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QR Code on websites: Increase social sharing with QR Codes

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How to create a QR Code on websites

How to Use QR Codes on Websites

QR Codes on Websites can be used for a whole array of things:

  1. Enhanced social sharing: Having a QR on a blog or an article makes social sharing that much easier. For instance, if you come across an article on your desktop at work that you would like to share it with your personal connections on social media, instead of logging in with your username and password, you can simply scan the QR Code and share it immediately.
  2. Bookmark pages for later: If you come across something on a website that you would like to read later, you can always scan it and save the link on your smartphone.
  3. Make downloading apps easier: Does your business or service have an app? You can put the App Download QR Code on the website to make it that much easier for someone to download your app. The App Download QR Code will open up in their respective App Store and available for download.
  4. Redeeming coupons is effortless: Add a Coupon QR Code on your website to make it easier for consumers to redeem coupons. Instead of a customer going to your website and pasting or typing the QR Code, scanning the QR Code will lead them to the online store with the coupon code already applied at checkout.

How do you get a QR Code for a website?

You can generate QR Code for websites in 8 easy steps:

  1. Choose a QR Code generator
  2. Choose the type of QR Code you want to display
  3. Enter the relevant data
  4. Customize your QR Code
  5. Choose between static and dynamic
  6. Generate and test the code
  7. Download it
  8. Track and analyze QR Code scans
Generate free QR Code for websites

What is a Website QR Code?

Website QR Code

Website QR Codes come under the broad category of URL QR Codes. You can use a QR Code to redirect your users to a custom landing page or your website. This can be used on flyers, posters, digital signage and on newsletters.

All users have to do is scan the QR Code for less than a couple of seconds and this will direct them to the website.

How to scan QR Codes on Android, iPhones and desktop

Generate free QR Code for websites


How do you scan QR Code from a website?

Point your smartphone’s camera at the desktop and wait for a couple of seconds. You will see a link pop up that you can click on. If you’re using Android 9, you can also save the QR Code on your phone and scan it later using Google Lens in your image gallery.