QR code in Real Estate: Share information and close sales faster

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QR codes in real estate

How are QR codes used in real estate?

QR codes are an integral part of real estate marketing. Real estate agents often employ technology that allows for a seamless process for both buyers and sellers and the versatility of QR codes makes it a great addition to their marketing arsenal.

Here are 12 ways a realtor can use QR codes -

  1. Generate Leads

  2. How do you get the word out there about a property? Most people find houses they are interested in by driving around in the locality. Make it easier for them to get in touch with you. Add a QR code that leads to a feedback form that they can fill letting you know exactly the kind of properties they are interested in. This works well for sellers too. Finding a good realtor can be very easy with a QR code. Most realtors have print or bus stop bench adverts. Integrating a QR code in the advertisement allows sellers and buyers to find you easily.

  3. Share Property Information

  4. What if there was a way you could dispense information about the property 24x7? With QR codes, you can do exactly that. Add a QR code on the ‘For Sale’ sign outside that can either link to a plain text explaining all the great features of the property along with the buyer’s details and the real estate agent’s contact information.

  5. List all available properties

  6. Potential buyers may not be interested in the house they are currently looking at but that does not mean you can’t still sell them a house. Add QR codes on signage to list all the available properties in the area. You can add an image gallery with links to the properties or share the Google Maps location with buyers.

  7. Virtual Tour

  8. Why make buyers wait for the open house when you can let them see the house at their convenience? Attach a QR code to the signage or print adverts to take them on a video tour or let them see aesthetically pleasing photos of the property.

  9. Share your information

  10. Whether you do OOH ads or print ads, it is important to give buyers and sellers a way to get in touch with you. Use a vCard QR code to share your details or a customized plain text QR code to let them know more about you as a realtor.

  11. Set up a visit

  12. Scheduling a visit is extremely simple with a QR code. All a buyer has to do is scan the QR code on the sign, poster, flyer or a billboard and fill in the form to go see the house they are interested in,

  13. Show the location on Google Maps

  14. Buyers take the location of the house into account before purchasing to ensure that their work or school is nearby. Add a location QR code to your listing to let them navigate to the property and calculate how far it is from their workplace.

  15. Download Mobile App

  16. Have an app? Get buyers and sellers to download the mobile app with an App Download QR code to engage with them and let them browse through available listings, book visits and create a list of properties they are interested in.

  17. Open the mobile website

  18. The next best thing for a realtor without an app is a mobile website. You can redirect users to the custom URL with a Website QR code and allow them to interact with your listings.

  19. Retarget potential buyers online

  20. One of the most important features of QR codes is retargeting. Beaconstac’s QR code solution is the only platform that allows you to retarget users online on Google and Facebook with a single click integration. Once someone has scanned your QR code campaign but hasn’t converted, you can always retarget them.

  21. Get feedback on the open house

  22. Collecting feedback is possibly the most important job that a realtor has to do. Now you can get real-time feedback on the open house with a Feedback QR code. You can have buyers rate the house out of 5 stars and add their comments.

  23. Impress sellers

  24. Sellers are more likely to trust you with selling their house if you stay abreast of the latest technology. A seller can simply scan the QR code to get in touch with you making acquiring a new client seamless. Since QR codes are a cost-effective solution, you can easily implement QR code marketing.

Create a QR code for real estate

Where can you use QR codes in real estate marketing?

Business Cards

As a real estate agent, you can place a QR code on your business card. This QR code can take clients to either a customized mobile website, image gallery of all the available listing, a video for virtual tours or simply help them save your information to their phone in a single scan.

Learn how to create a QR code for a business card

Smart Signs

Smart signs are a staple in the real estate industry. Smart signs come with AR or VR integration. Instead of such complex and expensive integrations, you can turn your sign into a smart sign with a simple QR code.

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Flyers, Brochures and Posters

Whether you hand out flyers, brochures or have posters put up at strategic locations, adding a QR code makes the user experience that much better. Instead of having to remember your name, the listing’s address or the URL of the website, clients can simply scan the QR code to get in touch with you. QR codes also improve the efficacy of print material allowing you to see how many users scanned the QR code which can help you understand which channels work best for you.

OOH ads

Add a QR code to bench ads or your billboard ads to increase conversion rates. You can add a QR code that allows clients to immediately call you or send a predefined email or text.

Why are OOH ads with QR codes so effective?

Inside the property

Apart from adverts outside, you can also put up QR codes in all the rooms in the property allowing buyers to explore the property by themselves and saving you tons of time in an open house.

How to create QR codes for your real estate?

Create a QR code for your real estate business in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR code generator
  2. Choose the type of the QR code you want to create it and enter the information
  3. Generate and download your QR code


What is a smart sign?

A smart sign is a signage that has one or more than one technology embedded. This could either be a NFC sticker with a QR code, Artificial Reality or Virtual Reality technology.

How to create a QR code with a logo

Creating a QR code with a logo is simple. Open the Beaconstac QR code generator and choose a logo from the gallery, You can also upload your own logo here.

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