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QR Codes on coupons

How to use QR Codes to deliver coupons

75% of customers want discounts and deals according to Hello World. A normal print campaign can have the coupon code printed out but it is then up to the customer to try and remember to bring it to the store. With QR Codes, there is a much more efficient way to deliver coupons.

On a poster, flyer, brochure or your newsletter, add a QR Code coupon that contains either the coupon code or the URL to the online store with the code already applied at checkout. This increases the chance of consumers actually redeeming the coupons driving up sales.

Why Coupon QR Codes are so effective

A digital coupon especially a Coupon QR Code beats a paper coupon in terms of efficiency, usage and analytics.

Generate Free QR Code for coupons

Create your own Coupon QR Code online

There are three ways to create a Coupon QR Code on Beaconstac.

  1. Scheduled offers
  2. Scratch coupons (Digital couponing)
  3. Online coupon codes
  1. Scheduled Offers: What if you don’t have a website? You can still create an online campaign with Beaconstac’s markdown cards. Easy to create with no coding involved, these markdown cards serve as a landing page for businesses without a website. Create a dynamic QR Code. This is extremely useful if you want to create new offers frequently at different times of the day, week or month. You can even schedule these campaigns to run automatically as you focus on the more important aspects of the business.
  2. Scratch Coupons: This is the easiest way to create a Coupon QR Code. Enter the promo code in the QR Code generator and customize it with colors and your logo. Click on Generate QR Code and download it in the required format - EPS, SVG or PNG. When customers scan this QR Code, they will simply see a promo code that they can save to their phone and redeem it by showing it to the cashier or punching it in at self-checkout.
  3. Online coupons: You can go ahead and create a Website QR Code to serve as a Coupon QR Code if you have an online presence. This way customers can shop online and the promo code is pre-applied at checkout.

Where can I use Coupon QR Codes?

  1. Retail: Seeing how 85% of Americans use coupons according to, making it easier for consumers by introducing a digital QR Code coupon can definitely ring in more sales especially for the retail industry. From shoes to groceries, consumers look for the best discounts possible and use their smartphone to compare prices.
  2. Movie theaters: Give users an extra 20% on their next movie ticket or a free Popcorn and encourage user retention with QR Codes.
  3. Restaurants and bars: Make happy hour happening with QR Code coupons that offer patrons free drinks or appetizers.
  4. Online food delivery: Want someone to order again? Slip in a QR Code discount coupon in the food packaging and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a QR Code for coupons?

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code generator or sign-up for a 14-day free trial and create an account
  2. Click on Coupon QR Code under Dynamic QR Code to get started
  3. Set up the Coupon QR Code according to your needs and fill in the required details. Add the location, coupon code name, time zone, and other details. As you fill the details, a preview is displayed
  4. Customize the QR Code to your branding and choice
  5. Generate the QR Code and test it
  6. Download the QR Code in the desired format. Voila!

How do you use QR Code coupons?

Scan the coupon QR Code using your smartphone’s camera to redeem a voucher, get signed up for a loyalty program, get a freebie, or even attend any event!

How do I create a Coupon QR Code for free?

Coupon QR Codes cannot be created for free. However, sign up for Beaconstac’s 14-day free trial to enjoy the perks of a Coupon QR Code. To keep using the coupon QR Code post the free trial, purchase a dynamic QR Code which is as low as $5.

What is a Coupon QR Code generator?

A Coupon QR Code generator is nothing but a dynamic QR Code generator that generates and customizes Coupon QR Codes for businesses and marketers.

Generate Free QR Code for coupons