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QR Code generator built for successful QR Code marketing campaigns

With Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator and a robust solution at the core, it’s easy to make, manage and measure scan statistics for QR Code campaigns

Create & customize QR codes online

Create a QR code (not black and white ones!)

Bring your QR Code campaign to life with our powerful yet easy-to-create customized QR Codes. Design your QR Codes with a library of professionally designed templates, shapes and color combinations. Our favourite, customize your QR Codes by adding a logo to it!

Make the most of your brand recognition - adding a logo to the QR Code is what transforms a basic QR Code into a professional QR Code campaign. Upload your logo and generate a QR Code in minutes.

Modify QR code color

Amplify the overall aesthetic appeal of your QR codes by adding colors and gradients to the entire QR code, or a section of it

Create custom shaped QR codes

Give your QR codes a makeover with attractive shapes. Choose from a wide variety of eyes and data patterns for the QR code. Also, add a frame with a call-to-action

Add a frame with a call-to-action

Choose from ready-made QR Code frame templates that nudge the user to scan the QR Codes to initiate an action, it could to download an app, browse a webpage or learn more about the product.


Dynamic QR Codes generator for editable QR Codes

Unlike static (regular) QR Codes, dynamic QR Codes offer the versatility to change the linked URLs based on business requirements - even after QR codes are printed and distributed.

Dynamic QR Code Generator: time-based

Time-sensitive dynamic QR Code campaigns

Need to run a time-sensitive QR Code marketing campaign for your business? Use dynamic QR Codes that helps schedule different marketing campaigns at different times of the day, week or month.

Dynamic QR Code Tracking and Management

Editable dynamic QR Code campaigns

Moving to a new website domain, need to update your contact details or modify details linked to the QR Code? For each dynamic QR Code that you create, you can edit all the above information - hassle-free

Dynamic QR Codes for A/B testing

Measurable & adjustable dynamic QR campaigns

Once your QR codes are printed and garnering clicks, you might still want to monitor their performance and make adjustments without having to recreate a QR code. With dynamic QR Codes, that’s a natural behaviour!

Track the number of scans

Monitor the QR code campaign, track scan statistics and analyze them based on the date, time, location and device used. This helps in fine-tuning your dynamic QR code campaigns. You can also export the analytics in CSV format and integrate it with Google Analytics.

QR code tracking scans and analytics platform
Generate QR codes that retarget

Make QR Codes with online retargeting capabilities

If you are a business that sells products offline, you know everybody who found your store for the first time, is not there to buy - but inclined to buy. Most of them are lost forever. Unless you re-engage with them - online. Here’s how QR code online retargeting with Beaconstac works-

Let users scan QR codes at stores
1. Scan

Engage and get users to scan QR Codes at your business location

Retarget users on Facebook and Google
2. Retarget

Recapture their attention on Facebook and Google Ads, when they go online

Get more business from online channels that initiated from offline channels
3. Grow

Begin with offline channels and achieve business goals using online channels

Generate mobile-friendly campaign landing pages

Get started with a campaign webpage without coding! We call these easy-to-create landing pages, markdown cards. These markdown cards are mobile-friendly pages. Modify an existing markdown card template or get started with a new one.

QR code for free landing pages
High resolution QR code generator

Print QR Codes in high-resolution & multiple file formats

We make sure you do not have to compromise on the quality of the QR code. Download QR codes in multiple file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, EPS and SVG. All our QR codes are perfect for high-quality printing.

Generate designer QR Codes with error correction

Adding a logo to your QR Code or altering the shape could lead to unscannable codes. To overcome this challenge, all our customized QR Codes are by-default error-corrected. With high levels of error correction (Level M - upto 15% damage), our QR Codes are always scannable.

This is also great for QR Codes that you want to use on print marketing material, labels, coupons or badges. There is always some degree of deterioration due to normal wear and tear. In this case, having a QR Code with error correction will still be scannable.

Generate designer QR Codes with error correction

A QR Code Generator built for enterprise needs

Custom domain

Help your customers identify with your brand. Modify the URL your customers see after they scan the QR code. Say, you have a business named McMickey. All your QR code campaigns can have the custom domain qr.mcmickey.com.


