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Create & customize QR codes online

Create & customize QR codes online

Creating QR codes with Beaconstac is instant and straightforward. Go classic - black and white, or stand out with a customized QR code that aligns with your business or campaign colors. With Beaconstac’s QR code generator, you can customize the:

QR code color (TRY IT)

Create multi-campaign (dynamic) QR codes

Change campaigns based on the day of the week and time of the day, without reprinting and replacing the QR code. We encode a short URL to the QR code which redirects to different campaigns based on the schedule you create. Multi campaign QR codes -

Save a lot of time and effort

Let you create an optimized campaign schedule for the day or week

Allow you to iterate on campaigns without reprinting QR codes

Dynamic QR code generator
QR code tracking and scans

Track scans and analytics

Monitor the QR code campaign, track scans and analyse them based on the date, time, location and device used. This helps in fine-tuning your multi campaign QR codes. You can also export the analytics in CSV format and integrate with Google Analytics.

Generate campaign landing pages

Get started with a campaign webpage without coding! We call these easy-to-create landing pages, markdown cards. These markdown cards are mobile-friendly pages. Modify an existing markdown card template or get started with a new one.

QR code for free landing pages
High resolution QR code generator

High-resolution print format

We make sure you do not have to compromise on the quality of the QR code. Download the QR code in multiple pixel sizes and format options, such as JPEG, PNG, EPS and SVG. All our QR codes are perfect for high-quality printing.

QR code types

Step 1: Choose the type of QR code

Beaconstac’s QR code generator currently supports all website URLs, plain text, vCard, e-mail and SMS. We are adding multiple other QR code types, really soon. However, with the given QR code options, you can create a QR code for almost all your business needs!

Step 2: Add the QR code content

For URL QR codes, add a website, social media, GMB or app store URL. For an email/ SMS QR code, input the contact you want to send a message to and the email/SMS message. For a vCard QR code, fill in contact details like name, mobile number, email id, company, address, and website.

Step 3: Make a choice: Single or Multi-campaign

If you are looking to use QR codes to deliver a single campaign throughout its lifetime, select “single campaign QR code”. But if are looking schedule and update campaigns linked to the QR code, without reprinting them, select “multi-campaign” or dynamic QR code.

Step 4: Customize the QR code

Give your QR code a makeover with a host of formatting options available. With Beaconstac’s QR code generator, you can modify the background color, foreground color, and add a logo in the center that either indicates what happens when the QR code is scanned or a brand logo.

Step 5: Generate and download high-quality QR codes for print

Hit generate to get high-quality QR code images. In the free plan, you can download the QR code as a file. However, if you want the QR code in other formats such as JPEG, PNG, EPS, and SVG, you need to upgrade to higher plans. Check out our pricing plans.

Schedule campaigns | Update campaigns | No reprinting required

What are multi-campaign (or, dynamic) QR codes?

Do you sell pancakes for breakfast, pizzas for lunch and salads for dinner?

Or, do you update the list of properties available for sale, every day?

Or, do you update the offers based on the day of the week or season of the year?

In any of the above cases, you obviously do not enjoy changing the display messages and signages so often. :(

Multi-campaign QR codes are the solution!

These QR codes point to different campaigns at different times of the day and days of the week, without reprinting or replacing a QR code. It’s like creating a Google calendar for QR codes.

So, with multi-campaign QR codes, you can -

Fine-tune campaigns on an on-going basis, based on customer response

Update the campaign with your latest offerings or promotions

Plan flexible campaigns

Proven QR code use-cases and examples


On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards. QR codes on business cards make it seamless for your users to get in touch with you. It’s as easy as scan - save details - contact.

In addition to delivering your contact details, you can also use a QR code on your business card linking to

  • - Your business page or website
  • - Your Facebook or other social media pages
  • - A video content that can be bookmarked
  • - A lead generation form

On print media

Adding QR codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers, brochures, posters etc, makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

Here are a few ideas on what you can put behind QR codes on print marketing material -

  • - Online menu
  • - Promotions and coupons
  • - App store/ Google Play
  • - Event details
  • - Social media links
  • - Online store

On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless. Among other ways of achieving it - forwarding emails and sharing the link through SMS, using a QR code to connect is more streamlined and instant.

QR codes on websites and emails can be used to -

  • - Download an app instantly
  • - Save or play a podcast/video on a smartphone
  • - Save images on a smartphone gallery

On interactive product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful. Not just that, the best time of asking for feedback or product reviews is when the user is using the product.

Add QR codes on product packaging to -

  • - Get honest and accurate reviews
  • - Connect with users on social media channels
  • - Allow users to re-order
  • - Show them related products
  • - Deliver video tutorials or tips on making the best use of the product

On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards.

On print media

Adding QR codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless.

On product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful.

Q. What is a QR Code? How does it work?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Codes. QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that when scanned open up a link, add contacts, send SMSes, make calls among other things. The most popular QR code use case is that it can be scanned to learn about the product in detail. You will often find QR codes on product packaging, marketing material such as billboards, posters and signage or on direct emails and websites.

To understand how a QR code works, let’s take an example of a real-time bus schedule at a bus station.

1. A well-designed appealing poster at the bus station has a QR code.

2. Tourists waiting at the bus station, scan the QR code using their smartphones

3. A mobile friendly landing page with all the details load on their smartphone.

Q. What is a QR code used for?

QR codes were initially designed to track cars through the manufacturing process. But, with the growing popularity of QR Codes marketers and business owners are now using QR codes on almost everything - product packaging to billboards to business cards and more. Here are some of the most popular QR code use-cases to get inspired from -

  • 1. QR codes on business cards

    Save contact directly to mobile phones by using QR codes on business cards. It simplifies the process of getting in touch with a business.

