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QR Codes for Real Estate

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How can QR Codes help real estate agents?

Real estate agents and realtors are investing more in digital marketing and real estate technology to overcome this problem. QR Codes for real estate has been a powerful catalyst in combining technology and various marketing efforts. To drive quality customer engagement, realtors are extensively using QR Codes in their marketing strategies.

QR Codes for real estate is now a marketing channel to drive app downloads, and capture leads from social media, business cards, flyers, and print ads. It’s a way of retargeting potential leads to online platforms like Facebook and Google.

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QR Codes have various uses in real estate marketing:

  • Property information
  • Property listings
  • Print ads
  • Location of properties
  • Collect feedback and reviews

By scanning the vCard QR Code of real estate agents, customers can store the contact details of agents such as email addresses, mobile numbers, websites, and the company’s location into their mobile phones.

With the help of text QR Codes, potential buyers and sellers can send a predefined message from their smartphones when a QR Code is scanned.

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