Custom URL

Your QR code campaigns have a completely personalized URL. Target the right segment with a customized personal URL. So, for instance, if you are running a scavenger hunt contest, your URL can read qr.mcmickey.com/scavenger-hunt.


Bulk QR code generation

Large teams have bulk requirements! With Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator make up to 100 QR codes in one go for websites, vCards, predefined emails, texts and calls and download them in a ZIP file



Create multiple QR codes - static and dynamic, integrated with your Android, iOS application, with the choices of black and white QR codes, custom QR codes with logo and more.


Custom QR Code generator

Make your QR codes stand out with design modifications, color options and logo addition options. Customize your QR Code to align with your brand colors and add a logo to reinforce branding. You can also change the shape and form of the QR code.


Multi-lingual QR Code support

It’s important for global brands to communicate with users in the language they are comfortable with. To make the entire multi-language campaign easy and hassle-free for brands, we powered our QR codes to do that!


Origin of QR Code

What is a QR Code and what is the history of QR Codes?

QR Codes are 2-dimensional barcodes where QR stands for “Quick Response”. As the name suggests, QR Code is a channel that delivers quick decoded information in response to a scan - using a native camera app or a QR Code reader

In 1960s
Barcodes were invented to make life easier for cashiers at supermarkets in Japan. However, information in barcodes were coded in one direction and could only hold upto 20 alphanumeric characters

In 1994
As an advancement, Denso Wave came up with QR Codes with high-speed reading capabilities. Auto industry was the earliest adopter of QR Codes and they used the technology to manage work related to production, shipping and issuing transactional slips. Eventually, food, pharmaceutical and contact lens companies started making use of QR Codes

In 1997
QR Codes were approved as an AIM standard, which meant QR Codes could be used in the automatic identification industry

In 2002
The rise of mobile app readers that could scan a QR Code attributed to the widespread use of this technology across the globe. However, having an app on the smartphone to scan was still a barrier

In 2017
Apple introduced built-in support for QR Code scanning in the camera app. In the following year Android came up with similar capabilities in Google Lens. The hyper-growth of QR Codes is attributed to the above-mentioned primary factors

In 2020
Given that QR codes today are the perfect balance between being cost-effective, privacy-friendly yet delivering rich consumer engagement, most Fortune 500 companies have already added QR Code to their marketing stack

Step 1: Choose the type of QR code

Beaconstac’s QR code generator currently supports website URLs, plain text, vCard, e-mail, SMS and other types of QR codes. We are adding more QR code types, really soon. However, with the given QR code options, you can create a QR code for almost all your business needs!

Step 2: Add the QR code content

For website QR codes, add a website link, a social media page, a Google My Business page or an app store URL. For an email/ SMS QR code, input the contact you want to send a message to and the email/SMS message. For a vCard QR code, fill in the contact details like name, mobile number, email id, company, address, and website

Step 3: Make a choice - Static or Dynamic

If you are looking to use QR codes to deliver a single campaign throughout its lifetime, select “single campaign QR code”. But if are looking schedule, re-use and update campaigns linked to the QR code, without reprinting them, select dynamic QR code

Step 4: Customize the QR code - Add a logo and change color

Give your QR code a makeover with a host of formatting options available. With Beaconstac’s QR code generator, you can modify the background color, foreground color, and add a logo in the center that either indicates what happens when the QR code is scanned or a brand logo

Step 5: Generate and download high-quality QR codes for print

Hit generate to get high-quality QR code images. In the free plan, you can download the QR code as a file. However, if you want the QR code in other formats such as JPEG, PNG, EPS, and SVG, you need to upgrade to higher plans. Check out our pricing plans

Step 6: Want to track QR code analytics?

Track your QR code campaigns and fine-tune them based on campaign trends, anytime. Strengthen the distribution of QR codes based on most scanned locations. With Beaconstac’s analytics engine, you can track the number of scans and unique scans based on location and device

Types of QR codes supported

To simplify setting up QR code campaigns, we have created multiple mobile landing page
(what we like to call markdown cards) templates. Edit the template to suit your requirements,
and you are all set to use any of these -

Proven QR code use-cases and examples


On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards. QR codes on business cards make it seamless for your users to get in touch with you. It’s as easy as scan - save details - contact.

