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Generate QR Codes with logo

Use the free QR Code generator to create QR Codes and add a logo to it to add a touch of personalization and reinforce your branding. Learn why QR Codes with logo are important and when to use them.

Create a QR Code with a logo: Easy 3-step process

Creating a QR Code with a logo with an online QR Code generation software is as easy as 1-2-3! These QR Codes can be created by a desktop, tablet, iPhone or an Android phone. Here’s a step-wise procedure of creating a branded QR Code -

  1. Choose a QR Code generator that supports logo adding features

    The internet is filled with options for a QR Code generator. But, the idea is to pick the one that aligns with all your core business needs and more. Here’s a blog post to help you in the process of selecting a QR Code generator. You can check out Beaconstac’s QR Code generator that supports logo addition.

    qr code generator with logo
  2. Fill in details on what you want your QR Code to do

    Select the type of QR Code you want and fill in the URL you want to direct it to or the vCard you want to display, or the email you want to trigger.

    fill in details to create qr code with logo
  3. Add a logo

    You can upload your logo from the desktop, mobile or tablet. We take care of resizing it to fit the QR Code. :) To download the QR Code, you will have to sign up for the 14-day free trial.

    Instead of a logo, you can also add an icon that denotes what happens when a user scans the QR Code. For eg, a PDF icon that hints of a document on scanning or a YouTube icon to communicate to the user that there is a video behind the scan. We provide logos and icons to help you move faster.

    Add logo to your qr code

How to add a logo to a QR Code?

For brands and businesses, their logo can be uploaded to the QR Code. it is recommended it be square-shaped to avoid distortion.

For small businesses or personal use, the logo can be chosen based on the type of the QR Code. For instance, if you were to create an Email QR Code, the Gmail logo can be uploaded to let the users know what they are scanning.

Bulk QR Code Generator with logo

Perhaps you need to create vCards for all your employees or you need to hand out QR Codes that contain designations and names for conference attendees. This is when you will need a bulk QR Code generator.

A bulk QR Code generator allows you to create multiple QR Codes at once. To get started, you need a CSV file with the details. Creating bulk QR Codes with a logo is a 3 step process:

For instance, let us say you want to create a vCard Bulk QR Code

STEP 1: Choose the type of QR Code

Click on ‘vCard’ to proceed.

Choose the type of QR Code

STEP 2: Upload or link to your CSV file

For a bulk vCard QR Code, you need to have the following details in the CSV file.

Example File

You can also upload an online link to a CSV.

Upload or link to your CSV file

Click on ‘Next’

STEP 3: Customize your QR Code

Change the color of the QR Code and upload a logo or choose one from the gal

Customize your QR Code

STEP 4: Download your ZIP file

Select ‘Download’ to download the ZIP file.

Download your ZIP file

QR Code with logo: Is adding a logo important?

Yes, adding a logo to your QR Code is recommended. And the more you read through this web page, you will understand why. A logo communicates brand identity and gives your QR Codes a unique look. New and loyal customers will instantly recognize your campaign and scan your QR Code.

While marketers love the idea of using QR Codes for brand promotion, marketing communication, and advertising, the best performing QR Codes are the one those are closely integrated with the brand and communicate clearly the benefit of scanning the QR Code. A branded QR Code initiates a brand recall factor and attracts consumers to know what their favorite brand has to offer. More importantly, it ensures the consumer that it is not a spammy QR Code.

To ensure your QR Codes are unhackable, you can also use your own custom domain and URL with your QR Code campaign.

Why do you need a qr code with logo Learn how to implement a custom domain QR Code campaign qr code generator with logo free

Replace the logo in the QR Code: 5 stunning ideas

The 12% area in the center gets the maximum attention and it should be utilized to communicate very effectively. Marketers have used this space in interesting ways. Here are some inspirations for you -

  1. A compelling call-to-action

    Add an image as a logo that has a short call to action like ‘Sign up’, ‘Scan Me’, ‘Call Us’ to encourage users to scan the QR Code.

    How to design a customized QR Code add call to action on qr code
  2. An icon indicating what happens on scanning the QR Codes

    Instead of adding your company’s logo, let the user know what will happen once they scan the QR Code. For instance, if you want them to watch a YouTube video, add a YouTube logo to the QR Code.

    Create social media QR Codes generate qr codes with icons
  3. Add display picture for QR Codes on business cards

    Add your display picture for vCard QR Codes. Not only does this make the QR Code highly personalized, but you also make it easier to make connections at networking events. You can also create a LinkedIn QR Code with your profile picture in it.

    Step-by-step guide to create a vCard QR Code add display picture to qr codes
  4. Add some text as an image

    You can virtually add just about anything to the QR Code to entice the user to scan the QR Code.

    add text to qr code
  5. Add a background image instead

    Instead of adding a logo to the QR Code, why not add a background image instead? You can add a square background to the QR Code to increase the aesthetic appeal.

Does adding a logo affect the readability of the QR Code?

No, it doesn’t. We take technical compliance very seriously and we make sure that the QR Codes with logo are readable. We compress the logo to 12% of the QR Code area, such that it does not interfere with the scanning, but conveys the message. We make sure we do not overdo it in a way that makes the QR Code unscannable.

However, we strictly recommend you to test the QR Code after it is generated. Here’s how you can scan and test a QR Code with any desktop or mobile device - iPhone and Android.

QR Code with logo examples: Brands that have seen value in adding a logo to the QR Code

Most brands that have successfully run QR Code campaigns had logos for credibility and brand recall factor. There are different types of QR Codes that have been employed by brands from coupon QR Codes to location QR Codes. Here are a few examples of brands that got it right with QR Codes and logos -

brand qr code with logo

These brands from multiple verticals -

QR Code with logo examples from successful brands

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Upload it to Google Drive and paste the link to the image in the QR Code Generator. You can add a logo to the QR Code, change the color of the QR Code and customize it further by opting for a free trial.
To create a QR Code with an image embedded in it, upload the image (preferably square-sized) as a logo. You can change the size of the image through the dashboard. Another way to incorporate an image in a QR Code is to use the image as a background of the QR Code.
Learn how to customize your QR Code
Use Beaconstac’s QR Code Solution to create truly customized QR Codes. From the URL to how the QR Code looks, you can customize every detail of the QR Code. You can also integrate your QR Code with Zapier to automate tasks, Google Analytics to gather more audience insights and AdWords and Facebook Ads to start retargeting customers.
Yes, you can. Sign up for a free trial and use the slider on the dashboard to increase or decrease the size of the logo in the QR Code.
Start creating QR Codes with logo