iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon Platform

A powerful beacon platform integrated with best-in-class beacons to help you create compelling proximity-based beacon marketing campaigns.

A unified beacon solution to speed up time-to-market



Beacon Marketing: Eddystone and iBeacon

Bluetooth beacons pre-configured with the software: to work out-of-the-box!

Choose from a versatile range of Bluetooth beacons - stationary beacons, such as indoor beacons, outdoor beacons and long range beacons; and portable beacons, such as pocket beacon and keychain beacons. All our beacons are Eddystone and iBeacon compliant.

Beacon Management App

Beacon App

Beaconstac’s beacon app allows developers and non-developers to monitor and manage Beaconstac’s fleet of beacons. With the Beaconstac app, you can -

  • Modify transmission range
  • Monitor battery status
  • Configure beacon settings

Get started with out-of-the-box beacon marketing.


Beaconstac's Proximity Marketing Management Tool.

Create Beacon Notifications

Beacon Notifications

Notify visitors of contextually relevant offers, listings or any information on your app or NearBee app. With Beaconstac, you can add a logo, heading, description and link to your notifications.

Dynamic Notifications: With Beaconstac, enhance the campaign personalisation by creating multiple versions of the notification, in your visitors’ preferred languages.

Beacon Platform to set dynamic notifications.

Analytics Intelligence

Proximity Data Management Platform: Campaign Level

Campaign Level

Understand how visitors are engaging with your business, if the campaign resonates with them, or do they need fine-tuning. With Beaconstac’s integrated analytics engine you can monitor the performance of the overall campaign in a given time frame.

Proximity Data Management Platform: Beacon Level

Beacon Level

Get a deeper understanding of how each beacon performs. Funnelling analytics down to the beacon level helps you evaluate the response to your campaigns at specific places. With Beaconstac, you can also export data for future reference.

Bulk Beacon Management

Managing and organising a fleet of beacons can be daunting. To smoothen the experience and ensure enhanced control over your beacons and campaigns, Beaconstac allows you to do it all from the platform - select individual or multiple beacons at once and assign one campaign, notification and place to all of them.

Eddystone and iBeacon Management.

Want a white-label proximity marketing solution?


Beacon Marketing with NearBee.

NearBee App

Designed to broadcast proximity marketing campaigns to end consumers when they are close to the beacon. Serves as business’ very own app - has the ability to morph its in-app logo, colors and skin, to match the businesses’ own.


premium plan

Recapture the attention of your users

Retargeting on Beaconstac empowers you to recapture the attention of visitors who leave your business store/property - bring them back the next time they are on Google or Facebook.

Beacon Software to Retarget on Facebook and Google.

Create beacon-based proximity marketing campaigns in minutes.