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QR Codes on labels and stickers: Advertise products, improve in-store and post-purchase engagement

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QR Codes on Labels and Stickers

What is a QR Code for labels and stickers?

Labels and stickers on products, signage, print marketing or inside the store with a QR Code on them are often referred to as QR Code labels or QR Code stickers. These QR Codes are used to increase pre-purchase and post-purchase engagement or used to verify the authenticity of a product and can even be used to decrease the wait time by using them for payment.


How QR Codes on labels and stickers improve the in-store customer experience

QR Codes can be leveraged in several different ways inside the store. From the posters and banners to product packaging, QR Codes can help to increase the level of pre-purchase engagement.

Product Packaging

Create free QR Codes on labels and stickers

How to drive more sales and increase loyalty with QR Codes on labels and stickers

Get customers to join loyalty programs, re-order and drive more sales with QR Codes on labels and stickers.

Product Packaging

Re-order: Business can use a dynamic QR Code tagged with location to allow users to re-order the product from the store. This works well for products that are bought frequently like groceries, toiletries, online stores and subscription-based boxes.

Design Product Packaging QR Codes

Posters, flyers, brochures

Loyalty programs: In-store posters or flyers with QR Codes can be used to get users to sign up for loyalty programs quickly and without holding the line at checkout

Design flyers, brochures and posters

How to create QR Codes on labels and stickers

There are a lot of complicated processes available online that either ask you to create a QR Code in Microsoft Word or use complex software to generate QR Codes in bulk and then assign them with a number.

Skip all of that with an easy and effective QR Code solution - Beaconstac.

Creating a QR Code on the dashboard takes less than 5 minutes and you can create all kinds of QR Codes - PDF, Video, Google Maps, Website, Image Gallery, vCard and more.

Getting started with QR Codes

You can create beautiful, customized landing pages called markdown cards without any coding whatsoever.

You can even skip printing the QR Codes on stickers altogether. Beaconstac offers two technologies rolled into one product - a NFC and QR Code sticker. This NFC sticker has a QR Code embedded on top allowing all smartphones - Android and iPhones to access your marketing campaigns.

Print it and forget it

Beaconstac’s QR Code solution allows you to change the QR Code campaigns without needing you to reprint them. These dynamic QR Codes evolve with you. Create a dynamic QR Code and change the campaign in real-time.


What is a QR Code label?

A QR Code label is a label usually attached to a product that allows users to track products, know more about the origin, ingredients or view promo codes, discounts and even re-order by scanning the QR Code.

How do you scan a QR Code label?

Open your smartphone’s camera and point it at the QR Code for a couple of seconds. Open the associated link to perform the intended action. Discover how to scan QR Codes on Android, iOS, desktop and tablet

Does a QR Code have to be a certain size?

QR Codes should be at least 2 cm x 2 cm to ensure that they are scannable. You can test your QR Code before you print it to ensure that your designer customized QR Code is still scannable.

How do I print a QR Code?

Download your QR Code in the preferred format and print it as you would normally print any other image.

Manage your QR Codes on labels and stickers