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How to make a QR Code

With Beaconstac’s QR Code maker, it is extremely easy to generate a QR Code. Watch this quick YouTube tutorial to learn how:

How to create QR Codes on beaconstac platform video

Steps to make a custom QR Code

Choose the type of QR code

Select the type of QR Code

Choose from 30+ types of QR Codes—URL, PDF, location, app download, email, vCard, text, form, landing page, and more.

Add relevant details as QR Code content

Depending on the type of QR Code selected, fill in the required fields. It could be the URL, social media page, contact details, app download link, text, or a PDF.

Add relevant information (QR Code content)
Add the brand logo & customize it to be striking different

Add your brand logo and customize it to stand out

Make the most of our various customization options to get increased traction with your QR Code! Add your company logo, try different data patterns and colors, and a call-to-action frame.

Download and print high-quality QR Codes

Go ahead and download your QR Code in formats best suited to your marketing strategy. Use PNG & JPG for online campaigns and EPS & SVG for offline marketing materials.

Download high-quality QR codes for print
Create a custom QR Code with a logo

Customization tools to make a standout QR Code

Learn how you can elevate your QR Code design with our extensive customization options:


Add your brand’s logo to the QR Code. A square-shaped logo works best and you can increase or reduce the size of your logo using a slider. If you don’t have a company logo, you can choose one that is closest to your intended action. This will help users know what they can accept once they scan the code. For instance, if you want users to call you, use the call icon as your QR Code’s logo.


You can customize your QR Code with colors to align with your brand or a specific campaign. With Beaconstac, you can even change the color of individual elements inside the QR Code i.e. the data pattern, background, eye shape, and the frame of the QR Code.


Add a frame to elevate your QR Code design. When the QR Code is surrounded by visuals and text, a QR with a frame can help it stand out and improve conversions. There are various styles of frames you can choose from and modify the color to align with your campaign branding.

CTA Text

Inside the QR Code’s frame, you can also add a custom call-to-action (CTA) text. From CTAs such as ‘Scan Now’, ‘Scan to Win’, or ‘Buy Now’, you can let your users know what to expect upon scanning the QR Code and drive more conversions.


Another creative way to custom design your QR Code is to include a background. You can add a solid color to the QR Code or an image as the background. For instance, if you want to make a personalized contact info QR Code, your display picture in the background will help users instantly understand what the code is about.


Editable QR Code maker: Change the campaign, not the code

Modify destination URL or content, but not the QR Code

Dynamic QR Code Generator: time-based

At the right time

Send timely campaigns and increase engagement. For instance, a contactless dynamic QR menu that triggers breakfast offers in the morning and lunch offers after noon.

Dynamic QR Code Tracking and Management

Stay updated—always

Migrating to a new website URL or need to update contact information linked to your QR Code? With dynamic QR Codes, easily edit all the information—quickly and anytime.

Dynamic QR Codes for A/B testing

Leverage data to get it right

Use our built-in analytics module or connect our dynamic QR Code Generator with Google Analytics to find user insights. Drive better outcomes with data-driven iterations.

What can you do with Beaconstac’s QR Code maker?

Make QR Code tracking easy: Get real-time data analytics

Slice and dice QR Code scans

Analyze QR Code scans based on the user’s GPS location, devices used, and time of the day. You can also track your best and underperforming campaigns. Leverage this analytics to identify trends, track QR scan performance, and optimize your campaigns.

Analyze in-depth user metrics

Easily connect Beaconstac’s QR Code maker with Google Analytics to see your users' journey, age, gender, interests, and behavior.

Get weekly and monthly QR Code reports

Keep all stakeholders in the know about the progress through automated weekly and monthly emails with key campaign parameters.

QR Code tracking scans and analytics platform
Generate QR Codes that retarget

Make QR Codes with an online retargeting capability

As a brick-and-mortar business owner, you know that all first-time visitors might not convert, but have the intention to buy. You cannot change that unless you engage them again. You can do so with Beaconstac’s QR Code online retargeting. Here’s how it works:

Let users scan QR Codes at stores

1. Scan

Engage your users and get them to scan QR Codes at your business location.
Retarget users on Facebook and Google

2. Retarget

Recapture their attention through Facebook and Google Ads via retargeting.
Get more business from online channels that initiated from offline channels

3. Grow

Seamlessly connect online and offline channels and grow your busines

Make QR Codes and link them to landing pages (No coding required)

Create landing pages for your QR Codes in under 10 minutes, without any coding knowledge.

