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App download QR Code: Scan QR Code to download apps

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QR Code to download apps

How do app download QR Codes work?

Generate QR Codes using app store links
User scans QR Code using their smartphones

2. A user scans the QR Code using an Android or iPhone smartphone

QR Code redirects to App Store or Google Play depending on the OS

3. App QR Code identifies the OS & redirects to App Store or Google Play respectively

Much like any other marketing goals, approaching app downloads in the regular and classic method won’t get you too far.

Create your first App Download QR Code


Marketers and small business owners often want to run campaigns that take users directly into an app section. This could be a women’s section on an e-commerce app, an Instagram business page or the hotel tab on a travel app. Deep-linking mobile apps with QR Codes provides users with an easy and seamless way of accessing a specific feature within the app.

What happens when the app is not installed?

In this case, depending on which smartphone is being used, the link redirects to the respective app store.

Where can you leverage app download QR Codes to promote mobile app download?

To build a successful app download campaign with QR Codes, you need to think of creative ways to market and position them. To help you get started, we have listed down some interesting ways to distribute QR Codes

  1. Business cards

  2. A good business card not just delivers contact details to prospects but also help them connect with your brand in the most interactive, powerful and meaningful way.

    A lot of business cards mention their mobile apps on them, but it’s difficult to guarantee user attention. On the other hand, an attractive QR Code draws attention and instantly allows the user to scan and download an app (if they find it exciting). Shelby Montross uses QR Code on their business cards to send their phone number, address, email address and twitter account to users. The same can be done with mobile apps.

  3. Emails - newsletters and email signatures

  4. QR Codes in emails and email signatures work even better. This is because of the frequency and the reach. On average, a small business sends 2000 emails in a month. That is way more than the number of business cards they would distribute. Not just that, it also saves the printing cost.

    Add an app download QR Code to the signature and let your readers know why downloading the app would make their lives easier, more interesting or insightful.

  5. Subway billboards, train posters and product packaging

  6. Posters, product labels, takeaway bags and billboards are great mediums for promoting apps. The poster positioning and advantage of downloading the app are other factors that have important roles to play.

    QR Codes on advertising channels make it easy for passers-by to react instantly to an offer or get an app they are interested in.

    QR Code to download app from posters,billboards and product packaging

    Alternatively, you could also partner with businesses who already have a QR Code on their product. With dynamic QR Codes (one QR Code, multiple campaigns), these businesses can provide fixed time slots (maybe a few months) to promote a new app.

    Taco Bell and ESPN did a similar joint QR Code campaign to promote Bowl Championship series. More than 225,000 taco bell customers scanned the QR Code featured on Taco Bell cups and taco boxes.

    Partner with other businesses to promote your app using QR Code
  7. Print ads, newspaper inserts and magazines

  8. Use the newspaper and print ads space to clearly define the problem your app solves. Add an app download QR code to make the download process seamless and instant.

  9. Share QR Codes on social media

  10. When sharing an app download QR Code on social media, you need to keep few things in mind -

    1. Have an alternative clickable app store link in the post (QR Codes are helpful to connect desktop browsing to mobile experience but when your users are browsing social media on their smartphones, a link helps)
    2. Add QR Codes to app download ad campaigns, targeting user segments browsing through desktop.

App download QR Code performance metrics - Analytics engine

It’s important to measure the interest your QR Codes are driving your brand app. With Beaconstac’s QR Code solution, you can track the following -

  1. Total number of scans
  2. Number of scans using Android smartphones
  3. Number of scans using iPhones
  4. Scans by location

This helps in calculating the conversion rate from app-interested traffic to app downloads. It also helps you understand which city, country or area is gravitating towards your app. It is a great way to test the target audience without investing in surveys and detailed customer analysis reports.

Brands that have used QR Codes to promote their apps

  1. ABSOLUT used it on their vodka bottles to promote their Drinkspiration app

    App Download QR Code on Absolut Vodka

    Absolut used a neck label with a QR Code that led users to download a free iPhone app called Drinkspiration. The app had an encyclopedia of recipes that allowed users to receive personalized recommendations or browse through popular drink recipes. Once they selected their choice, they could share it on social media channels.

  2. IKEA’s in-store pamphlet encourages users to download their app

    IKEA makes it easy for shoppers to remember all the items they want by offering a small pamphlet that serves as a manual shopping list. This also has 2 QR Codes - one that leads users to the Google Play Store and the other leads them to Apple’s App Store so that they can easily download the app and create an online shopping list or shop in-store and have items delivered to their home.

  3. Starbucks India promotes its rewards app with a universal app download QR Code

    App Download QR Code for Starbucks India

    Starbucks in India has taken a rather innovative approach to get customers to download their Rewards app. A giant installation of the signature Starbucks coffee cup was placed at Delhi Airport that had a universal app download link that takes users to their respective App store to download the Starbucks India app.

Create your first App Download QR Code

Frequently Asked Questions about App Download QR Codes

Can I create a single QR Code for Android and iPhone?

Yes, you only need one QR Code for both. Depending on the user’s OS, it will redirect them to the respective app store.

How to generate QR Code for app download?

Use Beaconstac’s QR Code solution and paste the link of your app to convert it into a QR Code.

How to download app from QR Code?

Point your camera at the QR Code, click on the link that pops up. It will take you to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store depending on your OS. Install the app and you’re done.

Can I deep link with QR Code?

Yes, you can. You can create a deep link to your app’s respective segment and paste that URL in a app download QR Code generator to create QR Codes.