QR Codes on Business Cards

vCard QR Code on business card Coupon QR Code on business card
Business card QR Code Customized vCard QR Code
Designer QR Code for business card App Download QR Code on business card
Boost your sales and conversion rates with an actionable QR Code on your business card. Link it your website, online store, social media account or a product video. With customizable QR codes that you can create with your branding and logo, users will know exactly what they’re scanning. Making changes? Don’t let change force you to go out handing out new business cards. You can reuse the same QR Code to perform a completely different action.
Having a QR Code on your business card means you can have a less cluttered design. You can play with the colors of the QR Code to align it with your branding and add your business’s logo to customize it further.
  • 1. Shelby Montross
  • 2. Nightshade Labs
  • 3. Big Fat Media
  • 4. Fridgehead
  • 5. Digibrand

Create QR Codes on business cards for your ever-evolving business

QR Codes on Websites

Website QR Code QR Code on website
Call QR Code on Website
Scan QR Code on website to make appointment Call QR Code for queries
Make sharing product updates, insightful blogs and purchasing from the online store simple with QR Codes. You could also give your audience a way to get in touch with you easily. Instead of typing a number or email, allow them to call or send predefined emails just with a single scan.
QR Codes for websites can have a catchy CTA and aesthetic appeal by making sure to choose colors that make the QR Code stand out. However, do not place light-colored QR Codes on dark backgrounds. Always test it to ensure it is scannable before you embed it on the website.
Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator and create your QR Code. Below the download button, you will see an option to Embed it. Click on it and copy the code and paste it on your website.

Make interesting QR Codes for your website

QR Codes on Billboards and Banners

QR Code to browse products on billboard Coupon QR Code on banner
Scan and buy QR Code on posters
QR Code to get products delivered home Scan QR Code on billboard to book appointment
Why type your new address when you can just help customers navigate with a Location QR Code? Adding a QR Code on a billboard not only helps you create an actionable OOH advertisement, but it can also improve the efficacy with analytics. You can even retarget everyone who scans your QR Code but hasn’t made a purchase.
Purchase the Beaconstac’s QR Code solution and create dynamic QR Codes. Each dynamic QR Code can be tracked with stats such as the location of scan, time of scan and date and device used. We also offer integration with Google Analytics to give you a deep insight into your target audience.
Anyone who has scanned your QR Code but hasn’t made a purchase can be retargeted using the Beaconstac’s dashboard. Simply enter your Facebook Pixel ID and Google AdWords Conversion ID to get started.
  • 1. Calvin Klein
  • 2. BTS
  • 3. Starbucks India

Create Actionable OOH Ads with QR Codes

QR Codes on Flyers

App Download QR Code on flyer Coupon QR Code on flyer
Scan QR Code and get offers QR Code Website QR Code on flyers
Scan QR Code and submit resume Scan QR Code on flyer and book tickets
Your flyers are about to go digital. Bridge the offline and online with a QR Code for just about everything - calling, sending a text message or an email or redirecting them to the website. Robust analytics can help you fine-tune your print campaigns and drive ROI.
When designing a QR Code for flyer, make sure that it is scannable, has a compelling CTA and your logo in it. Place it in such a way that QR Code is the key element in the poster. For more on how to design QR Code flyers, visit our page.
  • 1. Cages
  • 2. Nextmixing
  • 3. Shanghai Racquet Club

Bring the Online world Offline with QR Codes

QR Codes on Posters

Coupon QR Code on poster Product QR Code on poster
Event QR Code on poster QR Code for discount on poster
Email QR Code on poster vCard QR Code on poster
From movie posters to announcing a new product line, posters with QR Codes can drive website traffic, enable consumers to watch videos on the go and up the level of engagement with these interactive posters.
Keep the QR Code’s colors consistent with the branding and add the movie’s logo in the center of the QR Code. Place a compelling CTA alongside that explains exactly what happens when you scan the QR Code.
Need more inputs? Check out our page.
  • 1. Phuket Hospital
  • 2. Hello Kitty

Make your next poster engaging

QR Codes on brochures

vCard QR Code on brochure URL QR Code on brochure
Website QR Code on brochure
QR Code for discount on brochure PDF QR Code on brochure
Brochures with QR Codes are the easiest way to drive consumers to online stores, websites and product launches. Fine-tune the QR Code campaign in real time with data and insights into your audience.
Ensure the QR Code doesn’t clash with the rest of the design and colors and the user knows exactly what will happen when they scan the QR Code. Be sure to add your logo to the QR Code as well.
Use the Beaconstac’s dashboard to see how many times the QR Code has been scanned, location, time and date of the scan. WIth dynamic QR Codes, you can even change the campaign in real time based on the data collected.

