NearBee is the best alternative to Google Nearby for small businesses
and proximity marketing resellers

What is NearBee?

NearBee is a beacon-aware app that lets users discover proximity-based relevant content making it the best Nearby alternative.

NearBee uses the Physical Web technology to scan for Eddystone URLs and displays the notification on both Android and iOS devices.

Scan these QR Codes to download NearBee:



How is NearBee better and far superior to Google Nearby?

Nearby Notifications were delivered silently, repeatedly and became extremely spammy leading to a poor user experience which led to Google announcing its shut down.

NearBee, on the other hand, is void of these issues and provides a seamless, non-passive, rich notifications complete with visuals to the end-user.

Features of NearBee

Future Updates - NearBee

NearBee is scheduled to have certain future updates that will soon surpass what Nearby could do for a business.

Beaconstac is a complete end-to-end solution

A 5-part solution that works seamlessly so that you can run proximity marketing campaigns effortlessly.

  1. Beacon Hardware
  2. Beacon Management
  3. Analytics and Content Management Platform
  4. NearBee for Android and iOS
  5. NearBee SDK for third-party app integration

Watch our webinar on how you can run proximity marketing campaigns in 2019 by leveraging NearBee

Beaconstac is an end-to-end solution that lets you run proximity marketing campaigns through your own app or NearBee. Talk to a proximity marketing expert today and get started.

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