How to create a QR code

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How to create a QR code

How to create a QR code online

Here’s a step-wise explanation of how to create a QR code -

  1. Select a QR code generator
  2. Decide the type of the QR Code - website, audio, inventory, email or contact
  3. Customize the QR Code to align with your brand colors
  4. Generate and test the QR code
  5. Download it in your preferred format (PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG or PDF)

You can use Beaconstac’s QR code generator to create a completely customized QR code. From changing the color to changing the logo in the center of the QR code, Beaconstac’s QR code generator allows you to create completely customized QR codes for free online.

STEP 1: Select a QR code generator

Free QR code generator

Select a QR code generator that allows you to create QR codes easily and efficiently. You can choose the Beaconstac’s QR code generator to create completely customized free QR codes right away.

STEP 2: Decide the type of QR Code you would like to create

Select the type of QR code

Do you want to display an offer or your landing page or even get users to give you a missed call on scanning the QR code? QR codes allow you to display different types of content. Here’s what you can do with QR codes.

STEP 3: Customize the colors and the logo to align with your branding

Enter the details to make the QR code

Several free QR code generators do not give you the option to customize the QR code and you end up with a basic black and white QR code. With Beaconstac’s QR code generator, you can customize the colors of the QR code, add a logo and use it for free forever.

How to create and use QR codes for small businesses

STEP 4: Generate and test the QR code

Generate and test the QR code

Once you enter all the necessary details, click to generate your QR code. You may want to test it now to ensure it is working as intended.

STEP 5: Download the QR Code in your preferred format

Download EPS QR Code, PNG QR Code or SVG QR Code

You can download QR codes in a format of your preference such as PNG, EPS, and SVG.

Generate QR code for free online Free QR code with logo

You can customize your QR code to your liking and in sync with your branding to make them as personalized as you desire. Follow steps 1-3 from before proceeding to add a logo.

Learn how to design a fully customizable QR code

How to create QR codes with an iPhone or Android phone

#Method 1: Using an app

  1. Search for a ‘QR code generator’ on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Download it and create your QR code.
  3. Save your QR codes on your smartphone or share it to your desktop

There are several apps that allow you to create a QR code on iPhone or Android but they have several limitations. You have to rely on an additional app to create QR codes and it is hard to test the QR code or download it in a specific size.

You can circumvent all of these issues by using the mobile version of Beaconstac’s QR code generator. Instead of a clunky app, you can see the highly optimized version which allows you to make QR codes for free online.

#Method 2: Using a web generator

How to create a QR code with a Google Chrome Extension

Easy QR code Chrome Extension

Ever wanted to share things on the go? You can now convert any URL into a QR code with the Easy QR Code Google Chrome Extension. No sign up and no additional information required.

Once you add the extension to your Google Chrome browser by clicking on ‘Add to Chrome’, any URL you visit can be changed into a QR code that can you share instantly.

Click on the extension in your browser and your QR code is created instantly. Customize the image by clicking on ‘Settings.’

QR Code Customization on the Easy QR code Extension

You can even save your preferences so that you create the same color QR codes next time too.

If you want to use the QR code offline or in other places. you can save the QR code as an image by right-clicking on it, copy the URL or customize it further on the Beaconstac QR code generator.

What can you use QR codes for?

QR code use cases

There are a number of ways marketers and businesses can use QR codes to drive their ROI.

Create QR codes for retail

You can create different types of QR codes for retail throughout the store to implement different use cases.

On Products:

  1. Video QR codes: Let your consumers see your products in action with a Video QR code. This can either be an advertisement for the product or a way to educate the consumer on the right way to use the product. If you have a product that can be used for more than one purpose, instead of having a cluttered packaging, you can use a Video QR code.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Video QR codes

  2. Scan and Go QR codes: With e-commerce threatening the very existence of retail, a long checkout line can lead to higher cart abandonment rates. Let consumers skip checkout lines and scan QR codes to add products to their cart and checkout instantly. Decathlon, Walmart and Zippin leverage this technology to create better customer experiences.
  3. QR codes for re-ordering: Increase post-purchase engagement by letting your customer re-order the product by scanning the QR code on the packaging. Attach the specific link of the product from your online store in the QR code. Alternatively, you can also let consumers scan the QR code and call or email you to order the product.
  4. Facebook QR code: Want to grow your Facebook page? Place a Facebook QR code on the product to enable shoppers to like, follow and leave a review online.
  5. How to use Facebook QR codes the right way

  6. Coupon QR code: According to Juniper Research, 1.05 billion users will use digital coupons. The QR code on the product can serve as a Coupon QR code. Want to display a different discount at different times in the day, week or month? Choose dynamic QR codes. A dynamic Coupon QR code will allow you to change the offer code in real time.

On Mannequins:

QR codes on mannequins
  1. Image Gallery QR code: Use an image gallery QR code to show off the entire collection to potential buyers.
  2. Scan to trial QR code: Allow VIP customers to scan the QR code on a mannequin to have the outfit sent to their trial room. Nike’s flagship store uses these Scan to trial QR codes.

In the store:

QR codes for inside store
  1. Instant Checkout QR codes: Why hold up the line when your customers can instantly checkout online? Allow them to scan QR codes to purchase their items online. Decathlon and Nike have implemented these Scan and Go QR codes in their stores.
  2. Call QR code: Retailers can use this to offer assistance to shoppers. When customers scan the Call QR code, they can make a call to the store’s assistants who can immediately come over and assist them. This can also be used by a customer to get in touch with the customer support team if there is an unresolved issue.
  3. Email QR code: Want your customer’s feedback instantly? Place these email QR codes in your store to let them scan and email you with their feedback instantly.

