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QR Code Generator for Your Business: Create Custom, Trackable QR Codes

Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator gives you the power to build brand-owned digital experiences

Create custom Landing Pages for your business.

Create custom coupons for your business.

Create custom forms for your business.

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Create 1,000’s of QR codes from a spreadsheet with a single click with our Bulk Operations.
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I lead design across teams for Amazon and it's subsidiaries.

I lead design across teams for Amazon and it's subsidiaries.

I lead design across teams for Amazon and it's subsidiaries.

I lead design across teams for Amazon and it's subsidiaries.

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Create and manage QR Codes with the safest QR Code generator

The safety, security, and privacy of your QR Codes are our top priority - and we built Beaconstac accordingly.

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Update your QR Codes dynamically

Your marketing campaigns are evolving and your QR Codes cannot be pointing to the same destination URL forever. Update them in real-time without having to reprint them.

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Track QR Code scans

Analyze the scan location of your QR Codes to improve global campaigns. Beaconstac’s QR Code generator adds a layer of accuracy by enabling GPS location.

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Create QR Codes as a bulk operation

Upload a list of upto 2,000 URLs to the QR Code generator and instantly download QR Codes for them. Not just that, you can perform a list of bulk operations on your QR Codes.

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Organize & manage QR Codes your way

Beaconstac’s QR Code generator allows you to sort and filter QR Codes based on teams, campaigns, stages, or anything that helps you organize work better.

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Improve performance with scan scores

Beaconstac’s QR Code solution makes sure you never deploy a QR Code that doesn’t scan. With real-time scannability scores, you always know when you approach low scannability.

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Extend global reach with multilingual QR

Deliver QR Code information in the user’s preferred language - English, Spanish, French, or anything else. Works best for global brands addressing a global audience.

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Protect your users with safe QR Codes

The Beaconstac shield identifies inconsistencies in user scan behavior, detects phishing URLs, and maintains data sanity. We’re the only SOC-2 compliant QR solution on the planet.

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Manage your brand assets in one place

We understand a single account can be used by multiple team members or even different teams. Maintain brand consistency by uploading shared assets that can be re-used.

How to create QR Codes

Choose the type of QR code

Choose the type of QR code

Go beyond URL QR Codes! Choose from SMS, call, email, vCard, text, app download, PDF, and other QR Code types - that suit your marketing needs

Add relevant information (QR Code content)

Depending on the type of QR Code, fill in the required fields. It could be the URL of a website, social media page, contact details, app download link, text or a PDF

Add relevant information (QR Code content)
Add the brand logo & customize it to be striking different

Add the brand logo & customize it to be striking different

Make the most of our customization options to get more eyes on your QR Code! Add a company logo, try different data patterns, colors, shapes, and a call-to-action frame.

Download high-quality QR codes for print

Get ahead and download your QR Codes in formats that suit your marketing strategy. Use .png & .jpg for online campaigns whereas .eps & .svg for offline marketing material

Download high-quality QR codes for print

Design branded QR Codes with Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator

In a visual world, Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator makes it easy for teams to design premium QR Codes.

Create a custom QR Code with a logo

Design branded QR Codes with Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator

In a visual world, Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator makes it easy for teams to design premium QR Codes.


Upload your brand’s logo to the QR Code. Square logos work best and you can increase or decrease the size of your logo using a slider. If you don’t have a logo, you can choose one that is closest to your intended action to let users know what they have to do once they scan the QR Code. For instance, if you want users to email you, use the email icon as your QR Code’s logo.


You can customize the QR Code with colors to align with your brand or specific campaign. Either have a mono colored QR Code or one with a horizontal or vertical gradient. You can also change the color of the individual elements i.e. the data patterns, eyeball, eye frame and the frame of the QR Code.


You can add a frame to your QR Code to elevate your custom design. Especially when the QR Code is surrounded by text and other visuals, a framed QR Code can help it stand out and improve conversions. There are different styles of frames you can choose from and modify the color to align with your branding.