In addition to delivering your contact details, you can also use a QR code on your business card linking to

  • - Your business page or website
  • - Your Facebook or other social media pages
  • - A video content that can be bookmarked
  • - A lead generation form
QR codes on business cards

On print media

Adding QR codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers, brochures, posters, etc, makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

Here are a few ideas on what you can put behind QR codes on print marketing material -

  • - Online menu
  • - Promotions and coupons
  • - App store/ Google Play
  • - Event details
  • - Social media links
  • - Online store
QR codes on flyers and posters

On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless. Among other ways of achieving it - forwarding emails and sharing the link through SMS, using a QR code to connect is more streamlined and instant.

QR codes on websites and emails can be used to -

  • - Download an app instantly
  • - Save or play a podcast/video on a smartphone
  • - Save images on a smartphone gallery
QR codes on website and emails

On interactive product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful. Not just that, the best time of asking for feedback or product reviews is when the user is using the product.

Add QR codes on product packaging in order to -

  • - Get honest and accurate reviews
  • - Connect with users on social media channels
  • - Allow users to re-order
  • - Show them related products
  • - Deliver video tutorials or tips on making the best use of the product
QR codes on product packaging

On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards.

On print media

Adding QR codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless.

On product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful.

Who uses QR Codes?

Given how versatile QR Codes are, their application is industry agnostic. The most successful ones are listed below


The F&B industry has leveraged QR Codes quite effectively. They can be found on product packages, menus, takeaway counters and payments. They can be used on a product to reveal the ingredients and source of the product, complete payments for the food/drinks purchased, and display a variety of deals and offers based on peak and non-peak hours in a restaurant.

Shopping and E-commerce

Shopping and eCommerce brands now place QR Codes on delivery packages and in offline stores to offer deals and discounts, present customers with an AR experience of the product via the brand’s shopping portal, provide size charts, resolve FAQs, contact customer service and inform customers about the origin of the product.

Logistics and Shipping

QR Codes provides information about the package, track the delivery, and contact the company to solve queries. QR Codes can also be placed on shipping labels to learn more about the origin of the product and the cargo’s destination. QR Codes can be sent to customers via SMS or mail to learn about the product and the cargo.


The healthcare department has employed QR Codes to scan wristbands of patients to accurately identify them, administer care, progress, and medication to create automatic patient records, show expiration date, dosage and precautions to be taken before consuming a medication, let patients have access to detailed information about their condition, automatically register OPD patients just by scanning their bed QR Codes, and amplify patients’ treatments and safety.

Travel and Tourism

QR Codes can be placed on tickets for fast check-in, retrieve important data about the bus, train or flight, and boarding. It could alternatively help tourists learn about tourist attractions, restaurants, history of the location, and points of interest of a particular place. Travel agencies can also use QR Codes on their reservation slips for customers to know more about accommodation details, transport departure timings and sightseeing plans.

Real Estate

Realtors often put out signs such as “For Sale” or “For Rent” with QR Codes on signboards outside the property. These QR Codes upon scanning helps potential customers get instant information about the property. This works in favor of real estate agencies as there is no need for a realtor to be present at the property at all times and decrease the chances of faux buyers by directing the customer to the website for more information.

Q. What is a QR Code? How does it work?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Codes. QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that when scanned open up a link, add contacts, send SMSes, make calls among other things. The most popular QR code use case is that it can be scanned to learn about the product in detail. You will often find QR codes on product packaging, marketing material such as billboards, posters and signage or on direct emails and websites.

To understand how a QR code works, let's take an example of a real-time bus schedule at a bus station.

1. A well-designed appealing poster at the bus station has a QR code.

2. Tourists waiting at the bus station, scan the QR code using their smartphones

3. A mobile friendly landing page with all the details load on their smartphone.

Q. How to create a QR code?

Creating a QR code is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps to get started -

  • a. Select a QR code generator that suits your business needs

    The core requirement of a QR code generator is to support all types of QR code - vCard, URL, text message, email, app download and more.

    Other requirements from a QR code generator include, customizations to align with your brand, campaign management for static and dynamic QR codes, and most importantly performance tracking.

  • b. Choosing the right type of QR code to get started with

    Some might argue that ultimately all kinds of QR codes can be generated using a basic URL QR code type. However, that’s not the most optimal way. QR codes should initiate action on scanning rather than just navigating to a landing page. The distinct QR code types that initiate different actions on scanning are - URL, text message, email, vCard and phone call.

