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Add contextual intelligence to your business with our beacon hardware, cloud-based software and analytics - rolled into one.


Power up proximity campaigns with
an end-to-end beacon solution

Beacon hardware

1. Beacon deployment

Antenna orientation, interference, human bodies and metal obstacles can reduce signal range and stability. Take beacon placement, settings, and interference avoidance into account when deploying beacons.

Content Management System

2. Create cards and forms

Campaigns are as effective as your card creatives. Create engaging cards and forms for your campaigns. We have an inspiring collection of cards and forms from across industries to get your creative juices rushing.

Performance Analytics

4. Monitor and improve campaign performance

Monitor analytics on Beaconstac dashboard and improve campaign performance with recommendations on size, language and character limit based on our experience, research and statistics


How to set up your first
beacon campaign on Beaconstac

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