Create a custom QR Code with a logo

What is a custom QR Code with a logo?

A custom QR Code with a logo is different from a regular black and white QR Code. It can be colorful with different data patterns as well as a branded logo.

How to create a custom QR Code with logo?

To create your own custom QR Code with logo, you need a safe and reliable QR Code generator with the options to change each individual element of the QR Code.

You can play around with customization features - adding a frame, a CTA, a background and most important a logo - your own or something that explains the associated action. For instance, if you want users to visit your Facebook page, you can add a Facebook Like icon as the logo in the QR Code.

Generate custom QR Codes with error correction
QR Code tracking scans and analytics platform

Customization tools to make a unique QR Code with logo

Let’s dive into the details of how you can make a truly unique QR Code with logo -


Upload your brand’s logo to the QR Code. Square logos work best and you can increase or decrease the size of your logo using a slider. If you don’t have a logo, you can choose one that is closest to your intended action to let users know what they have to do once they scan the QR Code. For instance, if you want users to email you, use the email icon as your QR Code’s logo.


You can customize the QR Code with colors to align with your brand or specific campaign. Either have a mono colored QR Code or one with a horizontal or vertical gradient. You can also change the color of the individual elements i.e. the data patterns, eyeball, eye frame and the frame of the QR Code.


You can add a frame to your QR Code to elevate your custom design. Especially when the QR Code is surrounded by text and other visuals, a framed QR Code can help it stand out and improve conversions. There are different styles of frames you can choose from and modify the color to align with your branding.

CTA Text

In the QR Code’s frame, you can also add a custom Call to Action. From CTAs such as Scan Me or Scan to Win or Buy Now, you can modify the text to drive more conversions for your campaign.


Another cool way to custom design your QR Code is to add a background. You can either add a solid color to the QR Code or even an image in the background. For instance, if you want to create a personalized vCard QR Code, your profile picture in the background will help users instantly connect the dots.

Instant download | Free customizations | Valid forever

What makes Beaconstac the safest and best QR Code generator?

An all-in-one custom QR Code solution built for businesses to create QR Codes that stand out, manage scalable digital campaigns, monitor scans, and consumer behavior, and drive digital their brand’s digital transformation.

Create & customize QR Codes online


Create a free custom QR Code - quick & easy!

Turn your links, PDFs, and locations into QR Codes - faster than ever! Amp it up with our custom QR Code design elements

Place your brand logo at the face of the QR Code. If you do not represent a business, try icons from our gallery. With a real-time preview, it’s easy to see how your QR Code with logo is coming together.

Separate yours from a black-and-white QR Code!

Make QR Codes a part of your brand identity. Apply a bold brand color or a gradient for a fresh and attractive QR Code

Create custom QR Codes in different shapes and sizes

Choose from different data patterns and eye shapes. Pick a rounded corner, sharp edge or a diamond-shaped eye. Play with data patterns till you love your QR Code

Add a frame with a call-to-action

Add a short and clear CTA on the QR Code frame that nudges users to act. For example, download the app or scan to buy


Dynamic QR Code generator with logo for editable QR Codes

Unlike static (regular) QR Codes, you can edit the link to dynamic QR Codes - even after printing. Think of it as an editable Slack message instead of an email sent with a typo!

Dynamic QR Code Generator: time-based

At the right time

Send timely campaigns that increase engagement. For eg, a contactless dynamic QR menu that triggers breakfast offers in the morning and lunch offers at noon.

Dynamic QR Code Tracking and Management

Stay updated - always

Moving to a new website or need to update contact details linked to your QR Code? With dynamic QR Codes, edit all the information - quick and hassle-free

Dynamic QR Codes for A/B testing

Get it right with data

Use our built-in intelligence or connect the dynamic QR Code Generator with Google Analytics to uncover user insights. Drive better results with data-driven iterations

Track the number of scans

Slice and dice QR Code scans

Track QR Code scans based on the GPS location, device being used and time of the day.. You can also analyse the best and worst-performing campaigns at a glance. Leverage this scan statistics to spot trends, track scan performance & improve your campaigns.