    In addition to the basic QR code types listed above, other types like app download QR code, image QR code, MP3 QR code and more, add more relevance and intuitiveness to the QR code. So choose the type carefully :)

  • c. Fill in the URL or other input fields

    Once you decide which type is best suited for your use case, a form opens up on the QR code generator. Depending on what type of QR code you are looking to generate, the number of input fields differ. Fill in the information that corresponds to the campaign you are looking to promote.

  • d. Make a choice between static and dynamic

    Did you like many others went ahead with the default selection of static QR codes and missed the dynamic part? Dynamic QR codes are extremely powerful for businesses. It allows business owners to send time-based campaigns when scanned. (Learn more about it)

  • e. Customize QR code

    The fun part of generating QR codes is customizing them! A QR code represents your campaign and should reflect the campaign branding. Beaconstac’s QR code generator allows customization options in its free forever plan. Not all QR code generators have customizations in the free plan, but we thought why put the best and most fun part behind a plan :)

    You can customize the color, add a logo in the center and do a lot of other fun things! To help you move faster, we also have pre-designed logos for most use-cases.

  • f. Download the QR code in a format that suits your use-case and TEST!

    QR code use cases range from business cards to posters to billboards to digital mediums. The choice of QR code format should totally depend on what you intend to use QR codes for. Here are our recommendations based on best practices -

    •   - PNG format: Suitable for digital medium, such as website, social media posts, ad campaigns on third party sites or self sites, call-to-action banners on blogs, email signatures and more.
    •   - EPS or SVG format: Suitable for print medium, such as on product packaging, bills, business cards, flyers, banners, posters, billboards, labels and stickers.

    Once you download the QR code and use it as desired, use your phone’s in-built QR code scanner or a third party QR code scanner to test the QR code. Here’s how to scan your QR code with an Android or iOS smartphone.

  • g. Track analytics and fine-tune the campaign

    Like all other marketing campaigns - digital or print, monitoring and measuring the efficacy of the campaign is of supreme importance. With Beaconstac’s powerful analytics engine you can measure analytics at campaign level and individual QR code level. All of this is presented in a graphical way to make it easier to track progress.

Q. Are QR codes free?

Yes, absolutely! With Beaconstac's QR Code generator, you can create and customize QR codes for free. Also, they are valid forever!

However, if you are looking to

  • - Create dynamic QR codes
  • - Create campaign web pages for mobile
  • - Download QR codes in EPS and SVG
  • - Manage and fine-tune campaigns
  • - Track performance

You can sign up for a 14-day trial period and upgrade to our starter plan post the trial period.

Q. Can my smartphone scan QR codes?

The capability of a smartphone scanning a QR code is based on the system software. If the smartphone is an Android and has an Operating System of Android 8.0 and higher, QR codes can be natively scanned by the smartphone camera. If it is an iPhone with an Operating System of iOS 11 and higher, QR codes can be natively scanned with the camera app.

If the smartphone has an Operating system that is Android 7 and loweror iOS 10 and lower, then one can download a QR code scanning app from respective app stores.

Q. What is the minimum size of a QR code?

The size of a QR code should not be less than 1cm x 1cm (0.4 inches x 0.4 inches). QR codes, if printed in a size smaller than that, cannot be detected by smartphones and scanners.

Q. How much data can I put in a QR Code?

The capacity of data a QR Code can hold is dependent on the number of rows and columns it possesses, The denser a QR Code looks, the more rows and columns it has, and the more data it can hold. The latest version of QR Codes, which version 40 has 31,329 modules (177 rows x 177 columns) and can hold 3KB of data.

Q. QR Code Metrics: How do you monitor QR code results?

To monitor QR code results, you must first create a dynamic QR code. Once you start running campaigns, you will see metrics such as the number of scans, location, time, date of scan on the dashboard. You can also integrate Google Analytics to view other key demographics.

Q. Besides URLs, how are QR codes used?

QR codes can be used to deliver marketing campaigns, ask for customer feedback, make payments, navigate to a physical location, share files like PDFs, images, videos and more. Read more about all the types of QR codes

Q. If a user scans a QR Code, can their device be traced?

Personally identifiable information is not stored. When a user scans a QR code, information such as time, date, location and country of scan is collected. If the QR code is scanned through an app, more details may be tracked.

