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Find out who’s scanning your QR codes with in-depth QR Code analytics.

With Beaconstac’s robust QR code tracking capabilities & Google Analytics integration,
it’s easy to track and make rapid iterations to campaigns.

Scans by user's OS

Time of day when you receive scans

QR Codes performing the best

Total scans your QR Codes receive

Compare scans across time

Unique users reached

Time of day when you receive scans

QR Codes performing the best

Scans by user's OS

Total scans your QR Codes receive

Scans by IP/GPS location

Compare scans across time

Unique users reached

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Pepsi showcases supply chain transparency with Beaconstac’s QR Codes
Revlon uses QR Codes to display multi-lingual product information and tutorial videos
Beaconstac Amazon
Deloitte Digital
Nestle uses dynamic QR Codes to boost DTC commerce and increase customer LTV
Beaconstac Toyota
Beaconstac WWF
Marriott uses Beaconstac QR platform to deliver digital menu to guests
Beaconstac New York Times
Pepsi showcases supply chain transparency with Beaconstac’s QR Codes
Revlon uses QR Codes to display multi-lingual product information and tutorial videos
Beaconstac Amazon
Deloitte Digital
Beaconstac Toyota
Marriott uses Beaconstac QR platform to deliver digital menu to guests

Trackable QR Codes = Dynamic QR Codes

Move away from static QR codes and up your marketing game with trackable,
editable Dynamic QR Codes in 3 simple steps.


Create a Trackable QR Code


Users scan and reach your choice of content


You get real-time data of “who, when, where” in your Dashboard

Unlock the full potential of trackable QR
codes with comprehensive analytics

Identify your target audience easily

Find out who’s scanning your QR codes and get rich data on your target audience.

Improve ROI of marketing campaigns

Analyze user behavior in real-time to fine-tune, improve, and upgrade your existing marketing campaigns.

Get started

Track conversions for print ads

Identify your top-performing campaigns and optimize on the basis of number of scans, unique users, location, and devices used.

Increase social media engagement

Use our social media QR Code and evaluate the metrics of your social media campaigns with Google Analytics.

Get measurable positive impact on growth and engagement

Reviews Reviews Reviews

The highest rated QR Code Generator on G2

Know who scanned your QR Codes and retarget for better conversions

Send targeted ads via Facebook and Google to those prospective users who have scanned your QR Code but haven’t converted yet—and turn them into successful customers.

Available on ENTERPRISE

Integrate with your favorite apps

Export your QR Code analytics data into your CRM, chatbot, or any platform you like and turn it into actionable strategies.

API integrations with 4000+ softwares

Integrate Beaconstac seamlessly with popular apps like Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.

Google Analytics Integration

Understand end-users better with insights about user behavior, interests, demographics, and more.

Retarget users who haven’t converted yet

Track user scans and set up Facebook and Google retargeting.

One solution for multiple scenarios

Beaconstac’s QR Code tracking solution supports multiple use-cases across a wide range of industries.

Use Beaconstac’s dynamic forms for an innovative take on lead generation, data gathering, and email list building.

Leverage a QR code to redirect to your website and use our robust analytics to gain deeper insights into website traffic.

Track who scans your PDF QR code and extract relevant insights.

Beaconstac allows businesses to use QR Codes to track assets and inventory in real-time based on scanning activity.

Connect with potential buyers and track engagement by allowing people to check-in through QR codes.

Check which sales representatives are performing well or which collaterals are getting most traction based on QR Code scan data.

Boost adoption of digital apps by creating QR codes for app downloads and track how many downloads are happening.

Pick the right plan to track your QR Code campaigns


For individuals just getting started with QR Codes

$5 per month, billed annually


3 Dynamic QR Codes

1 User seat


For small businesses looking to reach more consumers

$15 per month, billed annually


50 Dynamic QR Codes

1 User seat


For organizations that manage campaigns for multiple teams

per month, billed annually


500 Dynamic QR Codes

User seats
3 Teams


For global leaders with security, control, and flexibility needs

Talk to us

Tiered pricing Tiered QR Codes Custom user seats Unlimited teams

Need help in choosing a plan? Contact our QR Code experts at +1 (646) 655 0702

Don’t just take our word—hear what customers are saying.

Here’s why global brands prefer Beaconstac.

Robust tracking capabilities, ease of use, and deep integrations make Beaconstac a top-choice for all businesses, big or small.


QR Tiger falls behind when it comes to tracking exact GPS location, integrations, and security.

Beaconstac is the easiest-to-use QR Code platform in the market. It is SOC-2 and GDPR compliant, provides advanced tracking features, and offers CRM integration options.


QR Code Generator provides limited information in terms of GPS location tracking or top performing campaigns.

Beaconstac provides extensive QR Code analytics and reporting, that includes insights like number of scans, time and exact location of scan, and devices used. Plus, you get regular reports about your top QR code campaigns.


The analytics backend and tracking of Flowcode is limited and not as advanced.

From Google Analytics integration to retargeting using Facebook Pixel and Google Ads, Beaconstac is simply far ahead of its competition in the data domain.

QR Code Tracking - FAQs

You can easily track QR Code scans on the Beaconstac dashboard. The ‘analytics’ section is present on the left sidebar of the dashboard and allows you to track parameters such as the number of scans, unique visitors, top-performing campaigns, etc.

You can create a QR Code for tracking in 5 easy steps. Let’s begin:

  • 1. Log into the dashboard and click on ‘+Create’
  • 2. Under ‘Create a dynamic QR Code’, select the type of QR Code you want (website, call. app download, etc)
  • 3. Fill in the details required (URL, contact details or app link)
  • 4. Customize and add logo to the QR Code
  • 5. Save changes, and download your QR Code for tracking in your preferred format

You can scan static codes on an unlimited basis. However, these are non-trackable and provide no beneficial data for your marketing campaigns. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, have a limited number of scans. These are based on the subscription opted by the user.

There are several benefits of tracking QR Codes, such as,

  • 1. They provide metrics such as number of scans, location, unique users, etc., that can help improve your marketing campaigns
  • 2. QR Code tracking with Beaconstac goes the extra mile with the Google Analytics integration, which enables retargeting through Facebook and Google ads
  • 3. For multiple campaigns, tracking QR Codes can help gauge the performance of each campaign

Yes, QR Codes can be tracked to obtain data such as the number of scans, location, unique visitors, device used, etc. However, this can only be done with dynamic QR Codes. These tracking metrics help the user gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Trackable QR Codes are just dynamic QR Codes that have the ability to track the number of scans, the device used to scan, location, and related metrics. It acts as a monitoring system that uses real-time scans and interactions to gather actionable data.