QR Code on posters: Funnel new customers and retain loyal ones

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QR Code on Posters

How to use QR Codes on posters

You can use QR Codes on a poster to increase engagement rates, attract new customers and explain your product or service in greater detail.

Funneling new customers

A poster in your store display can be used to attract new customers walking by your store. Scanning a QR Code with Android and iPhone takes less than a second and you can use the QR Code to advertise your new product, alert consumers about new offers and sales and use it to capture leads.

Improving in-store customer experience

QR Codes can vastly improve the in-store experience an average customer has by acting as invisible salespersons.

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Retaining loyal customers

A QR Code on a poster can even be instrumental in helping you retain your frequent and loyal customers.

Designing a QR Code poster

When designing a QR Code poster, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Choose a colorful, customized QR Code: Using a FREE QR Code generator like Beaconstac, you can easily change the color of your QR Codes. This is what makes your QR Code stand out in a sea of ordinary, black and white QR Codes. You can also add your own logo to the QR Code to reinforce your branding.
  2. Consider placement: You want the QR Code to be the center of attention. Consider placing it in the center of the poster so that it is eye-catching. Don’t place it on the side that makes it awkward to scan the QR Codes.
  3. Test your QR Codes thoroughly: Before you download your QR Code, make sure to test to ensure it is performing the intended action. Here’s how you scan QR Codes with your iPhone and Android smartphone. After printing out the poster, ensure it is scannable. You can get high-resolution QR Codes for free using Beaconstac’s QR Code generator.
  4. Add a compelling CTA: You need to include a compelling CTA along with the QR Code that intrigues the user and lets them know what is going to happen once they scan the QR Code.
  5. Don’t overcrowd the poster: Ensure the elements in the QR Code poster aren’t overwhelming and there is a right balance between text and empty space.
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