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QR Code tracking: Get real-time scan insights for trackable QR Codes

With Beaconstac’s robust QR Code tracking platform & Google Analytics integration, it’s easy to analyze and make rapid iterations to campaigns

What is QR Code tracking?

QR Code tracking is the process of monitoring QR Code scan performance and user insights. Learn how many users scanned the QR Code, who were they, where were they located, which device did they use, and how did they behave. Only dynamic QR Codes are trackable and once a user visits the URL, device, browser and OS information along with when they scanned the QR Code is logged.

How does QR Code tracking work?

QR Codes bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Tracking their performance is crucial for fine-tuning them and improving future campaigns. Most campaign owners, typically confuse QR Code’s performance tracking with tracking using QR Codes. Here’s how each scenario works -

QR Code Generator With Tracking

See your marketing ROIs soar with precise, real-time QR Code tracking.

QR Code plans for QR tracking

What do you need for your QR Code to be trackable?

How to set up a QR Code tracking system?

Levers of a powerful QR Code tracking and reporting system

Pick the right QR Code plan to enable dynamic QR Code tracking and reporting

Your QR Code tracking requirements will vary depending upon the size and scale of the campaigns you deploy. Beaconstac takes this into account and provides users with four standard QR Code plans in addition to a custom-tailored solution for enterprise-level QR Code needs.

We give you all the essential scan analytics you’ll need as a user across all plans. We also provide precise GPS location tracking and integration with Google Analytics on the Pro and Plus plans. Here is a detailed breakdown of the plans and pricing that Beaconstac has on offer:

QR Code plans for QR tracking

QR Code tracking with Google Analytics

Did you know that you can get deeper insights about your end-users in addition to the basic QR scan tracking?

With Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code generator, you not only get scan analytics on the dashboard but can also integrate Google Analytics to get more insights into your audience.

These insights include:

Learn how to track your QR Codes in Google Analytics. Once you integrate with Beaconstac, you will start seeing the following data on your Google Analytics dashboard:

Your QR Code Campaign on Google Analytics Dashboard

How does QR Code analytics help businesses grow?

QR Codes to track conversions for print media

A print media campaign is deemed successful only when your target audience takes action - from visiting your website, following on social media, or by downloading your app.

QR Codes make it possible.

To monitor your conversions for print media, log in to Beaconstac’s dashboard to track your campaign by the number of scans, location of scans, number of users, and even the type of devices used.

QR Code tracking helps you understand your target audience, analyze your top-performing campaign, and alter it based on the inputs received.

QR Codes to understand user behavior in real-time

Right from email marketing to offline marketing campaigns, it is imperative to understand user behavior. With QR Codes, you can analyze user behavior in real-time to either fine-tune, remove, or upgrade your existing marketing campaign.

QR Codes to project a store heatmap

Heatmap analytics allows you to grasp your visitors’ actions within your stores, which section of the store they are most interested in, what products they are interested in, and what receives the most traction.

Understanding a store’s heatmap allows you to learn more about user behavior, identify the top-selling products, and also improve the aspects that push customers to buy.

Beaconstac’s QR Code analytics allows you to monitor the store’s heatmap by tracking the number of visitors that have scanned the QR Code, the location of the QR Code scanned, and the device used.

QR Codes to retarget consumers

Irrespective of the type of business you own, you know how difficult it is to bring back customers who bounced. But, what if you could bring them back?

With Beaconstac’s QR Code tracking features, you can retarget customers who scanned your QR Codes to convert them into successful customers even after they have left your store.

Retarget them on Facebook and Google with the relevant marketing campaign and entice them to make a purchase!

QR Code tracking to increase social media footfall

QR Codes can be a great tool to gauge your target audience and increase your social media footfall. Make use of Beaconstac’s QR Code targeting features and set up split A/B testing to evaluate your audiences and assess their response to your content, CTAs, and other interactive media.

Make use of a relevant social media QR Code, log in to Beaconstac’s dashboard and carefully evaluate the metrics of your campaigns with the aid of Google Analytics to retrieve granular data about the campaign.

