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QR Codes for Small & Medium Businesses

How to create and leverage QR Codes for your SMB

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  • How to create a QR Code for your SMB
  • Best QR Code practices to follow
  • How can SMBs use QR Codes
  • Why should you use Beaconstac for your SMB

QR Codes for small businesses

When rightly synchronized with marketing efforts, QR codes can help expand your business from a relatively unknown small business to a thriving one. The significance of QR codes has been time and again proven by brands that are using it right!

Creating a functional QR code for small businesses does not require intricate efforts; all you need is to make a couple of right choices and execute them.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about this eBook

Small businesses use QR Codes for marketing campaigns to help customers connect with their brand digitally by placing the code on brochures, billboards, banners, and more. Small businesses also use QR Codes to help their customers connect with them on social media, for events, on packaging, and more.

  • Go to an online QR Code generator
  • Select the type of QR Code
  • Enter the data you'd like to display
  • Customize the QR Code to add your logo, change the eyes, template, and more
  • Generate and test the QR Code
  • Download the QR Code to embed on your campaigns

Only static QR Codes are free. Dynamic QR Codes are free only till the 14-day free trial expires. Static QR Codes once created cannot be edited, tracked, or translated for second-time use.

Yes, QR Codes are safe since the technology itself has no security issues. Typically, the website linked to QR Codes are malicious. To avoid from being phished, always ensure to preview the URL the QR Code is linked to after scanning.

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