Don’t measure just QR Code scans

Seamlessly connect with Google Analytics to see your users' journey, their age, gender, interests and behaviour.

Get weekly QR Code reports

Keep yourself up-to-date with the campaign progress, with automated weekly emails with key campaign parameters to all stakeholders.

QR Code tracking scans and analytics platform
Generate QR Codes that retarget

Make custom QR Codes QR Codes with online retargeting capabilities

All first-time visitors don't become customers but have the intention to buy. If you are a brick-and-mortar business owner, you already know this. You cannot change that unless you re-engage with them - online. Here’s how QR Code online retargeting with Beaconstac works-

Let users scan QR Codes at stores

1. Scan

Engage and get users to scan QR Codes at your business location

Retarget users on Facebook and Google

2. Retarget

Recapture their attention on Facebook and Google Ads, when they go online

Get more business from online channels that initiated from offline channels

3. Grow

Begin with offline channels and achieve business goals using online channels

Generate branded landing pages. No coding required.

Create landing pages for all your QR Codes - all it takes is 10mins. And, no coding!

Drag and drop blocks required in your landing page - image, content, headings, video or a button. Apply fonts and colors of choice. Plus, all our landing pages are optimized to look good on mobile.

QR Code for free landing pages
High resolution QR Code generator

Print QR Codes in high-resolution & multiple file formats

We make sure you do not have to compromise on the quality of the QR Code. Download HD quality QR Codes in multiple file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, EPS and SVG. All our QR Codes are perfect for high-quality printing.

Generate custom QR Codes with error correction

Adding a logo to your QR Code or altering the shape could lead to unscannable codes. To overcome this challenge, all our customized QR Codes are automatically error-corrected.

There is always some degree of deterioration due to normal wear and tear. With high levels of error correction (Level M - upto 15% damage), our QR Codes are always scannable.

Generate custom QR Codes with error correction

Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator built for enterprise needs

Custom domain

Apart from using the QR Code Generator with logo feature to display your brand’s logo, help users identify your campaign with a custom domain. Say, you have a business named McMickey. Your campaigns can have the domain


Custom URL

Your QR Code campaigns have a completely personalized URL. You can target the right segment with a customized personal URL slug. For instance, if you are selling event tickets for McMickey, your URL can read


Bulk QR Code generation

Large teams have bulk requirements! With Beaconstac’s custom QR Code generator, generate up to 100 QR Codes in a single batch easily. Create custom QR Codes for websites, vCards, emails, texts, and calls in bulk and download them in a ZIP file.



Automate the creation of custom QR Codes using an API. These QR Codes could be static, dynamic, colored, or QR Codes with a logo. Developed to work for both Android and iOS applications or your own backend.


Zapier integration

Marketing automation drives up sales by 14.5% and reduces overhead by 12.2%. That is why brands like you should integrate Zapier into the Beaconstac dashboard. Create QR Codes for new entries in a Google sheet, or build a more creative zap


Multi-lingual QR Code support

One-size-fits-all, is not the best idea for global brands. Create multi-lingual QR Codes for your brand, that speak to users in their native language. Choose from an extensive list of languages and support as many languages as you want.


How does a QR Code marketing campaign work?

Create Branded QR Codes

Create a branded, custom QR Code and add it to your marketing material or product packaging

Scan QR Codes via mobile phone camera

Get your users to scan the codes using their mobile phone camera or a QR Code scanner app

For Android | For iOS

Mesaure QR Code metrics

Measure scan performance & fine-tune the campaign timings, content or QR Code position

How to create QR Codes (with logo) using Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator

Step 1: Choose the type of QR Code

Go beyond URL QR Codes! Choose from SMS, call, email, vCard, text, app download, PDF and other QR Code types - that suit your marketing needs

Step 2: Add relevant information (QR Code content)

