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QR Codes in Hospitality Industry

The tourism and hospitality industry has demonstrated expertise in processes that are typically labor-intensive, thus consuming a considerable amount of their time.

One of the prime factors for using QR Codes for hotels is to ease daily operations, increase ROI and customer retention, and deliver a high client service level.

QR Codes for hotels with contactless menus, touchless access to rooms, and check-outs are a sure-shot way of including simple technology in the premises to keep it safe and increase customer engagement.

According to Washington Hospitality Association, about 70% of hotels provide QR Codes to their customers for booking reservations. Considering that most customers own a smartphone, incorporating QR Codes in hotels can only enhance customer experience, thus increasing customer loyalty and engagement.

Frequently asked questions

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With most hotels showcasing QR Codes across their properties for various use-cases, a customer can scan a QR Code with their smartphone's camera. Open your camera, align the QR Code with the camera in a straight position, and simply hover over the QR Code to open the link associated with the QR Code.

Yes. Ensure that a QR Code menu is leveraged with an appropriate PDF for easy food/drinks ordering.

A QR Code can be used to check-in only digitally. A QR Code alone is not sufficient to unlock the door and check-in.

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