Drag and drop elements you need—image, content, headings, video, or a button. Apply fonts and colors of your choice. Plus, all our landing pages are optimized for mobile devices.

QR Code for free landing pages
High resolution QR Code generator

Print your QR Codes in high-resolution and multiple formats

With Beaconstac’s QR Code maker, you do not have to compromise on the print quality of your QR Code. Download high-quality QR Codes in multiple formats—JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, and SVG.

QR Codes with an error correction checker

Over customization of your QR Codes could render them unscannable. To avoid this, we provide a custom scannability tool that automatically checks for the contrast of your code. When you make a custom QR Code with Beaconstac, the in-built tool will show if your QR Code’s scannability is poor, good, excellent, or if it’s entirely unscannable.

Generate custom QR Codes with error correction

A QR Code maker built for enterprise needs

Custom domain

Custom domain

Apart from using our QR Code maker to display your brand’s logo, help users identify and trust your campaign with a custom domain. Say, you have a business named McSaul, your campaigns can have the domain qr.mcsaul.com.


Custom URL

Custom URL

Leverage QR Code campaigns that have a completely personalized URL slug to target the right audience segment. For example, if you are selling event tickets for McSaul, your URL can read qr.mcsaul.com/event-tickets.


Bulk QR Code generation

Batch QR Code generation

With Beaconstac’s custom QR Code maker, easily generate up to 2000 QR Codes in a single batch. Create custom QR Codes for websites, digital business cards, app downloads, texts, calls, and emails in bulk and download them in < 5 minutes.




Automate the creation of custom QR Codes with our API. These QR Codes could be static, dynamic, colored, or customized. Our API is developed to effectively work for both Android and iOS applications.


Zapier integration

Integrate with Zapier

As per a study, marketing automation drives up sales by 14.5% and reduces overhead by 12.2%. Integrate Zapier with Beaconstac to automate QR Code generation upon a specific action, for example—a new entry in a Google sheet and so much more.


Multi-lingual QR Code support

Enterprise-grade security

Beaconstac is the world’s first QR Code maker to be SOC 2® Type 2 certified. Make use of our end-to-end security features, such as custom domain, custom SSL, SSO, and custom URL, to make branded QR Codes that your customers can trust.


Proven QR Code use-cases and examples


QR Codes on business cards

Keep your contact information up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your digital business cards. QR Codes on business cards make it seamless for your users to contact you.

In addition to sharing your contact details, you can also use a QR Code on your business card to share:

  • - Website URL or a business page
  • - 20+ social media handles
  • - Video content
  • - Lead generation forms
QR Codes on business cards


On print media

Adding QR Codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers, brochures, posters, etc, makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

Here are a few ideas on what you can put behind QR Codes on print marketing material -

  • - Online QR Code menu
  • - Promotions and coupons
  • - App store/ Google Play
  • - Event details
  • - Social media links
  • - Online store
QR Codes on flyers and posters


On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless. Among other ways of achieving it - forwarding emails and sharing the link through SMS, using a QR Code to connect is more streamlined and instant.

QR Codes on websites and emails can be used to -

  • - Download an app instantly
  • - Save or play a podcast/video on a smartphone
  • - Save images on a smartphone gallery
QR Codes on website and emails


On interactive product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR Codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful. Not just that, the best time of asking for feedback or product reviews is when the user is using the product.

Add QR Codes on product packaging in order to -

  • - Get honest and accurate reviews
  • - Connect with users on social media channels
  • - Allow users to re-order
  • - Show them related products
  • - Deliver video tutorials or tips on making the best use of the product
QR Codes on product packaging

On business cards

Keep your contact information up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your digital business cards. QR Codes on business cards make it seamless for your users to contact you.

On print media

Adding QR Codes to print marketing material such as flyers, brochures, posters, etc., makes them interactive and fun.

On websites and emails

Connecting a user’s journey from desktop or laptop to mobile or tablet should be seamless. Including QR Codes in your emails or on your website makes this journey instant & streamlined.