Turn dull brochures into active campaigns

QR Codes on Product Packaging

Video QR Code on product packaging Rating QR Code on product packaging Product Information QR Code on product packaging
Feedback QR Code on product packaging Facebook QR Code on product packaging Reorder QR Code on product packaging
Product Information QR Code on packaged goods Facebook QR Code on packaged goods Reorder QR Code on packaged goods
From giving a detailed list of product ingredients on GMO products to getting customers hooked with catchy advertisements, there is a lot that retailers can do with QR Codes on product packaging. With dynamic QR Codes, the same QR Code can be used to display a different campaign every day.
QR Codes can be placed on the product itself, the box it comes in or the crate it was shipped in. Make sure it is scannable by ensuring it is at least 2 cm x 2 cm in size.
  • 1. KitKat
  • 2. Decathlon
  • 3. Anmum
  • 4. Mowi

Get your first interactive Product QR Code

QR Codes on Labels and Stickers

QR Code on product label Product manual QR Code on neck label
Product Information QR Code sticker on product Rating QR Code label on product
Scan QR Code on label and order online Customer Service QR Code on product label
QR Codes on labels and stickers aren’t a new concept. But what if you could do more than just redirect to a website? You can leverage these QR Codes to get customers to download apps, user manuals, see reviews and give feedback.
Use the Beaconstac’s QR Code generator and choose a ‘Text’ type QR Code to add manufacturing information to the QR Code. Generate and download it and print it on the label or sticker.
  • 1. Decathlon
  • 2. Pepsi
  • 3. REWE
  • 4. Teemill

Make QR Code labels and stickers in 3 easy steps

QR Codes in Retail

Coupon QR Code on storefront Discount QR Code Website QR Code
QR Code to shop online QR Code for discount
QR Code for discount Discount QR Code
Leverage QR Codes in retail to drive sales, deliver coupons, offer loyalty programs, instant checkout stations to implement a technology-first approach and beat e-commerce giants.
  • 1. Design smart trial rooms: Nike allows VIP customers to scan QR Codes on mannequins and have those items brought to them in trial rooms. Lifestyle has QR Codes in the trial rooms that allow you to purchase an item you have tried from their online store.
  • 2. Instant checkout stations: Instead of making shoppers wait for ages at the checkout line, having a QR Code near checkout allows them to quickly pay for their purchases and have the receipt delivered to them on their smartphone.
  • 3. Deliver AR content: PUMA has designed QR Codes that when scanned allow users to take pictures with PUMA’s mascot using Augmented Reality.
  • 1. PUMA
  • 2. Nestle
  • 3. Nike
  • 4. Adidas
  • 5. Lifestyle

Beat the competition with QR Codes

QR Codes in Real Estate

Real estate QR Code for product information Real estate QR Code
QR Code for information on property Real estate QR Code for contact
Real estate QR Code for property information QR Code on sale sign board
Create smart signs, show virtual tours, available properties and seamless contact points with QR Codes in real estate. Dynamic QR Codes help you re-use the same QR Code to display different information saving time and effort.
  • 1. Drive lead generation
  • 2. Have leads book a showing
  • 3. Get users to check out nearby properties
  • 4. Allow buyers to watch a guided video tour
Compass uses scannable QR Codes along with BLE beacons to serve potential buyers a myriad of information and help them buy homes faster and better.

