What is NFC Marketing?

NFC marketing is a proximity marketing channel used to interact with a location or a physical object at a small distance. NFC tags/stickers are embedded on OOH displays or products. NFC technology enables a seamless exchange of information with just a tap. Let’s discuss what NFC technology is, how does it work & how can marketers leverage it.

what is NFC technology?

How to set-up an NFC marketing campaign using Beaconstac?

Getting started with NFC marketing involves three basic steps -

embed NFC marketing sticker on a product

1. Embed NFC tags on products or business location.


2. Create campaign landing pages. No coding required.

NFC marketing campaign on NFC-enabled smartphone - iOS and Android

3. Consumers tap to access campaigns linked to the NFC tag.

1. Embed NFC hardware

NFC hardware is available in multiple form factors. Beaconstac currently provides two basic form factors - NFC tags and stickers. These NFC stickers can be stuck on posters, labels, table tents, store windows and tickets with a compelling copy that encourages consumers to tap on them. Alternatively, businesses can also tie NFC tags to products directly.

Most of the NFC use cases are aligned to interaction with the product, however, with new form factors and increasing capabilities, NFC technology is also being used on store windows and posters to attract passers-by.

Here are some examples of embedding NFC on products and locations.

NFC marketing ideas, smart poster and other NFC use-cases

2. Create marketing campaigns

Next step is to create a landing page that users see when they tap on the NFC tag. This landing page is quick and easy to create with the Beaconstac platform. We call these landing pages - markdown cards. You could also create forms for feedback using the same platform. These campaigns can be created from the scratch with an easy-to-use editor or leverage one of our pre-designed templates.

The dashboard also allows you to measure and fine-tune your campaigns using the analytics engine.

3. Deliver information at a tap

Once you create NFC marketing campaigns, assign them to the NFC hardware from the Beaconstac dashboard. You are set to interact with your consumers. As they tap their NFC-enabled smartphones against your product labels or posters, they can access the campaigns set against them.

This is what appears on the smartphone when consumers tap-to-learn.

Near Field Communication campaign on iPhone

What is NFC (Near Field Communication) technology?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and this technology allows two devices, or a device and a physical object to communicate without having to set up a prior connection. This device can be a smartphone, tablet PC, digital signage, smart posters and smart signs.

NFC technology has been in the payment section for quite some years now, but in recent years, forward-looking marketers and advertising professionals are leveraging NFC for marketing and delivering richer and more interactive customer experiences.

How does NFC technology work?

Let’s walk through what happens when you put up a NFC-enabled smart poster in your business premises.

Once you embed NFC tags on your product or design a smart poster or smart window display, the consumer can tap on it to access campaign information. When the consumer taps on a tag or sticker with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the smartphone detects the URL tied to the NFC. This URL is sent to the cloud server. The server responds with the campaign linked to the URL. This campaign is then displayed on the consumer’s smartphone.

NFC marketing is one of the most seamless ways of exchanging information because unlike WiFi marketing it does not require the consumer to configure the smartphone to the source.

NFC marketing ideas for marketers and business owners

NFC marketing to drive traffic

NFC technology to boost engagement in business premises

NFC payments

NFC technology has been known for payments for the longest time. NFC tags power services like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Since NFC tags can be embedded into any physical product, any product can become its own payment terminal. Empowering products to sell themselves enhances the shopping experience and eliminates the need to stand in checkout queues.

NFC generates a single-use transaction key that can be used just once. This makes the transaction safe and quick. Beaconstac NFC solution currently does not allow payments.

Where can I employ NFC tags for marketing?

The possibilities of NFC tag placement are numerous. However, we have picked up the most popular ones to help and inspire you to kickstart your NFC marketing campaigns.

To attract visitors to your business premises:

On the product to boost interaction:

To engage with consumers in-store or inside business premises

Get started with NFC-based proximity marketing campaigns, in minutes