Q. What does Static and Dynamic QR Code mean?

There are two types of QR codes. Static and Dynamic. With Beaconstac's QR code generator, the guide to creating QR codes is easier than ever!

1. Static - A type of QR code, which is recommended for a one time, limited interval usage. Once the information is embedded in the QR code, it cannot be changed post printing.

2. Dynamic - The second type of QR code, where the information can be changed, prior and post-printing. The same QR code can be used to share different information, at different time intervals, almost making it seem recyclable. Dynamic QR codes also give you information regarding the number of scans, location, time, analytics and allows you to fine tune and manage campaigns based on this information.

Try Static and Dynamic here!

Q. What is a QR code used for?

QR codes were initially designed to track cars through the manufacturing process. But, with the growing popularity of QR Codes marketers and business owners are now using QR codes on almost everything - product packaging to billboards to business cards and more. Here are some of the most popular QR code use-cases to get inspired from -

  • 1. QR codes on business cards

    Save contact directly to mobile phones by usingQR codes on business cards. It simplifies the process of getting in touch with a business.

  • 2. QR codes on print media

    Promote digital campaigns or material via print media. Beaconstac’s feature - dynamic QR codes, can be leveraged to run different campaigns at different times, which means you can always promote your latest products without the pain of redistributing print media.

  • 3. QR codes on business stationery and invoices

    Smoothen the post purchase experience by adding QR codes to invoices. Link directly to user guides, contact information, re-order options or return labels.

  • 4. QR codes on event material

    From promoting an event to making it successful, QR codes can be widely used at multiple touchpoints. Allow users to scan a QR code and add the event to their calendars. You can also link e-tickets, travel directions, event handouts and more to QR codes. This helps them keep digital versions of everything important.

Q. Should QR codes be used for real estate?

Realtors and real estate companies have a lot to gain from QR codes. QR codes can act as an on-call retailer when placed on ‘For Sale’ signs and bench ads making it easy for buyers to check out properties nearby, schedule an appointment or even look at a virtual tour. How to use QR codes in real estate

Q. Do QR codes have to be black and white?

No. QR codes can be colorful, You can choose a different foreground and background color. You can even add a background image to the QR code to make it more interesting.

Q. How do I generate QR codes with text or logos embedded?

To generate a QR code with text or logo embedded, you have to ‘Upload a logo or image’ or choose a logo from the gallery. To download it, you will have to upgrade to the Starter plan. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to create free static and dynamic QR codes with a logo. After the trial ends, you will no longer have access to the dynamic QR codes. Learn more about designing QR codes with logo

Q. Can QR codes be scanned without an app?

Yes, QR codes can be scanned without an app. You can read our instructional guide on how to scan a QR code on your Android and iOS device as well as your desktop. If your Android smartphone is not running on Android 8 or above, you may need an app. Read our list of recommended apps

Q. How do I check the performance of my QR code?

While Static QR codes also work in effective information delivery, Dynamic QR codes just go the extra mile and allow you to track the number of scans, time, location, type of software used to scan, integrate with Google Analytics and help in retargeting. That way, one can change their campaigns according to the data and understand their customers better.

Get started with Dynamic QR codes and create trackable QR Codes

Q. How do I generate a large batch of QR codes?

You can create 100 QR codes at once using our Bulk QR code generator. To use this, you have to sign up for the 14-day free trial or purchase the Starter plan. All you have to do is upload a CSV file, customize the QR code and download the ZIP file containing all your QR codes. Read our step-by-step guide here

Just starting out?

Get the help and inspiration you need to start your QR code campaigns

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Most popular QR code generator terms in September 2019

Dynamic QR code generator

Dynamic QR codes are like ever-changing billboards. QR codes can be devised to host multiple campaigns based on the time of the day or day of the week. Fly your sales with the seasonal breeze through dynamic QR codes that can be scheduled and customized to your marketing needs.

QR code generator with logo

Adding a logo is much like adding a brand persona to QR codes. Campaigns garner increased scans when designed with brand-specific designs. QR codes can be customized to match brand color schemes and logo to help consumers identify a brand with ease.

