How to create effective beacon campaigns

Markdown card

Creating a markdown card in Beaconstac is easy and flexible - drag and drop images, add a link, write compelling copy, modify styling to suit your brand, change fonts, colours and more.

We’ve got card templates on our dashboard, to help you get started. Using markdown cards you could do interesting things:

On the Beaconstac dashboard, create a new markdown card by clicking on “+Create” Modify your card's content as you wish. Get creative with heading styles, formatting, quotes and more. Drag and drop images and GIFs. Or, paste video links to embed them into your card. Add a compelling CTA button to get your visitors to take a specific action. Preview the card before you save it. Once you’re satisfied with your card, hit SAVE. That’s it! Your Markdown card is ready. Assign it to a beacon to start running your campaign.

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Custom URL

Send quick links to visitors that help them know more about your services and offerings, engage with your social media posts and share information with friends. With Beaconstac, you can send your users to any https URL such as your website, your social media pages, etc.

On the Beaconstac dashboard, click on the “Beacons” tab in the sidebar. Select the beacon that will broadcast the notifications. Scroll down to the “Eddystone campaigns” section where you can create your campaign, choose "Custom URL", and type in a secure (HTTPS) URL that you want to send visitors to when they click on the notification. Create the notification message that you want to broadcast. Make sure you upload your icon to help visitors identify your brand. That’s it! You’re all set to send your first custom URL campaign with Beaconstac.

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Build forms, your lead generation machine, without writing a single line of code. Broadcast the form using beacon notifications. Collect all responses in one place.

Create a new form by clicking on “+Create” on the right top corner Give a title to identify the form from a list of them. Choose from a variety of questions and make them as interesting as possible. Your questions could be short text, long text, multiple choice, drop down, ratings, opinion scale and more. Once you have added all the questions, finish the process by clicking on “Create Form”. NOTE: Once you click on “Create Form”, you cannot modify the questions. Your form is ready! Assign it to a beacon to start your campaign. All responses are collected under the Forms section of the Beaconstac dashboard.

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Retargeting visitors

It’s incredible when customer journeys are linear - visitors hear about your brand, head to your facility, find what they want and make a purchase. But unfortunately such journeys are rare. Retargeting with Beaconstac makes it easy to create a clear path back to your business. It’s just 3 steps before you can start reaching out to visitors who showed some interest but did not return.

Before you get started with retargeting, make sure you have deployed your beacons and setup a campaign. Create an account for your business on Facebook Pixel or Google Adwords. You will be allotted a Facebook Pixel ID and a Google Conversion ID.

Attach the respective IDs to the card under Markdown Card > Tracking. Also define what this interaction would signify for a user, e.g., Add to Cart, Purchase, etc.

Create a custom conversion to target a specific list of users on your Facebook dashboard.

You are all set - a visitor who checked the beacon notification at the physical front, will see the same card on their device while browsing online.

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