Outside the store:

QR codes for outside store
  1. Call QR code: You can place this QR code on OOH ads to allow a potential buyer to call the store and make enquiries.
  2. Google Maps QR code: Don’t let your customers get lost or stuck in traffic. Place a Google Maps QR code on print ads or OOH ads to help them navigate using the shortest route.
  3. Coupon QR code: Drive more customers to the store by offering them a coupon QR code that they can redeem at checkout .

Brands that use QR codes in retail successfully

Popular brands that use QR codes for retail


Lifestyle Stores has launched an app, Lifestyle Buddy, that allows shoppers scan QR codes at stores and place orders online. This also shoppers to get personalized product recommendations.

Iris Nova

The Drug Store, Iris Nova’s brand new store, is a cocktail bar that features alcohol-free drinks with some innovative ingredients that uses QR codes to prompt shoppers to pay via text.


Part of the increasingly popular C-beauty phenomena, Hedone is a digital native brand in China that leverages the power of social media beauty influencers to sell to customers who want to purchase beauty products made in China. There are unstaffed booths placed in shopping malls that allow customers to access them with a QR code and use the booth to freshen up their make-up or try out new Hedone products.

Guess x Alibaba

Alibaba has partnered with Guess to pilot its FashionAI concept in Hong Kong. Shoppers use a QR code to check in and as soon as they pick up an item, it appears in a smart mirror. The items are RFID enabled and the smart mirror suggests other products to complete the look.

QR code - Frequently Asked Questions

How do QR codes work?

how do QR codes work?

QR codes are 2D barcodes that when scanned perform a certain action. It could either open a website, make a call, send an SMS, open up Google Maps among several other things.

QR codes are read by a smartphone’s image sensor and then interpreted by the processor in the phone. Unlike 2D barcodes, QR codes can be digitally scanned.

The three large squares in a QR code help to align the target and the smaller square helps to normalize the size and angle of the shot.

QR code Basics: All things QR code

How do you turn a URL into a QR code?

On the Beaconstac’s QR code generator, all you have to do is enter the URL of the website or webpage that you need a QR code for and customize it as needed. You can add a logo, change the color and download in PNG format.

Discover how to convert URLs into a QR code

How to create a QR code for an app

Create a universal link for an app and utilize that URL in the Beaconstac’s QR code generator to create a QR code. When this QR code is scanned, it will direct users to their respective App Store.

All you need to know about App Download QR code

How do I link a QR code to a Google form?

After creating your Google form, get the URL and insert it in the Beaconstac’s QR code generator to create a QR code which when scanned asks users to fill out your Google form.

How do I email a QR code?

Download your QR code after creating it and share it as an attachment in the email to the intended recipient.

How do I turn a PDF into a QR code?

You can now share PDFs with a PDF QR code. Simply take the link of your PDF and input it in the QR code generator. Generate your QR code to share it as a standalone image or place it on a poster.

PDF to QR codes: A complete guide

How to create a vCard QR code?

A vCard QR code when scanned allows anyone to save your contact information instantly. You can create one by entering your first name or business name, phone number and email address in the QR code generator. Customize it to keep it in sync with your branding by adding color and your logo to the QR code.

Explore vCard QR codes

How to create a Facebook Messenger Scan code?

You can now add anyone on Messenger without searching for their profile online. Open your Messenger app on your smartphone and click on your profile. You will find two options: My Code and Scan Code. Tap on Scan Code to add someone online. Tapping on Scan Code will open up your camera and scan someone’s Messenger Code to add them instantly. Your Messenger Code is ready-made and you can see it when you click on your profile.

Explore vCard QR codes

UPDATE: Facebook Messenger’s Scan Codes will no longer work after August 15, 2019. To continue driving users to your Messenger, you can now use QR codes with a link.

Here’s how you can create your new Facebook Messenger QR code -

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How do I create a QR Code for an address?

Bitcoin Address: Copy your Bitcoin Address and paste it in the QR code generator. Your QR Code is now ready to be tested and downloaded.

Email Address: Create a QR code that when scanned triggers an email. To do this, choose “Email” as the QR code type in the generator and enter the Receiver’s email, the Subject and the body. When this QR code is scanned, it opens up the default email provider on the smartphone and all the user has to do is press ‘Send.’

Physical Address or Location: You can create a Google Maps QR code, Waze QR code or Apple Maps QR code to provide exact navigation details to the person scanning the QR code. Refer to our helpful guide on how to create a Location QR code for more information.

How can I create a QR code coupon?

Create a QR code coupon in 3 easy steps.

Read more about Coupon QR Codes here

How to create bespoke QR codes

A bespoke QR code is one that you can completely customize. However, creating a designer QR codes may inadvertently cause it to become unscannable. It is highly recommended that you scan the QR code and test it before downloading, printing or embedding it.

Learn how to design a customized QR code

How to create a QR code that deep links to a mobile app

Create a universal link for your mobile app and convert it into a QR code. If the user already has the app downloaded, that app or a particular page on the app will instantly open. If they don’t have the app, you can designate a Fallback URL to prompt the user to download the app or open the web version of the app.

Are QR codes free?

Yes. The Beaconstac QR code generator allows you to create QR codes for free without asking you to sign up. Some of the common types of QR code are absolutely free and there is no limit to the number of times it can be scanned whereas some advanced QR codes can be accessed with a free trial or the Starter plan.

Do free QR codes have a limit?

Most online QR code generators offer a free trial or limit the number of scans for the QR code you create but that is not the case with Beaconstac’s QR code generator. You can use it forever with unlimited scans.

Does scanning a QR code require the Internet?

No. You can scan all QR codes without the Internet. However, if the QR code requires you to open a URL, you will need the Internet for this.

Do QR codes expire?

If you choose a QR code from most free QR code generators available online, they expire in 14 days and start redirecting to their own website.

Generate Free QR code now