Instagram QR code generator

Get people to follow an Instagram page. QR codes have made it possible to increase visitors to your Instagram feed. Attach your Instagram page URL to QR campaigns and direct consumers to follow instantly. Social Media presence is a necessity for organizations these days and QR codes can contribute to that in numerous ways.

Best QR code generator 2019

The core of the best QR code generator in 2019 is brand personalization and campaign insights. First, brand personalization includes adding a logo, brand color schemes, and relevant background images. Secondly, an analytics dashboard that can be synced with Google Analytics is instrumental in measuring QR marketing. Sharing mp3s, vCards, event brochures, images galleries, store locations, coupons, and call to action pages are essential features that make the best QR code generator of 2019.

QR code generator software

In today’s fast-moving world anything and everything is hosted on the cloud and accessible on the go. Functionalities that a QR code generator software should enable is the capability to generate QR codes in silos or in bulk, provide thorough analytics on campaigns, host dynamic QR codes that change campaigns automatically. The ideal software facilitates high-quality QR codes in various formats such as jpeg, png, eps, and SVG. Freedom to devise campaigns that use URL, SMS, calls, emails, vCards, plain text, location, PDFs, and mp3s. Beaconstac is one such software for all your needs.

QR code generator app to create QR Codes in bulk

Organizations can create a QR code generator app by integrating the QR code API. Large scale users can generate numerous QR codes through their mobile application by integrating a QR code API in their mobile app. Different needs demand different QR code generators, static, dynamic and bulk are basic enterprise needs. Black and white, colored, background image, frames, and brand logo are a few ways you can tweak this in-app functionality.

Latest news in the QR Code space

IMO’s pizza boxes have a QR Code that delivers Augmented Reality
2 December 2019
IMO’s have toyed with QR Code technology by introducing new pizza boxes that have a QR Code. When scanned, it opens up an AR experience. It has a hidden snow globe with Santa going over the arch.
Lok Kawi wildlife park goes paperless with QR codes
27 November 2019
The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Malaysia has gone paperless and will now use QR Codes to hand out brochures to visitors. Instead of holding on to a brochure, visitors will be able to scan a QR Code to get to know more about the wildlife park.
QR Codes on CBD labels assure product quality
25 November 2019
QR Codes on CBD labels can be scanned via a smartphone which contains a certificate that assures consumers of the product quality in light of fake CBD products.
NHG and NUHS and SingHealth will adopt universal QR Codes by 2020
24 November 2019
To make it easier for patients to make payments at hospitals, National Healthcare Group, National University Health System and Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) adopt a universal QR Code by 2020.
Pepsi ties up with Cardi B to promote their QR Code based campaign
23 November 2019
PepsiCo has engaged with famous rapper Cardi B to promote their Give it Forward campaign which allows consumers to scan QR Codes on pepsi scans and donate money to charity or their friends.
PayMaya becomes the first digital wallet to adopt QR Codes
22 November 2019
PayMaya has become the first digital wallet in the Philippines to migrate to the national QR Code standard sanctioned by the BSP.
Vodafone Idea deploys QR Code kiosks to help reunite families during celebrations
21 November 2019
About 20,00,000 devotes are expected to take part in the Gurupurab festivities in Punjab, India. Vodafone Idea has come up with a tech kiosk which uses QR Codes to help lost children find their parents. To use the services, families will register their children at the kiosk with names and emergency contact information that will be used to create a QR Code badge that will be given to every child.
Burberry’s flagship store in Tokyo has exclusive AR experiences via QR Codes
20 November 2019
Burberry’s new store in Ginza district offers exclusive AR experiences which are activated when visitors scan a QR Code on pistachio Thomas Burberry flags on Ginza Chuo-dori.
QR Codes replace brochures in historical tours
19 November 2019
History buffs who want to take a downtown tour will be pleasantly surprised in Florence to see that brochures have been replaced with QR Codes on structures. When scanned, these QR Codes will lead them to a website that will let them know more about the attraction.
Rick and Morty’s Season 4 has an easter egg: It’s a QR Code
18 November 2019
Season 4 of Rick and Morty featured Rick wearing a funnel hat with a QR Code on it. Scanning this QR Code takes you to a webpage where you can buy the funnel hat.