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GeoWraps chose Beaconstac to offer proximity marketing solutions to clients


Proximity marketing, Data analysis, Push notifications


Real estate, law firms, car dealerships and home improvement specialists


Corona, CA


60 percent increase

in customer engagement


GeoWraps is a ride hail car advertising company transforming the Out-of-home advertising space by providing the national brands the opportunity to place their campaign message on Uber & Lyft vehicles in California and across the country. Months back they added proximity marketing technology to their car advertisements to make the campaign even more irresistible and visible.



GeoWraps is already interacting with customers through the advertisement on cab services such as Uber and Lyft, but proximity technology adds an incredible new layer to this. Beacons drive powerful proximity campaigns. But most beacons in the market send notifications to “apps”. These apps can be expensive to develop and require every user to download them in order to get offers, information and more. As a result of which there are so many missed opportunities.

GeoWraps needed a solution that supported proximity marketing without the burden of having an app installed or active app usage.


Any Beaconstac beacon can broadcast both Eddystone (doesn’t need an app) and ibeacon (needs an app) campaigns. Needless to say, clients of GeoWraps could reach out to 5X users without pushing them to download the app.

GeoWraps deployed beacons for their clients on cabs along with the advertisement banners. As the cab moved, smartphones nearby were notified about the brand. This had a huge impact on numbers for their clients who were initially promoting their brands with just flyers and banners. Quantitatively, customer engagement has gone up by 30%.


“As a provider of marketing solutions, our relationship with Beaconstac has allowed us to provide a cost effective, high engagement, marketing tool that gives our clients an edge above their competition. Our clients have increased their customer engagement by an average of 30 percent.”

Rachel Soto, Founder

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