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How to track a QR Code

Access detailed QR Code tracking data on Beaconstac’s dashboard in three simple steps

Create social media qr code

1. Log in to Beaconstac dashboard and create a trackable QR Code

Scan qr code to land on social media profiles

2. Customers scan your QR Code and reach the desired destination

Scan qr code to visit social media profiles

3. Track real-time QR Code data in your dashboard’s “Analytics” tab

Maximize your marketing potential with trackable QR Codes

Track conversions for print ads

Identify your top-performing campaigns and optimize on the basis of number of scans, unique users, location, and devices used.


Improve ROI of marketing campaigns

Analyze user behavior in real-time to fine-tune, improve, and upgrade your existing marketing campaigns.


Increase social media engagement

Use our social media QR Code and evaluate the metrics of your social media campaigns with Google Analytics.


Track QR Code scans and retarget to boost conversions

Know who scanned your QR Code and send them targeted ads via Facebook and Google to improve the chances of conversions.

  1. 1

    First, you enable retargeting in your QR codes.

  2. 2

    User scans QR code but doesn't convert.

  3. 3

    Later, user gets targeted content via Facebook and Google ads.

  4. If interested, user clicks on ads and converts.

First, you enable retargeting in your QR codes.

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Get measurable positive impact on growth and engagement


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Integrate with your favorite apps

Export your QR Code analytics data into your CRM, chatbot, or any platform you like and turn it into actionable strategies.


API integrations with 4000+ softwares

Integrate Beaconstac seamlessly with popular apps like Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.

qr integrate

Google Analytics Integration

Understand end-users better with insights about user behavior, interests, demographics, and more.

retarget users

Retarget users who haven’t converted yet

Track user scans and set up Facebook and Google retargeting.

One QR Code solution for multiple scenarios

Beaconstac’s QR Code tracking solution supports multiple use-cases across a wide range of industries.

Print ads

Track the number of scans of your digital business cards.

Print ads

Use Beaconstac’s dynamic forms for an innovative take on lead generation, data gathering, and email list building.

Product packaging

Leverage a QR code to redirect to your website and use our robust analytics to gain deeper insights into website traffic.

Brochures and flyers

Track who scans your PDF QR code and extract relevant insights.

Billboards and signage

Beaconstac allows businesses to use QR Codes to track assets and inventory in real-time based on scanning activity.

Billboards and signage

Connect with potential buyers and track engagement by allowing people to check-in through QR codes.

Billboards and signage

Check which sales representatives are performing well or which collaterals are getting most traction based on QR Code scan data.

Billboards and signage

Boost adoption of digital apps by creating QR codes for app downloads and track how many downloads are happening.

Billboards and signage

Turn on QR Code location tracking

Track the exact location of customers scanning your QR Codes—switch on GPS tracking under “Advanced Analytics” while creating a new QR Code.


Find out all the QR Code metrics you can track

Discover the diverse range of metrics available on Beaconstac’s platform for tracking and optimizing your QR Code’s performance.

Total Scans

Total Scans

Find out the number of scans on your QR Codes.

Total unique users

Total unique users

Find out the number of users scanning your QR Codes.

Top-performing QR Codes

Top-performing QR Codes

Check which QR Codes receive the most number of scans.

Top-performing campaigns

Top-performing campaigns

Check which QR Code campaign type receives the most number of scans.

Scans by device

Scans by device

Track which devices people are using to scan your QR Codes.

Scans by the time of the day

Scans by the time of the day

Track at what time of the day people are scanning your QR Codes.

Scans by city

Scans by city

Track from which city people are scanning your QR Codes.

Scans by location

Scans by location

Track the IP and GPS location of people who scan your QR Codes.

Pick the right plan to track your QR Code campaigns

For Individuals
For Individuals
For Businesses
For Businesses
For small businesses looking to reach more consumers
billed yearly
50Dynamic QR Codes
1User seat

15+ QR code typesinfo
Scan analyticsinfo
24/7 supportinfo
GPS trackinginfo
Bulk creationinfo
For organizations to manage multiple teams or clients
billed yearly
500Dynamic QR Codes
User seats

All Pro features, plus
Multi-user accessinfo
Add-on custom domain
Add-on 50 QR Codes at $6.25/month
Add-on user seats at $5/month
For global leaders with security, control, and flexibility needs
Tiered pricing,
contact sales
Unlimited Dynamic QR Codes
Unlimited user seats
Unlimited organizations

All Plus features, plus
Single sign-on (SSO)info
Custom domaininfo
Pay by invoice
Customer success managerinfo
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Frequently asked questions

You can easily track QR Code scans on the Beaconstac dashboard. The ‘analytics’ section is present on the left sidebar of the dashboard and allows you to track parameters such as the number of scans, unique visitors, top-performing campaigns, etc.

You can make a QR Code trackable in 5 easy steps:

  • 1. Log in to Beaconstac’s dashboard and click ‘+Create’
  • 2. Select the type of QR Code you want to create, eg, website, app download, linkpage, etc.
  • 3. Fill in the details required (URL, contact details, or app link)
  • 4. Customize and add a logo to the QR Code
  • 5. Save changes, and download your trackable QR Code in your preferred format

You can scan static codes on an unlimited basis. However, these are non-trackable and provide no beneficial data for your marketing campaigns. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, have a limited number of scans. These are based on the subscription opted by the user.

There are several benefits of tracking QR Codes, such as,

  • 1. They provide metrics such as number of scans, location, unique users, etc., that can help improve your marketing campaigns
  • 2. QR Code tracking with Beaconstac goes the extra mile with the Google Analytics integration, which enables retargeting through Facebook and Google ads
  • 3. For multiple campaigns, tracking QR Codes can help gauge the performance of each campaign

Yes, QR Codes can be tracked to obtain data such as the number of scans, location, unique visitors, device used, etc. However, this can only be done with dynamic QR Codes. These tracking metrics help the user gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Trackable QR Codes are just dynamic QR Codes that have the ability to track the number of scans, the device used to scan, location, and related metrics. It acts as a monitoring system that uses real-time scans and interactions to gather actionable data.