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Make brand sustainability transparent & actionable

Millennials favor sustainable brands. Promote actionable sustainability and exhibit how your brand makes the world a better place, with embedded digital experiences.

Provide supply chain traceability

Empower consumers to trace the journey of the product - from the source to the shelves

Promote sustainable behaviour

Encourage and reward consumers for being a part of the brand’s sustainability initiative.

Share the sustainability story

Explain how your brand is solving a sustainability issue and encourage consumers to make sustainable choices.

Exhibit production transparency

Convey the process of manufacturing the product, where it was manufactured, and the materials sourced for it.

Enhance consumer engagement at every stageof the product life cycle


Nudge consumers to engage with your product

Use QR Codes and NFC tags across all offline marketing channels to fuel product launch trials - offer coupons, sampling programs, and cross-promotions.

Get consumers talking about the new product

People trust people! Give consumers a frictionless path to social sharing. Encourage them to scan an embedded QR Code and share a post about the newly launched product.

Garner feedback directly from the product

Place QR Codes on product packages or inserts. Nudge consumers to scan and share feedback to help drive rapid product iterations

Build brand loyalty with interactive experiences

Employ QR Codes or NFC on products and maximize brand touchpoints with nuggets of content, giveaways, app-based games and loyalty points.

Transform your product into a DTC channel

Build a direct-to-consumer sales channel for re-ordering products. Leverage NFC-embedded freebies or QR Code powered products to set up a point-of-sale.

Leverage smart technologies to build brand-owned digital experiences

Build brand engagement from smart packaging

Drive your users to your e-commerce experience directly from the product packaging. With a QR Code or NFC on the packaging, encourage consumers to engage with your brand and drive repeat purchases.

Evoke brand emotions with digitally-driven storytelling

In-store assistants usually facilitate product demos and boost brand value. However, with contactless being the next normal, limit human interaction and use a combination of QR Codes and NFC tags to educate consumers.

Create age gated content for specific consumer goods

Products that need the consumer to be of the legal age of consent are tricky to market. Restrict the content by adding minimum age requirements to ensure compliance with the law.

Make your OOH advertisements & commercials shoppable

As we navigate the pandemic, consumers are wary of entering stores. Make the most of your billboards and TV commercials. Add QR Codes that points to your online stores.

Campaign performance at a glance

Analyze performances based on GPS location, the device being used, and time of the day.

Integration with Google Analytics

Seamless integration with Google Analytics, that empowers the brand to understand consumer interests and behavior.

Weekly email reports

Keep yourself up-to-date with the campaign progress, with automated weekly emails with key campaign parameters to all stakeholders.

Remind customers what they loved about your brand

Combat fragile brand loyalty with online retargeting. Scanning a QR Code or tapping an NFC tag pushes your consumers to a retargeting list on Facebook and Google. Show ads at a time when your consumers would need a refill.

Drive digital engagement from physical products using Beaconstac’s CPG solution

Every brand is different,
And so are their requirements

The exponential growth for NFC and QR technologies has been driven by the fact that they are supported by iOS & Android devices natively and require no mobile app for engagement. The right choice of technology depends on the brand’s use-case, cost, and audience type.

QR Codes

QR Codes can be scanned by all smartphones - iOS and Android, without an app. Its ease of use coupled with flexibility in delivering personalized experiences, makes them a popular choice for deployment at scale.

Product packaging

Direct product

OOH & TV commercials

Product inserts


NFC is built-in all Android and latest iPhones (iPhone X onwards). However, NFC is a popular choice for brands that have apps. This technology adds a novelty element to product engagement and discovery. NFC tags are ideal for -

Luxury products


Product seals

Smart posters

How does it work?





  • 1. Open the camera on the phone
  • 2. Scan the QR Code
  • 3. Access the linked information


  • 1. Setup the QR campaign using the Beaconstac dashboard
  • 2. Place QR Codes at strategic locations
  • 3. Monitor the performance

The Beaconstac advantage


Integrate our QR Code API with your software to create QR Codes at scale.

Branded QR Codes

Build consistent brand experiences with customized QR Codes.

Integrated NFC & QR Code

Reach out to a wider audience by combining the powers of NFC & QR Codes.

Dynamic engagement

Same QR Code or NFC sticker = new campaigns. Update in real-time.

Powerful automations

Leverage our Zapier integration to automate workflows in a snap.

Built for enterprise

Connected, secure and scalable platform for enterprise requirements.

Logic jumps

Implement marketing campaigns for sensitive markets, eg 18+ years, with logic jumps.

First-party data collection

Garner consumer insights for your brand using your products and offline marketing.

Bulk QR Code generation

Upload lists/CSV files and generate up to 150 QR Codes at once, in 2 minutes.

Resources to help inform your marketing strategies

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