On product packaging

Including a QR Code on product packaging is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable, interactive, and helpful.



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QR Code Maker - FAQs

Q. What is a QR Code maker?

A QR Code maker lets you create and manage static and dynamic QR Codes within its dashboard. For instance, Beaconstac’s QR Code maker lets you easily generate static or dynamic QR Codes and manage & track these codes within its easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.

Q. How to make a QR Code for free?

Beaconstac makes it extremely easy for you to create a free QR Code. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code maker.
  2. Select the QR Code type—URL, digital business card, app download, location, etc
  3. Enter all relevant information.
  4. Customize the QR Code.
  5. Test, download, and deploy the QR Code.

Q. How to choose the best QR Code maker?

Deciding on the best QR Code maker for your business depends on your requirements. Get started with this basic checklist:

  1. Look for the QR Code maker’s reviews on G2, Trust Pilot, and/or Capterra.
  2. Check if the top-rated QR Code maker is easy-to-use and has reliable customer support.
  3. Do a full feature (both basic and advanced) and price comparison.
  4. Schedule a demo to see the QR Code maker in action.

Check out our detailed guide on choosing the best QR Code generator.

Q. How to make a QR Code for a website?

  1. Head over to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  2. Select the ‘URL’ QR Code type.
  3. Enter the URL for your website.
  4. Customize the design of your QR Code.
  5. Test the code before downloading and using it.

RELATED: QR Code for a website

Q. How to make a QR Code for a video?

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  2. Select the ‘URL’ type to create a video QR Code.
  3. Enter the URL for your video.
  4. Design your QR Code.
  5. Test the code and download it.

Q. How much does it cost to make a QR Code?

TBeaconstac’s QR Code maker provides unlimited static QR Codes for free. If you wish to create dynamic QR Codes, you can get started with a 14-day free trial, post which you can upgrade to one of our paid plans starting from $5 a month.

Q. How to make a QR Code for a PDF?

Creating a PDF QR Code with Beaconstac is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Head over to Beaconstac’s QR Code maker.
  2. Sign up for a 14-day free trial.
  3. Log in to the dashboard and go to ‘QR Codes’ from the left panel.
  4. Select ‘PDF’ QR type.
  5. Upload the PDF file or enter the PDF URL.
  6. Customize your QR Code with different shapes, backgrounds, frames, and more.
  7. Scan the code to see if it’s working as intended.
  8. Download the QR Code in your desired format.

Q. How to make a QR Code for a restaurant menu?

  1. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Beaconstac’s QR Code maker.
  2. Log in to the dashboard.
  3. Go to ‘QR Codes’ from the left panel.
  4. Select the ‘Restaurant Menu’ QR type.
  5. Upload the PDF file for your menu.
  6. Customize the design of the QR Code.
  7. Test and download the QR Code in your preferred format.

Q. How to make a QR Code for a Google Form?

To make a Google Form QR Code, follow these steps:

  1. Get the URL for your Google Form.
  2. Head over to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  3. Select the ‘URL’ QR type.
  4. Enter the URL of your Google Form in the box provided.
  5. Customize your Google Form QR Code.
  6. Test and download the code.

Q. What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR Code?

A static QR Code cannot be edited and tracked upon creation. With a dynamic QR Code, you get the flexibility to modify the code content even after creation, track QR scans, schedule campaigns, and much more.

Q. How to make a QR Code for business cards?

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  2. Click on the ‘Digital business card’ tab.
  3. Enter your business contact details.
  4. Sign up for a free trial to customize and design the QR Code.
  5. Test to see if your code is functional.
  6. Download your digital business card with a QR Code.

Q. What information can I store in a QR Code?

QR Codes can store almost anything you would like them to—web URL, app download link, Google Maps location, contact information, landing page, PDF, email content, forms, social media handles, and much more.

Q. How to make a QR Code for social media channels?

  1. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  2. Log in to the dashboard.
  3. Go to ‘QR Codes’ from the left panel.
  4. Select the ‘Social Media’ QR type.
  5. Enter the URLs for social media platforms you wish to share.
  6. Design your social media QR Code.
  7. Test and download the code in your preferred format.