Drive more conversions for your Real Estate business

QR Codes for Videos

Video QR Code for messaging apps Scan Video QR Code to play video
Video QR Code for YouTube Scan Video QR Code for recipes
Product tutorial on packaging Video QR Code for makeup tutorials
IGTV, Vimeo or YouTube videos can all be shared with a QR Code. Use these QR Codes offline to allow consumers to scan and engage with video content. Place them on posters, OOH advertisements, product packaging or brochures.
Use the QR Code Generator to paste the URL and convert your video link to a QR Code. If you plan to keep changing the content, then consider a dynamic QR Code that you can keep editing as often as you want.
  • 1. ITC
  • 2. Crackle Medium
  • 3. Microsoft

Your next video can go viral

QR Codes for App Downloads

App Download QR Code for brochures App download QR Code on product label
QR Code to download app from landing page App download QR Code on OOH ads
App download campaign via QR Code poster Scan QR Code to download apps
Getting more app downloads is often frustrating. Why not create a one-click method to lower friction points for your consumers? Use App Download QR Codes with a universal app link to ensure all your next customer has to do is scan and download.
To create a universal app download QR Code, you need a common link that you can convert into a QR Code. Since this is a premium feature, you need to use the QR Code Solution to customize the QR Code to make it colorful, add a logo or a background image.

You can place it on product packaging, websites, flyers and posters. There are several companies that use QR Codes to get you to download their app -

  • 1. Pizza Hut
  • 2. Rolls on Wheels
  • 3. Wang’s Kitchen
  • 4. Instagram
  • 5. Angry Birds

More app downloads - 1 click away

QR Codes for PDFs

PDF QR Code for calendar Download PDF via QR Code
Convert PDF to QR Code and display certificate of authentication PDF QR Code to view lyrics
Convert event PDF to QR Code View the PDF version of the book via QR Code
Sharing user manuals, eBooks or an important file? Skip the email and switch to a PDF QR Code. Convert your PDF into a QR Code with a single click and allow users to access them in a single scan.
Product packaging, warranty cards, posters, resumes are all great ways to share your important documents while ensuring that the user always has access to the document. Need more inspiration? Explore our PDF to QR Code tutorial.
  • 1. Healthgenie
  • 2. CBIC
  • 3. UIDAI

Share important documents with PDF QR Codes

QR Codes for Facebook

Facebook QR Code Facebook QR Code on resumes
Facebook QR Code on business cards Redirection to Facebook QR Code
Facebook QR Code on product packaging Facebook Messenger QR Code
Use QR Codes to check-in, share status updates and get more follows and likes on Facebook. You can also drive consumers straight to your inbox with Facebook Messenger Scan Codes and ensure a consistent customer experience across platforms.
In the restaurant and bar industry, you can place Facebook QR Codes at tables or order tills. You can even place them on the walls or attractions where you know patrons are bound to stop and take a picture. In the retail industry, you can place Facebook QR Codes at checkout counters that when scanned help users check-in to your location online or leave a quick recommendation.

To send users straight to your inbox use a m.me link as outlined here and to get users to like, follow or share your page, you just need the link to your page and convert it into a QR Code. You can customize your Facebook QR Code by adding your own logo and colors.

Leverage Facebook to grow your business

QR Codes for Coupons

Coupon QR Code QR Code on online gift vouchers
Coupon QR Codes on gift vouchers
Discount coupon QR Codes Mobile coupon QR Code Coupon QR Code for discount
Coupon QR Codes are a better way of distributing and redeeming digital coupons. Instead of consumers having to save a paper coupon, they can simply scan Coupon QR Codes for later. Place them on posters, newspapers, magazines or in store windows.
90% of direct mail is opened. Users still love receiving physical mail. Leveraging this powerful mode of marketing, QR Code coupons are a perfect way to retain customers and increase loyalty.
  • 1. Krogers
  • 2. Foster Farms
  • 3. Riverhawk Nutrition