Modify the campaign based on the inputs of your evaluation and thus, increase your social media footfall.

How are QR Codes used for tracking people and assets?

QR Codes for attendance tracking

Say goodbye to unsafe biometric attendance checking and introduce QR Codes to track attendance.

Track the attendance of your employees in real-time with QR Codes. Embed QR Codes at either the entrance or on ID cards. Once the QR Code is scanned, mark their respective attendance.

QR Codes for employee tracking

Tracking employees physically is not only unsafe but it can also lead to human error.

For offices and industries that occupy a large space especially, QR Codes for employee tracking can help spot a colleague or a manager to arrange a meeting easily.

Using Beaconstac’s analytics, track employees at regular intervals in real-time based on their recent scan, location, and time.

QR Codes for inventory tracking

Although barcodes are traditionally used to track inventory, they are not as easy to use as QR Codes.

QR Codes for inventory tracking can help warehouses track their inventory and products that are in transit by merely scanning the QR Code on shipping containers based on the last time it was scanned, the location of the scan, and even the time of the scan.

QR Codes for asset tracking

Tracking assets with just a reference number can be tedious.

QR Codes make tracking assets a lot more efficient as you can track packages in real-time by analyzing the last scan, the time of the scan, and its location

In addition, QR Codes for package tracking can be customized for different packages depending on the need, are easy to scan, and can be easily integrated with product inventory systems.

QR Code for COVID tracking

With most countries across the globe re-opening, it is important to keep track of COVID-19 to prevent its mass spread.

Help fight the virus by embedding QR Code contact tracing forms at entry/exit points of a building and ensuring visitors fill the form. The forms can be later tracked based on the input received to separate healthy visitors from infected ones.

Make use of QR Codes to track the spread of COVID at apartments, communities, office buildings, and restaurants to help the local authorities track the heatmap of infected visitors and ones that are possibly exposed to the virus.

QR Code Tracking - FAQs

Can QR Codes be tracked?

Static QR Codes are not trackable. Only dynamic QR Codes let you get QR scan tracking and analytics. Learn more about the difference between static and dynamic QR Codes.

How to track QR Code scans in Google Analytics?

Use the link to the QR Code to create a new property and insert the GA tracking code in the Beaconstac dashboard. You will automatically start seeing QR Code campaign data on your Google Analytics dashboard.

If a user scans a QR Code can the device be tracked?

Upon scanning, only the user’s device type is logged, along with their location and time of the scan. There is no way to track the user’s device.

Can QR Codes track you?

QR Codes only track the location of where it was scanned, along with the time, the number of scans, and the device used.

Can you track how many times a QR Code is scanned?

Yes. You can find the number of times a QR Code is scanned from Beaconstac’s analytics dashboard.

How to check the QR Code history on an iPhone?

This is currently not possible. Apple’s camera app does not keep a history of previously scanned QR Codes.

How to find old QR Codes?

For businesses - You can find old QR Codes from your QR Code generator’s dashboard. You can also filter all the campaigns by date to find the QR Codes you need.

For customers - QR Codes are linked to a destination URL. To find the URLs of previous QR Codes you have scanned, you can check your browser history.

How do I find a QR Code?

You can find your QR Codes on the Beaconstac dashboard. Navigate to ‘QR Codes’ from the left panel to view all your existing and active QR Codes.

Can I track Static QR Codes?

No. You cannot track Static QR Codes. If it is a URL type Static QR Code, then you can connect Google Analytics to view the analytics there.

How is Beaconstac’s QR Code tracking different from Bit.ly’s QR Code tracking?

QR Codes created with Bit.ly are restricted to reporting the number of scans. However, with Beaconstac, in addition to tracking scans, you can analyze in-depth user behavior and break scans by location, time, and device.

Can you track QR Code usage?

Yes, you can track QR Code usage. With the help of a dynamic QR Code solution, you can track the number of scans, locations, and devices used.

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