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Make your CPG packaging smart

Drive digital engagements: “QR codes in food packaging”

Seamlessly drive digital engagements

Build a brand-owned digital experience directly from the product packaging. With a QR Code or NFC on the packaging, encourage consumers to engage with your brand and drive repeat purchases.

  • Make your product a point-of-sale

    Drive purchases directly from your product. Employ smart technologies like NFC, and QR codes on the product to make the consumers' buying process seamless.

  • Provide additional product information

    Make your CPG packaging do more. Add value to consumers by sharing additional product information, recipes, FAQs etc. using smart labels.

  • Gamify consumer experience

    Gamify your brand's digital experience to attract higher consumer engagement with your product. This helps build brand affinity and increases the chances of repeat purchases.

Boost brand trust: “Smart packaging for CPG brands”

Boost brand trust with sustainability stories

Modern consumers don’t just want a quality product, but also a positive brand association. Smart packaging is an impactful way of telling consumers how your brand embraces sustainable values to make the world a better place.

  • Communicate your sustainability story, directly to consumers

    Compared to all marketing touchpoints, CPG consumers are closest to the packaging. Share your sustainability story to make an impact and encourage them to make sustainable choices.

  • Exhibit production transparency, source-to-shelf

    Convey the process of manufacturing the product, where it was manufactured, and the materials sourced for it. This brand transparency wins loyal consumers.

Personalize consumer experience: “QR codes in product packaging”

Personalize for better consumer experience

  • Engage with consumers digitally

    Having a digital relationship with consumers provides direct access to valuable data. These data share insights into demand patterns and consumer’s personal needs.

  • Learn from consumer behavior data

    With insightful consumer data from Google Analytics, run tailored campaigns to show competitor analysis reports, additional product information, etc.

  • Personalize based on learnings

    With the help of these data, provide personalized campaigns, improve satisfaction, therefore enhancing the overall consumer experience.


How smart packaging can help at every stage of the consumer journey

Build brand awareness: “QR codes for branding”

Build brand awareness

Make the most out of your OOH advertisements and TV commercials. Display QR codes on your brand awareness campaigns to directly drive consumers to your e-commerce experience, and measure consumer engagement.

Influence consumers’ purchase decision

Use smart labels on CPG packaging to persuade consumers’ decision-making process. Deliver additional product information, warranty cards, or source-to-shelf brand story.

Influence consumer’ purchase decision: “Smart labels in CPG packaging”
Drive product adoption: “Intelligent packaging for CPG brands”

Drive product adoption

Smart packaging technologies can help CPG consumers at every stage of their product adoption cycle - from buying the product, experiencing it, advocating it, to finally building brand loyalty.


Drive consumers to refill or re-order their previous purchase with QR codes on the CPG packaging.


Gamify their product discovery experience, prompt tutorial videos or garner consumer feedback directly from the product packaging.


Get consumers talking about your brand on social media. Make use of QR codes or NFC to allow consumers to share their brand experience.

Building loyalty

Build brand loyalty with interactive experiences such as giveaways, loyalty points, etc.

Want to discuss how global brands use Beaconstac to drive CPG experience?

The Beaconstac advantage


Integrate our QR Code API with your software to create QR Codes at scale.

Branded QR Codes

Build consistent brand experiences with customized QR Codes.

Integrated NFC & QR Code

Reach out to a wider audience by combining the powers of NFC & QR Codes.

Dynamic engagement

Same QR Code or NFC sticker = new campaigns. Update in real-time.

Powerful automations

Leverage our Zapier integration to automate workflows in a snap.

Built for enterprise

Connected, secure and scalable platform for enterprise requirements.

Age gated QR Codes

Add age gates to restrict content to certain age groups.

First-party data collection

Garner consumer insights for your brand using your products and offline marketing.

Bulk QR Code generation

Upload lists/CSV files and generate up to 150 QR Codes at once, in 2 minutes.

Ready to make your physical products smarter?

How does it work?





  • 1. Open the camera on the phone
  • 2. Scan the QR Code
  • 3. Access the linked information


  • 1. Setup the QR campaign using the Beaconstac dashboard
  • 2. Place QR Codes at strategic locations
  • 3. Monitor the performance

“Beaconstac has made our lives a lot easier. The ability to create QR Codes and track their performance has proven to be essential for our business. We are currently creating Landing Page campaigns and using QR Codes to direct consumers to them. The ability to track user traffic is extremely useful and will help us with our future campaigns.”

Marcelo Yanez, Product Manager at NESTLE WATERS Nestle Beaconstac

Delight consumers with a connected physical and digital experience.