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Black Friday QR Codes for small and medium businesses

Learn how SMBs can leverage QR Codes to attract customers and drive acquisition this Black Friday.

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  • Why SMBs need to deploy QR Codes this Black Friday
  • Marketing your SMB and driving customer acquisition with QR Codes
  • How QR Codes can help SMBs bring back Black Friday customers
  • What you can learn from the big brands that have deployed QR Codes

Black Friday QR Codes for SMBs

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for SMBs to attract shoppers, acquire new customers, and grow their business. To truly compete with the big brands, SMBs need to provide an innovative and memorable experience to shoppers. QR Code campaigns are a simple, cost-efficient way to do just that.

By deploying QR Codes throughout the store’s physical location, SMB owners can connect the physical spaces in-store to the digital world and collect useful data in real-time. Collecting this data in the build-up to Black Friday will help you target customers with relevant products and campaigns and offer timely deals to push sales.

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Everything you need to know about this eBook

QR Codes have been deployed on Black Friday to different degrees of success by retailers around the world - from big brands like Macy’s, Sears and Amazon Go to SMBs like Mandee. It doesn’t just stop at retailers though - charities like the Salvation Army are also getting in on the fun, deploying QR Codes to boost engagement and achieve their business goals.

QR Codes can be deployed for a variety of scenarios. They are commonly used to hand out exclusive coupon codes and vouchers, organize flash sales and giveaways, and drive traffic to online stores or social media handles.

QR Codes can be used to attract shoppers, acquire new customers and bring back old customers to your latest sale. Add QR Codes to your product’s packaging and you’ll be able to share all kinds of promotional material with your customers - nutritional values, sustainability efforts, product demo videos, certifications and so much more! Irrespective of what your product or brand is, QR Codes will help you engage shoppers and convert sales like never before.

Drive sales this Black Friday with QR Codes.