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16 Brands Killing it with QR Codes

Take inspiration from 16 epic brands using QR Codes for their campaigns in this eBook

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  • 16 brands using QR Codes for their marketing campaign
  • A brief history about QR Codes
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Brands Killing it with QR Codes

1. Taco Bell makes QR Codes edible

Taco Bell has been incorporating QR Codes as part of its promotional campaigns for quite a few years.

When Taco Bell launched its ‘Doritos Locos Tacos’ back in 2012, it placed QR Codes on all Taco holster packages to create customer engagement.

Another instant where Taco Bell nailed the usage of QR Codes was when they created QR Codes that looked like a design made out of lemons. Taco Bell placed these innovative QR Codes in their print ads published with US Weekly and People.

The campaign was an initiative for the promotion of ‘Taco Bell Cantinas,’ which was the restaurant’s attempt at serving a gourmet menu.

2. Nissan increases mobile engagement with QR Codes

Nissan launched another interesting QR Code initiative for mobile engagement by placing QR Codes on vehicle window stickers for the entire product line up in 2012.

These QR Codes led users to complete product-related information such as the key features, product overview videos, accessories that come along with the vehicle, to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about this eBook

Directing customers to a website or a landing page

  • Using them to download an app quickly
  • Pass on business details to customers and other potential clients without any hassle
  • Finding the address/accurate location
  • Leverage them to make a modern greeting card
  • To access to AR for marketing and visualization purpose
  • Send out a prompted email or message to customers with coupons, deals, and seasonal greetings
  • Converting one-time buyers into repeat customers
  • Encouraging customers to leave a review

In the case of dynamic QR Codes, they expire post the free trial period is over, or when the number of scans has exceeded your limit. Static QR Codes expire if they are linked to a broken URL.

  • Direct consumers to a landing page/URL
  • Attach vCards or business details for further engagement
  • Send push-notifications, messages, and deals and offers
  • Send emails to consumers
  • Download apps and link multimedia content
  • Direct customers to the location
  • Direct consumers to social media pages
  • Use them in a variety of industries - eCommerce, retail, logistics, transport and aviation, entertainment industry, and healthcare to name a few

  • Include a QR Code at the end of the email signature.
  • Use QR Codes to educate your customers by encouraging them to scan it and watch know-how videos or engaging them in fun games.
  • Embed QR Codes on your physical and online advertising material.
  • Leverage vCard business cards to pass on business details.
  • Stick QR Codes on all the products you sell.
  • Include QR Codes on signages, tables, and any kind of outdoor areas that can grab the customers' attention.

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