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Proximity Marketing and Beacons in 2016

Beacons are no longer a technology of the future

“Using beacons wisely, retailers will be able to play the part of a gracious, individually attentive host, combining the user’s interests, intent and physical location.” - BBDO

Trends for 2016

Retailers will give customers more payment options

Loyalty programs will see a major overhaul

Click-and-collect initiatives will become more common

Interactive in-store retail technology will gain momentum

Use cases for 2016

Loyalty programs

On-demand sales staff

Proximity Payments

Product recommendations

“Media agencies will have no choice but to become adept at navigating the opportunities presented by retailers that open up their beacon networks to brand partners with private in-store ad exchanges” - AdExchanger

Trends for 2016

Agencies will turn traditional marketing assets into digital experiences

Mobile proximity will become the fastest growing piece in mobile ad spending in 2016

Proximity marketing trends

Agencies will strive hard to increase the impact
of mobile advertising

Use cases for 2016

Digital signage

In-store retargeting

Omni-channel analytics

Customized creative content

“[Beacons’] ability to reshape how attendees interact with brands, sponsors, and each other is expected to transform the event landscape…” - Event Manager Blog

Trends for 2016

Gamification elements such as iBeacon scavenger hunts will become more common

Beacons will be used to enhance event features such as contact exchange, exhibitor information, maps and more

Event producers will continue to explore iBeacon technology to add more value to their events

Event organizers will capture real-time information during events. These insights will help deliver useful tools that will be valuable long after the event ends

Use cases for 2016

Indoor navigation

Frictionless check-in

Networking platforms

Real-time feedback

Everything you need to get started with your beacon project, without a developer's help