Depending on the type of QR Code, fill in the required fields. It could be the URL of a website, social media page, contact details, app download link, text or a PDF

Step 3: Add brand logo & customize it to be striking different

Make the most of our customization options to get more eyes on your QR Code! Add a company logo, try different data patterns, colors and a call-to-action frame

Step 4: Download high-quality QR Codes for print

Get ahead and download your QR Codes in formats that suit your marketing strategy. Use .png & .jpg for online campaigns whereas .eps & .svg for offline marketing material

Create QR Codes with logo, with the most reliable QR Code generator

Proven QR Code use-cases and examples


On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards. QR Codes on business cards make it seamless for your users to get in touch with you. It’s as easy as scan - save details - contact.

In addition to delivering your contact details, you can also use a QR Code on your business card linking to

  • - Your business page or website
  • - Your Facebook or other social media pages
  • - A video content that can be bookmarked
  • - A lead generation form
QR Codes on business cards


On print media

Adding QR Codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers, brochures, posters, etc, makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

Here are a few ideas on what you can put behind QR Codes on print marketing material -

  • - Online QR Code menu
  • - Promotions and coupons
  • - App store/ Google Play
  • - Event details
  • - Social media links
  • - Online store
QR Codes on flyers and posters


On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless. Among other ways of achieving it - forwarding emails and sharing the link through SMS, using a QR Code to connect is more streamlined and instant.

QR Codes on websites and emails can be used to -

  • - Download an app instantly
  • - Save or play a podcast/video on a smartphone
  • - Save images on a smartphone gallery
QR Codes on website and emails


On interactive product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR Codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful. Not just that, the best time of asking for feedback or product reviews is when the user is using the product.

Add QR Codes on product packaging in order to -

  • - Get honest and accurate reviews
  • - Connect with users on social media channels
  • - Allow users to re-order
  • - Show them related products
  • - Deliver video tutorials or tips on making the best use of the product
QR Codes on product packaging

On business cards

Keep your contact details always up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing your business cards.

On print media

Adding QR Codes to traditional marketing channels like flyers makes them interactive, impactful and fun.

On websites and emails

Connecting an experience from desktop/laptop to mobile and tablet should be seamless.

On product packaging

Interactive product packaging by adding QR Codes is an amazing way to make your product fun, memorable and helpful.

Who uses QR Codes?

Irrespective of the industry, bridging offline and online can be a challenge. QR Codes serve perfectly for most industries


Make your shop pop by integrating offline and online experiences with QR Codes. Make your product packages, menus and takeaway bags interactive and personal with QR Codes.

Shopping and E-commerce

Every interaction matters. Whether it’s offline shopping connecting to an AR experience, or bringing users back from a delivered package - QR Codes help in both, and more.

Logistics and Shipping

Ship better customer experiences! Use a QR Code to make it easy to get in touch via email or message, provide instant information about the package or just track the delivery status.


Better care starts with breaking silos between offline and online. QR Codes help deliver a patient’s progress to the doc & assists patients with medicine dosage and expiration date.

Travel and Tourism

Guide to the path less-travelled! Leverage QR Codes at strategic locations to navigate users to off-beat attractions, deliver local maps and itineraries, and inform them about the history.

Real Estate

Always be available for potential buyers even in non-working hours - with a QR Code. Use these QR Codes to deliver contact details in the form of a digital vCard, around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - QR Code basics and choosing a QR Code generator with logo

Q. How to create a QR Code?

Creating a QR Code takes 20 seconds if you have the right QR Code generator!

  • 1. Select the type of QR Code you want (website, call. app download etc)
  • 2. Fill in the details required (URL, contact details or app link)
  • 3. Determine the nature of your QR Code (Static or dynamic)
  • 4. Use the QR Code Generator with logo option to customize it if required
  • 5. Download in your prefered format

Q. How do I generate QR Codes with text or logos embedded?

To generate a QR Code with text or logo embedded, you have to ‘Upload a logo or image’ or choose a logo from the gallery. To download it, you will have to upgrade to the Starter plan. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to create free static and dynamic QR Codes with a logo. After the trial ends, you will no longer have access to the dynamic QR Codes. Learn more about designing QR Codes with logo

Q. Are QR Codes free?

Yes, absolutely! With Beaconstac’s QR Code generator, you can create basic and colorful QR Codes for free.