  • 2. QR codes on print media

    Promote digital campaigns or material via print media. Beaconstac’s premium feature - multi-URL QR codes, can be leveraged to run different campaigns at different times, which means you can always promote your latest products without the pain of redistributing print media.

  • 3. QR codes on business stationery and invoices

    Smoothen the post purchase experience by adding QR codes to invoices. Link directly to user guides, contact information, re-order options or return labels.

  • 4. QR codes on event material

    From promoting an event to making it successful, QR codes can be widely used at multiple touchpoints. Allow users to scan a QR code and add the event to their calendars. You can also link e-tickets, travel directions, event handouts and more to QR codes. This helps them keep digital versions of everything important.

Q. Are QR codes free?

Yes, absolutely! With Beaconstac’s QR Code generator, you can create and customize QR codes for free. Also, they are valid forever! :D

However, if you are looking to

  • - Create dynamic QR codes
  • - Create campaign web pages for mobile
  • - Download QR codes in EPS and SVG
  • - Manage and fine-tune campaigns
  • - Track performance

You can sign up for a 14-day trial period and upgrade to our starter plan post the trial period.

Q. How to create a QR code?

Creating a QR code is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps to get started -

  • a. Select a QR code generator that suits your business needs

    The core requirement of a QR code generator is to support all types of QR code - vCard, URL, text message, email, app download and more.

    Other requirements from a QR code generator include, customizations to align with your brand, campaign management for static and dynamic QR codes, and most importantly performance tracking.

  • b. Choosing the right type of QR code to get started with

    Some might argue that ultimately all kinds of QR codes can be generated using a basic URL QR code type. However, that’s not the most optimal way. QR codes should initiate an action on scanning rather than just navigating to a landing page. The distinct QR code types that initiate different actions on scanning are - URL, text message, email, vCard and phone call.

    In addition to the basic QR code types listed above, other types like app download QR code, image QR code, MP3 QR code and more, add more relevance and intuitiveness to the QR code. So choose the type carefully :)

  • c. Fill in the URL or other input fields

    Once you decide which type is best suited for your use case, a form opens up on the QR code generator. Depending on what type of QR code you are looking to generate, the number of input fields differ. Fill in the information that corresponds to the campaign you are looking to promote.

  • d. Make a choice between static and dynamic

    Did you like many others went ahead with the default selection of static QR codes and missed the dynamic part? Dynamic QR codes are extremely powerful for businesses. It allows business owners to send time-based campaigns when scanned.

  • e. Customize QR code

    The fun part of generating QR codes is customizing them! A QR code represents your campaign and should reflect the campaign branding. Beaconstac’s QR code generator allows customization options in its free forever plan. Not all QR code generators have customizations in the free plan, but we thought why put the best and most fun part behind a plan :)

    You can customize the color, add a logo in the center and do a lot of other fun things! To help you move faster, we also have pre-designed logos for most use-cases.

  • f. Download the QR code in a format that suits your use-case and TEST!

    QR code use cases range from business cards to posters to billboards to digital medium. The choice of QR code format should totally depend on what you intend to use QR codes for. Here are our recommendations based on best practices -

    • PNG format: Suitable for digital medium, such as website, social media posts, ad campaigns on third party sites or self sites, call-to-action banners on blogs, email signatures and more.
    • EPS or SVG format: Suitable for print medium, such as on product packaging, bills, business cards, flyers, banners, posters, billboards, labels and stickers.

    Once you download the QR code and use it as desired, use your phone’s in-built QR code scanner or a third party QR code scanner to test the QR code. Here’s how to scan your QR code with an Android or iOS smartphone.

  • g. Track analytics and fine-tune the campaign

    Like all other marketing campaigns - digital or print, monitoring and measuring the efficacy of the campaign is of supreme importance. With Beaconstac’s powerful analytics engine you can measure analytics at campaign level and individual QR code level. All of this is presented in a graphical way to make it easier to track progress.

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Latest news in QR Code space

25th April 2019
Facebook announced through its platform for developers that starting 15th August 2019, the Messenger camera will no longer support scanning Messenger codes. Instead, they recommend using links to direct users to the chatbot. The format of the link is “ [PAGE_NAME], where the PAGE_NAME is the handle of the Facebook page the bot is linked to. Use a QR code generator, such as Beaconstac’s generator to create a QR code for a in the above-mentioned format. (How to create a QR code)
24th April 2019
Sidewalk Labs introduced visual signs (hexagonal signs) to indicate what technology is being used and what data is being identified. For example, a camera icon would imply that photos are being taken. The background color shows whether the information is being stored or de-identified before use. QR codes direct the citizens to “digital channels” that provide even more details about the technology.
23rd April 2019
To mark Earth Day 2019, PepsiCo announced a new beverage dispenser for the F&B sector. The company aims to reduce plastic usage by encouraging people to refill their reusable bottles at stores and outlets. To up the game, PepsiCo also plans to allow users to modify the level of carbonation, the flavor intensity and track water consumption. Their app would also notify users of how many plastic bottles were saved by their environment-friendly choice. To smoothen the experience, users are given QR codes which can be scanned the next time to recognize their preferences.
22nd April 2019
By far the easiest way to transfer money is to use Paypal QR codes. Users can now share their unique Paypal QR code to receive money. The profile page on the app has a QR code that can be shared. Users can also scan a QR code to send money directly. This update to the iOS and Android Paypal app makes transactions quicker and easier.
21st April 2019
Mobile Passport, an app officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection allows users to set up their profiles with passport details and display picture. On returning to the United States, users can skip the long paperwork and answer all custom-related questions on the app. Once the responses are submitted, the app generates a QR code which helps in skipping the usual long queue and is valid for 4 hours.