CTA Text

In the QR Code’s frame, you can also add a custom Call to Action. From CTAs such as Scan Me or Scan to Win or Buy Now, you can modify the text to drive more conversions for your campaign.


Another cool way to custom design your QR Code is to add a background. You can either add a solid color to the QR Code or even an image in the background. For instance, if you want to make a personalized vCard QR Code, your profile picture in the background will help users instantly connect the dots.

An online QR Code generator for enterprise teams to succeed at scale

high security standards

High security standards

Beaconstac is the only QR Code generator which is SOC-2 compliant. This means our data collecting and handling processes are complaint with the highest security standards.

custom domain

Custom domain

Help users identify your campaign with a custom domain. Say, you have a business named McMickey. Your campaigns can have the domain qr.mcmickey.com.

white label qr

White label

Make the QR Code generator your own - drop the Beaconstac branding from campaigns, dashboard & email templates, and add your branding.

Enterprise Seo

Enterprise SSO

Enterprise-level access allows you to sign in with your singular company-level SAML account to ensure complete control over access and security.

team management

Team management

Add multiple users, configure them as separate teams, and assign relevant QR Codes to them. You can also set up an asset library to help teams maintain consistency.

advance retargeting

Advanced retargeting

Improve purchase rate and conversions by reaching to users who scanned your QR Codes - on YouTube, Facebook and Google.

The QR Code maker for every use case

Beaconstac's QR Code Forms

Collect responses easily and generate potential leads with QR Code forms. They are easy to manage, 100% contactless, and cost-effective. Let users scan and access online forms effortlessly.

Contactless Menus

Upgrade your restaurant’s ordering system with our reliable and convenient contactless menus. Digitize your PDF menus in a flash, provide an engaging dining experience, and save up on printing costs.

Multi-URL Landing Pages

Create mobile-friendly landing pages that redirect to multiple destinations. Avoid the hassle of generating QR Codes for each URL. Leverage Beaconstac’s custom landing page builder for higher conversion rates and ROI.

Custom Landing Pages

Integrate with your favorite apps - hassle-free

Connect Beaconstac’s QR Code generator with your go-to tools to create
automated workflows and reduce data silos significantly.

Simplify team communication, unify data collection, and keep your team in the loop on the latest QR Code insights in real-time.

Use Beaconstac’s add-on in your spreadsheets to seamlessly create QR Codes in bulk and effectively manage your QR Code campaigns.

Receive more in-depth insights on your QR Code campaigns, such as user behavior, engagement, and demographics.

Sync all your QR Codes to your Canva account with a few clicks. Avoid manual uploads and edit your designs with ease.

Popular QR Code types that you can create online



QR Codes to access website

Convert your website URL into a QR Code. Generate custom website QR Codes that lead to relevant web pages.



Link QR Code to a Google Form

Convert your Google Form into a QR Code. Use it for tracking attendance, conducting surveys, event registration, and much more.



QR Codes to open a PDF

Use PDF QR Codes to deliver tutorials, manuals, comparison sheets, company documentation, and product brochures right away.



QR Codes to collect Google Reviews

Gather feedback, improve customer experience, and generate revenue with a QR Code for Google Reviews.



QR Codes to download an app

Encourage users to download an app with a QR Code that redirects them to Google Play, App Store, or Windows App Store, based on the device.



Navigate to a location with QR Codes

Let people navigate to your location with a single scan. Link your QR Code to Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Built for every team size.

50 QR Codes | 500,000 Scans

Recommended STARTER LITE
  • Increase visibility among customers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve traffic/footfall
  • Gather customer feedback

500 QR Codes | 2,000,000 Scans

Recommended PRO PLUS
  • Track QR Code campaigns
  • Integrate with other tools like Zapier
  • Scale-up with bulk QR Codes
  • Customize QR Code for brand consistency

tiered no. of DYNAMIC QR CODES

  • Manage QR Codes centrally and collaborate better across teams
  • SOC 2 Type II, GDPR complaint with SSO login
  • Get dedicated customer support teams
  • Increase visibility among customers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve traffic/footfall
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Track QR Code campaigns
  • Integrate with other tools like Zapier
  • Scale-up with bulk QR Codes
  • Customize QR Code for brand consistency
  • Manage QR Codes centrally and collaborate better across teams
  • SOC 2 Type II, GDPR complaint with SSO login
  • Get dedicated customer support teams

Online QR Code Generator - FAQs

Q. How to create a QR Code?

Creating a QR Code takes 20 seconds if you have the right QR Code generator!

