QR Code Tracking: Track scans and fine-tune campaigns in real time

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QR Code Tracking for your QR Codes

Trackable QR Codes

Most QR codes can be tracked to show insights about time, location, date and device OS used to scan the code. These trackable QR Codes are dynamic QR codes associated with URL.

Beaconstac’s solution offers a powerful analytics dashboard and shows you the following data after tracking your QR Codes:


Campaign Performance


Campaign Distribution

You can also integrate Google Analytics into your QR Code solution to get more insights into the audience such as:

User Behaviour

Demographics of the user who scanned the QR Code

System used to scan the QR Code

Mobile used to scan the QR Code

How to Track QR Codes?

You need to buy the QR code solution that starts at $5/month for a yearly plan. This will give you access to the dashboard that will allow you to start tracking your QR code campaigns.

Tracking and Analytics

Select a custom date range on the dashboard to see all your QR code analytics.

Analytics Export

You can also export the analytics data to a CSV and analyze your campaigns in further detail. The CSV sheet will allow you to see how your campaigns are performing on an hourly basis.

Create your first trackable QR code

Google Analytics Integration

Not only do you get analytics on the dashboard, but you can also integrate your QR code campaigns with Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to get more insights into your audience - desktop or mobile, demographics data and the customer journey.

How to Integrate with Google Analytics

Do you need Google Analytics integration?

While most of the information is available on the Beaconstac dashboard, Google Analytics allows you to see an overview of your entire website. Google Analytics lets you see:

  1. Number of visitors
  2. Device used - OS and desktop/mobile
  3. Browser used
  4. Demographics of visitors
  5. Referral Sites
  6. PPC campaigns
  7. Best performing keywords
  8. User behavior

Integrating Google Analytics in the dashboard allows to map out the entire customer journey and make changes to your QR code campaigns in real time remotely.

Using trackable QR Codes to retarget users on Google and Facebook

What if you could reach users that saw your campaign but did not convert? Now you can! The Beaconstac dashboard offers retargeting online on Facebook and Google. All you need is the Google Conversion ID and Facebook Pixel ID and insert it in a particular campaign.

How does retargeting work?

Types of trackable QR codes

As long as your QR code is dynamic, you can track your QR code. Here is a list of all the different types of QR code you can track:

  1. Website QR code
  2. Facebook QR code
  3. vCard QR code
  4. Google Maps QR code
  5. Video QR Code
  6. Any type of URL QR code

QR Code Tracking - FAQs

Can QR codes be tracked?

Yes. Dynamic QR codes can be tracked on the Beaconstac dashboard and Google Analytics.

How do I track a QR code on Google Analytics?

Use the link to the QR code to create a new property and insert the tracking code in the Beaconstac dashboard.

How do I find a QR Code?

You can find all the QR Codes you create on the dashboard.

Can I track Static QR Codes?

No. You cannot track Static QR Codes. If it is a URL type Static QR Code, then you can connect Google Analytics to view the analytics there.

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