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With Beaconstac, make millions feel like one in a million

It’s all about relevant campaigns

As an enterprise organization with a large and diverse customer base, you need to deliver campaigns based on customer interests. Campaigns tailored to the customer’s current location works best!

And analytics-driven campaigns

Let analytics lead the way you fine-tune your proximity marketing campaigns. With Beaconstac, get a deeper understanding of your customers, their behaviour and underlying business opportunities.

Beaconstac enterprise - Built for scale

Our enterprise-ready solution ensures a safe, connected & scalable platform to build on.

Enterprise-class security

Beaconstac ensures security best practices implemented across the platform

Data protection (GDPR)

We are committed to safeguarding the personal data of our users and visitors

Scale as you grow

Designed to grow with your team: platform features & pricing scale with you

99.5% Uptime SLA

Our distributed infrastructure means you get the most reliable platform experience

Reporting and Analysis

Learn from a detailed campaign analytics report and fine-tune them to get better results

White-label & customize

Have the flexibility to customize the platform and campaigns to reflect your brand

Role-based access

Add new team members to specific campaigns, modify access or remove them if required.


Beaconstac is well integrated with app builders, app automation platforms, data platforms etc

API capabilities

Build smarter integrated systems by talking to our servers using Beaconstac API

See how the Beaconstac solution fits your needs










FCC certified
GDPR compliant
Supports iBeacon Protocol
Supports Eddystone Protocol

Beaconstac for Enterprise supports