  • 1. Select the type of QR Code you want (website, call. app download etc)
  • 2. Fill in the details required (URL, contact details or app link)
  • 3. Determine the nature of your QR Code (Static or dynamic)
  • 4. Use the QR Code Generator with logo option to customize it if required
  • 5. Download in your preferred format

Q. How do I generate QR Codes with text or logos embedded?

To generate a QR Code with text or logo embedded, you have to ‘Upload a logo or image’ or choose a logo from the gallery. To download it, you will have to upgrade to the Starter plan. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to create free static and dynamic QR Codes with a logo. After the trial ends, you will no longer have access to the dynamic QR Codes. Learn more about designing QR Codes with logo

Q. Are QR Codes free?

Yes, absolutely! With Beaconstac’s QR Code generator, you can create basic and colorful QR Codes for free.

Q. How to measure the number of scans & what can I do with it?

Use the Beaconstac platform to monitor the number of scans and other significant data pointers, based on the location, device and other demographics to fine-tune your QR Code campaign.

Q. Besides URLs, how are QR Codes used?

QR Codes can be used to deliver marketing campaigns, ask for customer feedback, make payments, navigate to a physical location, share files like PDFs, images, videos and more. Read more about all the types of QR Codes

Q. If a user scans a QR Code, can the device be tracked?

Personally identifiable information is not stored. When a user scans a QR Code, information such as time, date, location and country of scan is collected. If the QR Code is scanned through an app, more details may be tracked.

Q. What is the difference between a Static and Dynamic QR Code?

Static QR Codes can be used to direct users to a fixed destination. This means one cannot change the destination URL once printed and distributed. However, dynamic QR Codes can flexible in nature. One can modify or rotate URLs linked to it, even after printing and distributing. Check out our complete guide on static vs dynamic QR Codes.

Q. Can QR Codes be scanned without an app?

Yes, QR Codes can be scanned without an app. You can read our instructional guide on how to scan a QR Code on your Android and iOS device as well as your desktop. If your Android smartphone is not running on Android 8 or above, you may need an app. Read our list of recommended apps

Q. How do I check the performance of my QR Code?

While Static QR Codes also work in effective information delivery, Dynamic QR Codes just go the extra mile and allow you to track the number of scans, time, location, type of software used to scan, integrate with Google Analytics and help in retargeting. That way, one can change their campaigns according to the data and understand their customers better.

Get started with Dynamic QR Codes and create trackable QR Codes

Q. How do I generate a large batch of QR codes?

You can create up to 2,000 QR Codes at once using our bulk QR Code generator. To use this, you have to sign up for the 14-day free trial or purchase the Starter plan. All you have to do is upload a CSV file, customize the QR Code, and download the ZIP file containing all your QR Codes. Read our step-by-step guide here

Q. Is a QR Code generator safe?

A QR Code generator with security features, such as custom domain, SSL, and URL, is safe. It lets you create branded QR Codes that your customer base can identify and trust to scan.

Q. Which is the best QR Code generator?

There are multiple QR solutions out there. However, based on Beaconstac’s QR Code offerings, it is the best QR Code generator for businesses of all sizes.

Q. How to generate a QR Code for a URL?

To convert a URL to QR Code, you can go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator. Select ‘Website’ as the QR Code type, paste the URL in the space provided, customize, test, and download your QR Code.

Q. How to generate a QR Code for a Google Form?

To create a Google Form QR Code, paste the link to your form in the space provided in Beaconstac’s QR Code solution. You can then customize your QR Code, test it to see if it works, and download it.



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