Location QR code: Drive more in-store traffic

How to use and design Location QR codes for your business.

Location QR Code: Create free QR Codes

How to use a Location QR code

Location QR codes are the most efficient way to drive footfalls and here’s how:

Opening a new store location

A lot of revenue is spent on advertising the new store location - TV, print, OOH (Out-of-Home) and online advertisements. Barring online advertisements, all other forms of advertisements cannot offer navigation to the user which is crucial in today’s age. Whether you create a Google Maps QR code or a Waze QR code, providing the exact directions ensure you have more customers filing up outside your store.

Sales and discounts

Some franchises and chains offer a special discount at one location but not at the others which can lead to confusion for the customer expecting a discount. By adding a location QR code to the marketing material, customers can drive to the right store location.

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Why location QR codes are effective

Apart from catering to consumer needs, location QR codes are an efficient way to get more customers into the store.

Retargeting online on Facebook and Google

What happens when consumers see your print advertisement but do not convert? With online advertisements, it is easy to set up retargeting and up those conversion rates but normal advertising material doesn’t have the same features. With location QR codes, businesses can leverage print advertising and retarget consumers online. This is possible with Beaconstac’s intuitive dashboard that only requires you to input the Facebook Pixel ID or Google Conversion ID and start retargeting every consumer that scans the location QR code.

Analyze and track scans

Beaconstac’s advanced analytics allow businesses to see not only how many consumers have scanned the QR code but also the time, location and data of the scan. This allows marketers to fine-tune campaigns in real time.

How to create a Location QR code

STEP 1: Choose a QR code generator

STEP 2: Enter the URL of Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps

STEP 3: Customize and generate the QR code

STEP 4: Test the QR code

STEP 5: Download it in EPS, SVG or PNG

Google Maps QR code

Google Maps is incredibly popular beating Waze and Maps by Apple. According to the Manifest, 67% of consumers use Google Maps. Waze is only used by 12% of users.

A Google Maps QR Code can be used in emails, newsletters, posters, flyers or on billboards and banners to help users navigate to the store’s physical location.

How to Create a Google Maps QR Code

Scanning the Google Maps QR Code

It is incredibly simple for a user to scan the code.

Creating a QR Code with embedded Google Maps

Let’s say, you want to offer more information to the user apart from directing them to the store location. Perhaps, you want to add a coupon code, a call button or another CTA.

You can do that with Beaconstac’s intuitive QR code solution.

  1. Create a Markdown Card: A markdown card is a Beaconstac creative that resembles short landing pages. Add your text, images, buttons and embed Google Maps in the markdown card. You can also add a retargeting option here for Google and Facebook. So, anyone who scans your QR code can be retargeted online.
  2. Create a QR Code: You can create a dynamic QR Code to ensure you can keep changing the content. For instance, if you want to display a new offer or have relocated your business, the same QR Code can now point to different information. You can change this information in real time through the Beaconstac dashboard.
  3. Attach the markdown card to the QR Code: Choose the markdown card you created and attach it to the QR Code. Test your QR code and download your QR code in the required resolution.
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