Make digital QR Code coupons now

Location QR Code Location QR Code on envelope
Location QR Code for events
Location QR Codes for redirection Location QR Codes for maps
Enable consumers to navigate to your physical store with a Location QR Code using Google Maps or Waze. Place the QR Codes on billboards, business cards or posters to make it easier for customers to come shop at your store.
Creating a location QR Codes is as easy as ABC. For Google Maps QR Code, you just need to enter the name of the place and the dashboard does the result. For a Waze QR Code, you need the Waze link and insert it in the dashboard to convert it into a QR Code. You can add a Google Maps logo or your business’s logo with a compelling CTA to guide foot traffic to your store.
  • 1. Websites
  • 2. Posters
  • 3. Flyers
  • 4. Brochures
  • 5. Newsletters
  • 6. Direct Mail Marketing
  • 7. Billboards

Guide your customers to your store

QR Codes for Image Gallery

Image QR Code on business card Image QR Code on tags
Image QR Code on artwork QR Code to view gallery
Image QR Code on product packaging Image QR Code on magazine
Create stunning image galleries of this season’s lookbook, virtual tours of available houses or cars and share it with a single QR Code. Deploy these in retail stores, educational institutes, real estate signs or car dealerships to allow anyone to scan and view the gallery anytime.
First, create a collection of images either on Pinterest or a moodboard and grab the link to it and convert it using the QR Code generator. Or, use the QR Code solution to create customized landing pages that allow you to place as many images as you need.
  • 1. On mannequins
  • 2. Trial rooms
  • 3. Real estate signs
  • 4. Car dealerships

Create virtual experiences at a fraction of the cost

QR Codes for vCard

vCard QR Code vCard QR Code with logo
Scan vCard QR Code to add to contacts Customized vCard QR Codes
Customized vCard QR Code with image vCard QR Code with image
What if you could share your contact details in a second? vCard QR Codes allow you to do just that. Once someone scans the vCard QR Code, all your contact information - name, phone number, email address, company name can be stored right on their smartphone in a single scan.
Fill in your name, phone number and email address to create a vCard QR Code. You can even create vCards for all your employees by using the Bulk QR Code Generator. These QR Codes can be scanned by both Android and iOS devices and your contact information can be saved within seconds.
  • 1. Business cards
  • 2. Resumes
  • 3. Brochures
  • 4. Flyers
  • 5. Bench ads

Grow your network with QR Codes

QR Codes for Text

Text QR Code on magazine Text QR Code on coupon
Text QR Code for event
Text QR Code on product packaging Text QR Code on business card
Share contextual messages, coupons, quiz results and more with a Text QR Code. All a user has to do is scan and view the text the QR Code carries. You can even use a dynamic Text QR Code to re-use the same QR Code to display different text.
Type or paste your text in the QR Code Generator and convert it into a QR Code by clicking on ‘Generate QR Code’ and download it. For further customization like adding logo and colors to the QR Code, you will need to use the QR Code solution.

Share contextual content that matters

QR Codes for Feedback

Feedback QR Code Feedback QR Code for ratings
Feedback QR Code to rate online Feedback QR Code on product packaging
Feedback QR Code on product packaging Feedback QR Code on menu
Ask or display feedback and rating with a Rating and Feedback QR Code on product packaging, posters, in-store signage and at checkout allowing customers to make the right choice every time and bringing a crucial part of online shopping offline.
Use a simple typeform that users can fill out to either leave you a rating or give you feedback. You can even add 4-5 specific questions to the form to get comprehensive feedback. Incentivize customers when they fill out your feedback form or rate you online to improve your customer experience.
  • 1. Website’s checkout page
  • 2. Landing pages
  • 3. Social media profiles
  • 4. Checkout counters
  • 5. Product Aisles
  • 6. Popular product’s packaging

Use QR Codes to get more online reviews

QR Codes for Events

Event QR Code to get tickets Event QR Code
Wristbands with event QR Codes Event QR Code for concert Event QR Code for concert information
Poster with an event QR Code Musical concert poster with event QR Code
Get attendees to save events to their calendar, share event schedules, updates and upgrades with an Event QR Code. Use dynamic Event QR Codes to allow attendees to receive current information with the same QR Code.
Use the URL to the calendar or event landing page and convert it into a QR Code using the generator. To customize it further with logos, colors and background images, use the QR Code Solution.
  • 1. Stone Beer University
  • 2. PUMA
  • 3. Pringles

Make your event a success with QR Codes