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DTC Brands That Have Mastered QR Code Campaigns

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Why are DTC brands switching to QR Codes?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are making significant investments in advertising and improving customer experience. In preference to retail outlets, several DTC brands are taking the eCommerce route (think Nike and Puma’s flagship stores) to reach their consumers.

Top DTC brands like Lacoste, Red Bull, and Nike are using QR Codes to tap into one-to-one relationships and empower consumers to make informed decisions.

From leveraging QR Codes to help consumers track the freshness of the food to creating an engaging channel to educate customers on new products, top DTC brands have mastered the art of using QR Codes in their campaigns.

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    Select an online QR Code generator
  • Choose the type of QR Code depending on your product/campaign
  • Enter relevant data in the blanks
  • Customize the QR Code
  • Test the QR Code to check its scannability
  • Download and share the QR Code

Make sure to use dynamic QR Codes for product tracking. Log on to the dashboard to track based on the last scan, location of the scan, OS used to scan the QR Code, and even integrate it with Google Analytics for deeper tracking insights.

Place QR Codes on the products or product labels, and encourage customers to scan them to be redirected to a dedicated webpage to check for authenticity and correct identification.

QR Codes on product packaging and product labels, when scanned, can be redirected to a landing page which can contain the product's information covering all the insights. Customers want this information to be sure of the product's authenticity and the manufacturing process.

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