business premises

Re-connect with your loyal customers on Facebook and Google to drive them back into your store.

Grow faster with customer feedback

Reach out for feedback when it matters the most. Get customers to scan or tap the product, and leave feedback when they use the product.

Measure and fine-tune campaigns based on analytics

With Beaconstac’s powerful analytics engine, get instant access to all the campaign analytics and measure the efficacy of offline marketing channels.

Grow your business with an end-to-end proximity marketing solution

Know your proximity marketing tools

Grow your business with






Beacons are small battery-powered Bluetooth devices that broadcast location-triggered rich notifications to smartphones nearby. Most businesses use beacons to boost engagement inside the business premises.

Get started with proximity marketing on Day 1


5-minute setup

Just stick Bluetooth beacons, NFC tags, QR codes or a combination of the three on your business premises.


Create campaigns

With our dashboard, create quick landing pages, forms and compelling notifications. No coding required.


Deliver campaigns

Personalize the experience with contextually relevant messaging - push as an app notification or enable tap to learn.

Are you a small business solution provider?

Deliver proximity marketing campaigns for your clients

“As a provider of marketing solutions, our relationship with Beaconstac has allowed us to provide a cost effective, high engagement, marketing tool that gives our clients an edge above their competition. Our clients have increased their customer engagement by an average of 30 percent.”

Rachel Soto, Founder - GeoWraps Marketing

We make proximity marketing simple for everyone

  • 35+ countries
  • 10,000+ small businesses
  • 100+ marketing agencies & resellers
  • 3 million+ proximity notifications delivered