Q. Do custom QR Codes need a scanner app for scanning?

No, not after Apple integrated QR Code scanning capabilities in native camera apps. Android made a similar switch with Google Lens. Scanning a QR Code today is as simple as point-the-camera-to-scan.

Q. What is the minimum size of a QR Code?

The minimum size of a scannable QR Code is 1 inch x 1 inch. However, the right size is also dependent on factors such as scanning distance, amount of data fitted into the QR Code and error correction levels. A basic formula for determining size based on scanning distance is: Size = Distance/10

Q. How much data can I put in a QR Code?

The capacity of data a QR Code can hold is dependent on the number of rows and columns it possesses, The denser a QR Code looks, the more rows and columns it has, and the more data it can hold. The latest version of QR Codes, which version 40 has 31,329 modules (177 rows x 177 columns) and can hold 3KB of data.

Q. How to measure the number of scans & what can I do with it?

Use the Beaconstac platform to monitor the number of scans and other significant data pointers, based on the location, device and other demographics to fine-tune your QR Code campaign.

Q. Besides URLs, how are QR Codes used?

QR Codes can be used to deliver marketing campaigns, ask for customer feedback, make payments, navigate to a physical location, share files like PDFs, images, videos and more. Read more about all the types of QR Codes

Q. If a user scans a QR Code, can the device be tracked?

Personally identifiable information is not stored. When a user scans a QR Code, information such as time, date, location and country of scan is collected. If the QR Code is scanned through an app, more details may be tracked.

Q. What is the difference between a Static and Dynamic QR Code?

Static QR Codes can be used to direct users to a fixed destination. This means one cannot change the destination URL once printed and distributed. However, dynamic QR Codes can flexible in nature. One can modify or rotate URLs linked to it, even after printing and distributing.

Q. What is a QR Code used for?

QR Codes are extremely versatile in its use-cases. It finds its use-cases in automobile industry, retail, real estate, F&B, tourism and events, alike. It is mostly used for payments, delivering detailed information about a product or to collect feedback.

Q. Should QR Codes be used for real estate?

Realtors and real estate companies have a lot to gain from QR Codes. QR Codes can act as an on-call retailer when placed on ‘For Sale’ signs and bench ads making it easy for buyers to check out properties nearby, schedule an appointment or even look at a virtual tour. How to use QR Codes in real estate

Q. Do QR Codes have to be black and white?

No. QR Codes can be colorful, You can choose a different foreground and background color. You can even add a background image to the QR Code to make it more interesting.

Q. Can QR Codes be scanned without an app?

Yes, QR Codes can be scanned without an app. You can read our instructional guide on how to scan a QR Code on your Android and iOS device as well as your desktop. If your Android smartphone is not running on Android 8 or above, you may need an app. Read our list of recommended apps

Q. How do I check the performance of my QR Code?

While Static QR Codes also work in effective information delivery, Dynamic QR Codes just go the extra mile and allow you to track the number of scans, time, location, type of software used to scan, integrate with Google Analytics and help in retargeting. That way, one can change their campaigns according to the data and understand their customers better.

Get started with Dynamic QR Codes and create trackable QR Codes

Q. How do I generate a large batch of QR codes?

You can create 100 QR Codes at once using our Bulk QR Code generator. To use this, you have to sign up for the 14-day free trial or purchase the Starter plan. All you have to do is upload a CSV file, customize the QR Code and download the ZIP file containing all your QR Codes. Read our step-by-step guide here

Just starting out with a QR Code generator?

Get the help and inspiration you need to start your QR Code campaigns

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