What is QR code marketing?

QR Code marketing is a proximity marketing channel that leverages quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. These QR codes are put up in strategic locations for consumers to scan using their smartphone and access information about the product, brand or offers.

what is QR code marketing?

How to set-up a dynamic QR code marketing campaign with Beaconstac

Setting up a QR code marketing campaign is easy. It involves three steps - firstly, design your QR code, secondly, create a mobile-optimized landing page (markdown card) for the campaign and assign it to the QR code and thirdly, print these QR codes with a QR code frame or poster. You are all set to allow your consumers to scan and access relevant information.

Generate QR code

1. Customize the QR code with your brand colors and logo.


2. Create campaign landing pages. No coding required.

QR marketing campaign on iOS and Android

3. Consumers scan to access campaigns linked to the code.

1. Design your QR code

Customize the QR code with your brand colors and logo to align with your brand. Beaconstac provides a host of other customization features as well to make your QR code stand out and get more scans.

2. Create marketing campaigns and assign them to the QR code

Create a landing page that users see when they scan a QR code. Creating a landing page on Beaconstac is extremely simple. Drag-and-drop your way to creating these landing pages which we call markdown cards. Markdown cards are designed to be accessed on a mobile screen.

If you already have a campaign webpage that you want to direct to, you can skip creating a markdown card.

Assign the markdown cards created to the QR code. If you already have a campaign webpage, tie the webpage URL to the QR code. This makes sure that scanning the QR code will direct consumers to this webpage. The best part about this QR code solution is that you can change the link attached to the QR code whenever you want, without changing the QR code on the print.

3. Print QR code and paste them in your business premises

The last step is to create a poster or frame that informs consumers about the offer or information, and the value of scanning the QR code. Beaconstac provides multiple templates that can be used for the purpose.

Print these QR codes and paste them on product, aisles or sale signs.

QR code platform features

Dynamic QR code generator
Dynamic QR code generator

Update/modify the target URL behind the QR code, anytime - even after being printed.

QR code customization
QR code customization

Customize your QR code with brand logo and colors to fit your marketing campaign.

A platform to manage it all
A platform to manage it all

Design, create, manage and track QR code campaigns, all-in-one place.

Print ready QR codes
Print ready QR codes

Download QR codes in the size and type you want. We provide png, jpg and SVG formats.

Facebook and Google retargeting
Facebook & Google retargeting

Recapture the attention of customers when they go online on Facebook and Google.

Real-time analytics
Real-time analytics

Track QR code scans, time of the day, location (city/country) and device OS used to scan.

Here are some of the other powerful QR code platform features -

What is a dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR codes, also known as smart QR codes allow marketers and business owners to showcase different campaigns at different hours of the day and days of the week, without changing the QR code on print material.

Dynamic QR code

Once QR codes are printed and distributed there is no turning back. Changing the campaign or launching a new campaign usually means printing a new set of QR codes and re-distributing them to your consumers. Not anymore with dynamic QR codes. Dynamic codes allow you to modify the campaign or start a new one with the same printed material.

Advantages of dynamic QR codes:

How can QR codes be used in marketing?

If QR code is not a part of your offline marketing strategy yet, you might be missing out. QR codes are being extensively used for driving traffic, generating customer interest and increasing sales. Think coupons, ratings and reviews, social media awareness and contest entries! Some of the QR code use-cases are listed below -

QR code use-cases for marketing

Drive traffic to your business

QR code marketing to drive traffic

Generate customer interest

QR code marketing to generate customer interest

Engage and interact with users

QR code marketing to engage with users

Best practices for using a QR code for marketing

Here are some crucial pointers to be kept in mind while creating and printing QR codes. QR codes should not only be beautiful but also functional and compelling for consumers to scan.

Get started with QR-based proximity marketing in minutes

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