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Beacons of Palm Beach chose Beaconstac to scale marketing campaigns for their clients


Proximity marketing, Campaign data analysis, Push notifications


Bars and restaurants, Spas and Salons


Palm Beach Gardens, FL


60 percent increase

in customer engagement


Beacons of Palm Beach is a tech based marketing agency based out of Palm Beach County, Florida. Danielle Pettifor, the founder of Beacons of Palm Beach, has been a fan of beacon technology since she used it for one of her other ventures - HandBand Pro. Following the surprising success of beacons in HandBand Pro, she and her team were determined to help small and medium business owners attract traffic, engage with customers and increase revenue with innovative beacon technology.



The challenges for Beacons of Palm Beach were twofold.

First, small and medium businesses continue to struggle with their rival big brands and digital counterparts for customer acquisition and growth. While the online counterparts are able to leverage all kinds of innovative and modern technologies, smaller businesses are left wanting. And to up the game, the small businesses have to live up to the customers’ modern standards.

Second, a large amount of unexplained campaign analytics can be daunting and unproductive for business owners. It’s important to have real-time analytics in an actionable and easy to grasp format.

The biggest challenge for Danielle and her team was to offer a marketing solution that was easy to use, and offered real time analytics to keep an eye on the campaign performance.


Danielle said the team explored a number of options before choosing Beaconstac. Towards the end of comparing potential solutions, the team concluded that it was crucial to opt for a solution that had a solid integration of hardware and software platform, had powerful analytics and was affordable.

“I really love the ease in creating cards for the beacons. It is simple to do, and they look amazing with photos, video, and active links. Being able to view the results in the analytics dashboard is so helpful to be able see the effectiveness of the campaigns.” says Danielle. Her clients scaled up their brand visibility by 50-75% while they were using beacon technology.

“Beaconstac analytics gives my clients an opportunity to spot the underutilized or overutilized zones, creating better efficiency. It helps them quantify results and express KPI performance.”


“Beaconstac helps us attract local traffic, grow customer engagement, encourage repeat business and increase sales for small and medium businesses. The experience of creating marketing campaigns and notification cards is flawless. The campaign analytics really stands out - gives me an opportunity to spot underutilized & overutilized zones, creating better efficiency.”

Danielle Pettifor, Business Owner

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